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  1. Why is there a quality setting (under Render Settings) when you convert a lossless FLAC audio file to an Apple Lossless file? It's one lossless format to another and should, in my opinion, only be possible in one way. In my test, the High quality setting took 29s and the Faster setting 19s. In wonder why the time difference and what Toast is actually doing to alter the lossless audio file. The files created with the higher quality setting are also slightly smaller. Any ideas?
  2. Doc69

    Different Volume Of Video Clips?

    I'm making a compilation DVD of different music videos collected from different sources. Unfortunately, in the finished DVD, the videos have different volume. How can I lower the volume of the ones that are the most loud?
  3. Doc69

    Different Volume Of Video Clips?

    Thanks for your reply tsantee. My video files are of mixed sort. Some are MPEG-2 Streams (audio and video together ripped from Cinematize Pro), some .avi some .mpg, some divx, XviD etc. So my only option is to demux the audio and video and then process the audio file in an audio editor to lower the volume or normalize?
  4. I'm dragging m2v files (and linking ac3 files) to Toast 7 to author a new DVD. Even though I have set preferences not to reencode, Toast 7 does it anyway. What about Toast 8? Does this work better in the new version? My m2v and ac3 files comes from regular DVDs demuxed in Cinematize Pro. Someone suggested to open the files in MPEG Streamclip and fix timebreaks. If I do that, the files looks garbled in the finder, Toast 7 burns them without reencoding, but when I mount the DVD, DVD Player will quit unexpectidly. And what do I do if I have many m2v and ac3 files that I want to play in one sequence and being able to jump back and forth between the clips like chapters, not like individual titles? Is Toast 8 or any other authoring software the answer? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Don
  5. Thanks for your reply. After making MPEG-2 files from several different DVDs with Cinematize 2 Pro, I realize there was something wrong with the first DVD I used. Only files from that DVD made Toast 7 reencode. So now everything works fine. And I was not exporting any menus. Capty MPEG Edit EX seemed exactly like what I was looking for to use before authoring in Toast. However, since I'm using standard broadcast material, my video frame rate is 29.97 for NTSC and 25 for PAL. I assume I can't use the software then? Any other suggestions for joining MPEG-2 video? I tried combining m2v files in Quicktime Pro but the resulting file did not play properly (video stopped each time a new clip would begin). And I don't want to use Cinematize 2 Pro's "export to QuickTime", as I want to keep the original quality by not reencoding. If nothing is avalable on the MAc side, I do have a PC as well. Best regards, Doc