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    what am I missing here ?

    Ioriginally edited the black fuzzy parts out of my dvd projects which is a MC9 design. However, I was having issues with rendering freezing at the burn process. I finally decided to not edit out the black parts. Now, I have discovered that if I make a very long, continuous dvd, the audio starts to lag behind the video towards the middle to end of the movie. In this forum, it was suggested that I cut the movie in smaller segments, which makes sense, plus I can edit out the black fuzzy spots between scenes that MC9 is designed. My issue is that when I do this, the video freezes at this cut spot. Before I knew about this, I saw it happen at burn, where the rendering would just stop at this point. Now, knowing what I know, I see this before the burn in preview mode. I clicked on the first chapter and everything is fine, click on the second chapter and nothing happens. I did my editing in Wideowave, but the chapters assignments in MyDVD. Shouldn't I be able to edit out parts, keep audio in sync with video and be happy? (All updates to video/system are current.) What is the resolution? Thanks.
  2. eeep

    how does audio lag on video

    the audio is nothing special. it is just from the home movie imported via RCA jacks using MC9. I am pretty basic with my projects. Just taking tapes and making a dvd duplicate.
  3. I have noticed that the beginning of my finished projects usually are fine with audio. The issue is that towards the middle, the sound starts to lag a second or two. How can this be fixed? -I typically have a full dvd on my projects with no editing, just chapters inserted. Roxio MC 9. Thanks.
  4. eeep

    tweeking the acceleration

    that sounds like a good idea. The one issue I keep having is that when I edit and make the cut, my encoding stalls at this point and the burn process gets hung. I have the latest drivers and directx installed. Any ideas on this?
  5. eeep

    tweeking the acceleration

    I have seen a few posts about speeding up/slowing down audio using the acceleration settings. I created a video that that sound is a bit slower than the video. Does anyone know how to get the 2 in sync better?
  6. eeep

    how to burn off iso file

    got it. only took about 13mins. thanks.
  7. eeep

    how to burn off iso file

    So is it a drag to disc type thing to create a copy/duplicate?
  8. eeep

    how to burn off iso file

    I burned a dvd and checked "save to iso file". My question is: Is finding this file and opening it up in MyDVD to burn going to be quicker and is this the action that you take to make a second copy? Thanks.
  9. I was able to create a dvd with menus, chapters and a slideshow. It only took about 3 hours for the burn process. I thought that was pretty good. I used "fit to disc" on the burn option in MC9. I don't remember if the option for Hardware or Software was checked. (Maybe not the issue anyway). Issue: I noticed the voice was ever so slightly off the video. Any steps to ensure they stay in sync for the next time? Thanks.
  10. eeep

    can you combine edits

    My encoding keeps hanging on encoding at edit cuts. I know the program is designed to do this, but it is not working with mine. I even put in transitions. The encoding goes through this point and hangs again at a cut. Can the cuts be selected and combined into one continuous movie? Encoding works fine if I don't make any cuts. (Like to get rid of black or fuzzy video between tapings.) thanks.
  11. I have seen that over the last couple of days and thought about it. We'll see. Thanks for the input.
  12. yes, weird. No different than right now. Same buttons, same login.
  13. Here is the error message I always get at home. Not sure if there are some goofy settings on my other computer or if the forum is just down at night. Says this menu has been disabled (in red) Board message Sorry, an error occured. If you are unsure how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message,... The error returned was: Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. ....
  14. Yes, you are correct. Sorry I didn't know how to spell forum.
  15. I have no problem with other chat groups at home, but everytime I try to post or reply at home I get the error function/application not available.