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    BackOnTrack architecture

    Forgot about another important item. A business user is not expected to change the way he/she does business in order to accommodate a technology product. This should hold true for this product. Expecting everyone to place their documents in a particular place in order to accommodate the software is unreasonable. There should be a feature to exclude various folders from backup/restore. The user should have the ability to choose. This would also reduce a lot of unnecessary backup.
  2. Ski

    BackOnTrack architecture

    Bought and Installed BackOnTrack yesterday (March 13). Number of problems with archtitecture - Only one restore point. This makes no sense, since there is no way to guarantee the restore point is free from problems. Problems sometimes are only noticed after days/weeks have elapsed. Many people (like myself) install new software on a daily basis. So can't create a new backup image after every install, or even daily because of the risk. No matter how well backup/restore works, it is useless with only one restore point. - Windows Restore Point is disabled. Didn't see that coming. Now there is no way to restore to a specific point-in-time - Documentation doesn't explain what happens to changes to network (e.g. USB) drives. Is that changed data also backed up and restored? I change tens of gigabytes daily on my network drives. - Documentation is unclear about registry changes. When I monitor my registry, it is being changed by various programs on a regular basis. Is that being backed up, and subsequently restored? - Can't find any way to monitor what changes have been recorded since snapshot. Does not give one a warm fuzzy.