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    Running Emc8

    I was next door to VN (sort of) in mid-1960s - past the 60 age marker now. I am not ready to blame MS yet - Roxio causes the resolution change - they should restore it correctly. Have you or anybody tried the scenario yet? GPB - What size is your LCD? Did you modify the desktop fonts and icons?
  2. taskmaster108042x

    Running Emc8

    Sorry 'bout that - I saw the Vietnam years and made an incorrect assumtion (spelling). I understand why it makes the change, I am just 'ticked' that it doesn't reset the refresh rate also.
  3. taskmaster108042x

    Running Emc8

    Thanks for the responses. I have the resolution on this 17" monitor set to 800x600 - refresh rate at 75. Both users of this pc are over 60, and the 800x600 certainly makes it much easier to read. (Grandpa Bruce should be able to atest to that.) With that default setting, Roxio EMC8 Home starts fine - no compliants. Even though Roxio suggests/requires 1024x768. When I select a task, as Creator Classic, I get a warning message about screen resolution. When I select OK, Roxio changes the resolution to 1024x768, refresh rate to 60, and then displays the Classic Creator screen. Some other tasks do the same, some don't. When I exit out of Creator Classic the display returns to 800x600-60, and the EMC8 Home displays. Exiting out of that returns me to my Desktop. Refresh rate is not back to 75, as the default. Try it - see if it works the same for you.
  4. taskmaster108042x

    Running Emc8

    Monitor is a Dell M782 - video card is a RADEON 9550 with 256mb. Define 'low end'?
  5. taskmaster108042x

    Running Emc8

    When running EMC8 on WinXP Home, some tasks change the display properties. I can accept that. But the refresh rate is not maintained. I have my refresh rate set to 75. EMC8 changes it to something less when I use the Label Creator task (I see the 'fluttering' on the screen). When I exit Label Creator, the display properties are restored, but the refresh rate is set to 60. I manually change the refresh rate back to 75, but I shouldn't have to. Is there a EMC8 fix for this?
  6. taskmaster108042x

    Customize Label Templates

    It looks relatively easy to create new templates, or modify existing ones. Canned templates are stored in ...\Program Files\Roxio\Easy Media Creator 8\Page Files\. Has anyone experimented with this? I will, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel, if somwone else has been there. Also, I found this folder - C:\Documents and Services\user-name\Application Data\Roxio\Label Creator\User Styles with no files. What is it for? Can user created templates by stored here? Maybe Patarox can shed some light on this.
  7. taskmaster108042x

    Split The Tracklist

    Using EMC8, how do I split the tracklist for a CD label so it can print on both sides of the center? All tracks 1 to 14 all try to print down the left side of the CD label. I want to devide the list.
  8. taskmaster108042x

    Software Registration

    I have a similar problem. I followed the directions about renaming the Sonic...dll. The next boot of the pc insisted on seeing the EMC8 install disk. I checked the folder that contained the renamed DLL file, and the original DLL was back, but the problem was resolved.
  9. taskmaster108042x

    Calendar Software

    There is a product called Calendar Creator. I started using Version 4 'way back when...', and it is up to version 10 or greater now. It has the capability to do all your requirements. I use it every year to make 6 different family calendars. The bad part --- Version4 was the better of all versions I tried. I always return to v4 after getting completely frustrated with v10. Fair warning - V10 claims to do a lot, but is very restrictive on how to do stuff, and support is only through a user forum. You should be able to find it fairly cheap at nothingbutsoftware.com. It used to be a Broderbund product, but it has passed through several hands since.
  10. taskmaster108042x

    What Is Sonic Activate Code

    Hello grandpabruce This is where my problem has made a complete circle. I cannot open Creator Classic because I get a message stating 'This is an invalid installation. Please install again.' I get this message attempting to open several of this tasks. HELP/ABOUT on the home screen has the following info - does this tell you anything good?Module Name: Roxio Creator 8 Suite Home Version: 3.0.0 Build: 3.0.91a Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 2.7.26a, 67 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Audio Version: 3.0.0 Build: 300B78B, R8S Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Copy Version: 3.0.0 Build: 300B63C, R8S Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Data Version: 3.0.0 Build: 300B59B, R8S Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Tools Version: 3.0.0 Build: 300B48C, R8S Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005
  11. taskmaster108042x

    What Is Sonic Activate Code

    Could I have purchased an 'old' version of EMC8? The label on the box has REVC on it. How can I find out the revision of the currently shipping retail boxed EMC8?
  12. During the install of EMC8 VerC retail version, I get a Sonic message box requesting an activation code for CineMagic. I have enter the CDkey on the disk envelope many different ways, but it is not acceptable. Isn't this part of EMC8? What or where is the correct code?
  13. taskmaster108042x

    Emc8 Invalid Installation Message

    Thank you for the help. Following the 'Try this...' trail I get the following message trying retreive the last one. Error while fetching document 4b854a8b66bc49538a1a065bc15a83b5_ee7000065.xml: -2147221164 Error: Code = 80040154 Code meaning = Class not registered Source = Description = What is causing this?
  14. After installing EMC8 I receive an unnumbered message saying 'This is an invalid installation. Please install again.' for most, but not all functions. This is the boxed retail EMC8 VerC package. I uninstalled version 7 prior to the initial install attempt. Since then I have 'cleaned' up the registry to remove remnants of previous Roxio products. Still the problem persists. Also, the Contents disk is never requested during the install. Is this normal? If so, when does it get installed? Also, I get a message block asking foe the CD key to activate a Sonic product (didn't take note of this one), but the CD key on the Program disk envelope is always incorrect. Can anyone offer any assistance on these problems?