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    HP CUE Status stopped working

    I've actually disabled anything Roxio from loading at startup so its something else in the Roxio program itself that is causing the problem. Never had this problem with any other versions just this one. So all I can say is that it is definitely a problem with the Roxio and not Hp. Maybe both sides can get together and figure it out. But sometimes I think that something like that happening is wishful thinking on my part.
  2. Probably won't restart in safe mode. I had the same problem. All is not lost though. There is a way to restore your pc. You need the Windows Vista Program Disc. Put it in your rom drive and restart your pc. After the Bios screen comes up you will see a screen that says press any key to boot from cd/dvd. It will have a black screen then that comes up saying its loading windows files. Finally it will come up on the language screen. Pick your language. Then the install screen will come up. Go to the bottom left and it should have repair windows. Click on that. It will scan for your current windows installation. Click next. If it comes up that it can't repair your windows, it will bring up a screen stating that with an option at the bottom to view other option for restore. This will bring up a window with the first option being system repair. Go to second option for System Restore. This will go into your System Restore panel. Choose a point right before install of Roxio 6. It will go through restoring to this time. At reboot, it will again prompt to boot from cd/dvd. DO NOT PRESS A KEY. Let it boot normally. Your old settings and windows should be restored at this point.
  3. Ok. I had this problem with Roxio 10. It will not start after a system restore even though its still in there. Have to uninstall everything, use the Microsoft Installer Clean up Utility. After that Go To Start Click RUN Type in msconfig Go to Startup Tab Disable All Go To Services Tab Hide Microsoft Services Disable all Apply Ok Then Restart Install Roxio 10 Go into msconfig Select Normal Start Apply Ok Restart. Don't know why this version so glitchy, but until there is a patch, try this for workaround.
  4. julianekg

    HP CUE Status stopped working

    I hope someone comes up with a fix for this. If you have any hp all-in-ones you cannot disable the monitor. You can't use any of the scan to features when these are disabled.
  5. julianekg

    Error at burning stage

    Yes. Even went so far as to check under help in Internet explorer. It says 6. Not sure what to do short of reinstalling xp
  6. julianekg

    Error at burning stage

    I did at one time have ie7 installed. I uninstalled that and have since reinstalled the creator 6. Still the same problem. I'm thinking that maybe there are some left over files from the ie7 that didn't uninstall?
  7. Ok. Maybe someone can help with this one. I have Creator 6 installed and also the new 9. I can burn fine with the 9. In creator 6 though I get the following error. creatorc.exe - Application Error The instruction at "0x00de242a" referenced memory at "0x058600dc". The memory could not be "written" I've even tried to uninstall the 6 and reinstall. Still comes up with error. Can't be the drive as it works fine with Creator 9.