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  1. 9 minutes ago, cdanteek said:

    Remove the USB Device and reboot the PC, now shut down antivirus & firewall software, now go into 'Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features' click on your Roxio NXT 7 entry and choose repair.

    Go into the main program and look under 'File, Tools, Help and look for a software update checker if an update is available install it.

    Question, does Easy VHS to DVD capture serve all your capture needs?

    Yes easy vhs to dvd capture serve all my capture needs. i will try the last steps you gave me but wont persist if doesn’t work. Thanks alot for responding to all my questions. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, cdanteek said:

    If it works perfectly what's the rest below?


    Your confusing me!


    Your confusing me!

    Ok let me re explain this, the initial problem was no live preview while capturing vhs films with nxt7, window just doesn’t exist. So i asked a refund and bought vhs to dvd to get the new capture device to eliminate all probabilities of a defective device. I installed easy vhs to dvd and captured vhs films yesterday and the live preview window is working fine. So i tried to capture vhs film again with nxt pro with the new capture device and not getting the live preview window. Why does it work with one software and not with the other one.

  3. On 4/18/2020 at 12:26 PM, cdanteek said:

    Go back and carefully read your and my posts wrote today.

    Hi cdan, just to give you an update i bought easy vhs to dvd and installed it yesterday works perfectly with the new capture device, i have a live capture feed. I tried again the media import in nxt7 and still not have the live capture window. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, cdanteek said:

    If you have a problem with " my win tv analog capture card " it's not a Roxio problem!

    I told you an enabled webcam causes problems so will multiple capture cards!

    I doubt your Roxio will work if it does and doesn't show what your capturing that is the best it will get with the old capture device using it in W-10 and NXT7.

    ok so i uninstalled my old roxio capture device and i have no web cam or any other device and still my win tv tune and capture does the same thing, ill ask corel to refund roxio creator and send me the vhs to dvd software that comes with a capture device. i think thats my last option or maybe just buy a recent wintv tuner capture card.

  5. here are a couple of screen shots, last image i went to device manager and put off win tv device so i have only one capture device activated. top image is my vhs video tape is off and plugged so you see that its not capturing. second image i opened vhs video tape and captured a video but cant see what im capturing. third image i can preview what is saved.

  6. What you see on the screen capture is my win tv analog input output capture integrated card. With the arrow i switch to the usb roxio cature device. Worked fine for a full week. After terminating a capture i opened the preview saved video file and media import software crashed so i restarted and thats when the live preview window disapeared. Now what do you sugest me today next. Should i take out my win tv card and uninstall the driver?

  7. I m having a problem with my roxio media import while capturing vhs films i can not see live capture, window is blank. i have the latest creator 7 installed. i have reinstalled windows10 and roxio creator 7 since customer support does not return my messages. Problem was solved after reinstalling all software and operating system. i have captured over 20 hres of analog vhs films in the passed week and everything was fine till today i wanted to open a preview window of one of my saved capture files and thats when my problem occured.  i don t have anymore live preview of when captuing. i hear the sound but dont see image. the live capturing window disapeared. tech support cant find the problem and takes two weeks to answer between each email. they made me reinstall direct x, net frame work, uninstall programme and reinstall and still have same problem. video file that is captured is saved and works fine but is very annoying not being able to preview live.

    Capture (2).PNG

  8. installed roxio creater 7 and worked fine capturing videos yesterday, today i wanted to capture more video but had no preview screen in media import and i hear the sound fine. please need help. i have an integrated win tv video capture card with all updates and drives up to date. there is absolutely no reason why this shouldnt work because it worked fine yesterday.here is a screen capture while im capturing videos