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    Crunch for Windows gets Crunched

    Interesting. When I looked yesterday, the windows portion had been removed and only "Mac" and "Universal" were in the options area. (?) Incidentally, Roxio has just replied to my request for support with Crunch and suugested that I make some changes to MyDVD (that I don't own) and download the latest version of Div X!!!! Perhaps I'm just paranoid...but something is going on here. Chris H
  2. crhendo

    Crunch for Windows gets Crunched

    Hi, I purchased Crunch for Windows (Vista) a few days ago and discovered a number of serious omissions/bugs in the Windows edition. Options described in the help screens simply didn't exist and my first DVD to Apple TV conversion produced a great picture and great sound but the sound was totally out of sync. I immediately sent a support note off to Roxio but so far have no reply. You can imagine my surprise when I return to the Roxio Home Page to day to discover that the Windows version is no longer available. What gives? Chris H
  3. crhendo

    work on VISTA Premium

    OK I have heard this one before. I was at the final developers launch conference in November and there was nothing changed after that (other than those done as a result of the normal update process and most of those were UAC). I don't know who started this zero day patch story but I have read something similar to it before. I don't know where you got it from but it isn't true AND if it was true all hell would have broken loose amongst a very active developer partner community. Perhaps somebody at Roxio told you this? I still have my money on Version 10 "Made for Vista" Let's all hope I'm wrong
  4. crhendo

    work on VISTA Premium

    Let me guess, you work for Roxio? You certainly are entitled to your opinion and many (including me) would agree with most of the points you raise. The issue here is not that you don't want to buy Vista...we all understand that. The issue here is that Developer Kits, Beta Releases, Development Forums etc etc etc have been available for Vista for nearly 2 years. Roxio has had more than enough time to prepare the patches necessary to run under Vista. They are a very big company with a plethora of deveopment staff who are probably focussing on one thing at the moment.....getiing Version 10 out with Vista support so everybody needs to upgrade!!! So this is the real reason they are late. The development team have slipped a little on the schedule to roll out Version 10! I really hope that I'm wrong...but I guess we will see.