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  1. Go to Microsoft updates, and select IE 9 and delete. It will roll you back to IE 8, and the trimmer will work again. I don't care how many say it is not IE9....try this if you ever hope to use Video Trimmer
  2. I read quite a few comments on IE 9 and the issue of Video Trimmer not working. It seems the consensus of all the 'digital guru's and 'Jim-Bob, that IE 9 has NOTHING to do with the issue of the Video Trimmer suddenly failing to work. From what I read, you claim IE 9 has nothing to do with it, but failed to give any real solution to the problem, other than using the time line.....Jim-bob went so far as to pontificate that the issue had 'run it's course' and it would now be closed! There is a certain arrogance to this reply, and to those of use who are not as 'skilled' perhaps, strikes as condescending. My situation? I installed IE9 (full version, not beta). I only recently started a project, and found that the Video Trimmer window would not work. Now normally, the standard 'remedy' for most Roxio issues is "do a COMPLETE uninstall, update video drivers, check for any windows updates, yada, yada. I read the above mentioned threads, and only found disdain for anyone who might POSSIBLY ascribe the issue to a problem with IE9. My solution....I did NOT do a complete uninstall/reinstall, followed by updating drivers, etc. I simply went to my Updates, and rolled back IE9 to IE8. Then I immediately reopened my project, went to the video trimmer, and it work....flawlessly! Now, I am no scientist, but the empirical evidence would seem to imply a connection with the Video Trimmer not working and IE 9...... So, I should be 'happy', right? Not exactly. It seems many times with Roxio, I have to hold my tongue just right, hold my breath, and the project completes without a hitch. Many times there are minor issues, that in the main, would not kill my love for Roxio (I have been on 'board' since version 8, now on 2011. However, the whole IE9 issue and the arrogance from those that should be there in a non-judgemental way to help, was the last straw. I have now 'defected' to a competitors product, and am in the learning curve mode. So far, I am very happy with the switch. Will I have issues....perhaps. Will I have to go to their discussion boards for answers.....perhaps. Will I encounter the same arrogance from the assorted guru's...I can only hope NOT! I wish you all well, but as for me......I quit Respectively submitted Tim
  3. timj

    Is 1080P Import Possible?

    I agree with what you are saying. If in fact, Roxio is unable to import 1080p because of the way panasonic does it, 1080i is perfectly fine with me
  4. timj

    Is 1080P Import Possible?

    Well the review is from Camcorderinfo.com, and was done on March 20 of 2010, so as far as reviews go, it is pretty up to date. I don't understand the comment that the review was trying to 'cover up' anything. It was the only review I found that gave more information on the fact that panasonic is using their own 'version' of Mpeg 4, which is why not all programs can edit data shot in 1080p. Since I haven't purchased the camcorder yet, I don't know if Roxio can handle that resolution or not. I was just trying to let people know of a potential problem. If anyone has experience with this camcorder and Roxio 2011 let me know. But thanks anyway.
  5. timj

    Is 1080P Import Possible?

    Final word on 1080p. The camcorder I was looking at is the HDC-TM700 by Panasonic. Below is an except that clears it up for me. While Roxio out of the box will import 1080p perhaps, it possibly won't be able to from the Panasonic, as you read below. Not a deal buster, but something to be aware of and ask when buying camcorders. The camcorder uses traditional AVCHD compression for every shooting mode other than the 1080/60p setting. • The 60p setting uses a Panasonic original format based on the MPEG-4 codec. It is not compatible with most editing programs, but Panasonic's provided software does allow you to view 60p clips shot with the TM700. • The camcorder includes 32GB of internal flash memory and an SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot. • The provided editing software is the same program that was included with the Panasonic HDC-HS60.
  6. timj

    Is 1080P Import Possible?

    Great! Thanks
  7. timj

    Is 1080P Import Possible?

    It wasn't on the actual panasonic site, but was in a couple of the reviews. I copied and have included the following quote from a review by Camcorderinfo.com "The big downside, however, is that the TM700's 60p mode isn't compatible with most editing programs. Panasonic's provided software does allow you to view the 60p footage on a computer (PC only), but we couldn't get the clips to work with any of our third-party editing programs (like iMovie, Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut Express). So, if you shoot with the 60p mode on the HDC-TM700, you should be prepared for the difficulties of working with the footage." I took it be that the 60p mode was done in 1080p.(?)
  8. I am looking to buy a Panasonic HD camcorder, and it allows you to shoot in 1080p. On their website it sounds like only their software can import 1080p. Question: can I import video shot in 1080p and edit? It's not a deal-buster on the camcorder, as I can dumb it down, but would like to keep 1080p if possible. Anyone out there have the answer?
  9. Okay, I learned a bit about VDP. It refers to VDP Source, and has to do with 'bluetooth enabled devices' and getting video from them. I think Roxio 'doesn't like' bluetooth. My new laptop has WiFi, and also bluetooth. That is why I could capture video on my old desktop (no bluetooth), but couldn't do it on my laptop. After seeing the connection of bluetooth and VDP and the capture error, I disabled bluetooth from the Device Manager. Now when I first load the capture utility, it still 'defaults' to VDP Source along with the 'error' message, but now I can go to the dropdown menu and select my source. As I am writing this I am capturing video from a dvd player, connected thru Roxio capture USB device...no problem Just wanted to pass that on if anyone else has a bluetooth computer....disable if you want to capture video. I welcome any observations from others on this situation. tim
  10. I can put in the dvd and Windows player or another program, will play the video just fine. the specs are for my laptop. The dvd comes from a live production, that was recorded unto a DVD recorder and finalized. The format it goes into always have files labeled, "Video_TS" That is why, instead of just copying an MPEG file into Roxio, I have to capture, so I can save as MPEG 2, and then edit. This laptop came with a Cyberlink video program, as well as a Corel video program. I thought perhaps Roxio was jealous and wouldn't operate with other video progams on board, so I did delete them and got the same results. Once again, my main issue is that whenever I attempt to capture video, it always shows a 'VDP' for source. Normally, when that program opens up, you can do the drop down to select your source. I cannot do that and need to know what to do I appreciate the groups help in this. Tim
  11. Okay.....I already did that and got a lot of different meanings for VDP....BUT AS TO MY ISSUE...does ANYONE have a real explanation why I cannot import video from my dvd drive Serious responses are always appreciated.....
  12. Okay, you guys were great in helping on an reinstall issue, so help me again. When I attempt to import video from my DVD drive (laptop), in the box where I would normally select camcorder, or capture card, etc, it always comes up VDP for source, then I get a "unknown capure error" message and it repeatedly comes up as I attempt to select my "F' drive as a source. That was why I uninstalled the program to begin with. Many times the ultimate solution is a complete uninstall and reinstall the program. so you know, that has been done. I can load this same dvd video into my desktop, but cannot do it on the laptop. I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit i720 6MB Ram Radeon HD 5650 with 1GB ram 1 TB HD etc etc Please help me as quickly as you did the last time. Tim
  13. thanks! That did it, I am in the middle of reinstalling. I will then do the service pack updates and should be back to normal. thanks. (I was about to chunk the whole thing and look at another program)
  14. I tried to click the link you gave me, but went nowhere. do I assume you want me to follow the 'complete uninstall" that is in the list below your name?