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    Not Finding Discs In Creator 8 Suite Home

    Absolutely correct skinis. I only know because I am an avid reader of all things tech, just wish more would stay in my brain!
  2. petsounds1011

    Not Finding Discs In Creator 8 Suite Home

    I have to ask, do you have any other program on your computer that involves making dvd's or cd's? Is there any chance you have a program called dvd43 running in the background?
  3. petsounds1011

    No Drive Detected

    Nice to see a happy and appreciative customer, who had his problem fixed. Good stuff
  4. petsounds1011

    Great Day

    Elway played for The Broncos. You are thinking of Drew Bledsoe. He went to Washington State.
  5. petsounds1011

    Great Day

    I almost forgot. Lofa Tatupu and Matt Hasselbeck have Dads that both played for The New England Patriots! #$^@ good players. Both played local high school football. Their Dads still live in Greater Boston. Matt attended Boston College and Lofa attended The University Of Maine before transfering to USC, where his Dad Mosi went before being drafted by The Patriots. This has become a no-brainer. I really will be cheering for The Seahawks. The bloodlines of 2 of Seattle's best players come from Boston!
  6. petsounds1011

    Great Day

    With the disclosure of this new information, the only thing I can say is....... Go Seahawks!!!!! So your 2nd choice won last year. Wouldn't it be great if your 1st choice won this year. Let the party begin!
  7. petsounds1011

    Favourite Band

    Well Paul, Paul is also my favorite! My first concert attended was Paul McCartney And Wings in May of 1976 as a wee 14 year old. Thrilling indeed. I have seen the man numerous times over the years since, most recently last September in Boston. Still thrilling. The man does not age! He will be be 64 this June. Who would have thought that when he sang When I'm 64 back in 67 that in 2006 he would still be rocking.
  8. petsounds1011

    Great Day

    I am a New England Patriots season ticket holder, have been for 23 years. We got a little spoiled around here winning 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls. So do enjoy the moment, it is a wonderful feeling to have your team in the greatest game of them all. I can only hope for a great game, having no rooting interest. Both teams deserve to be there. And may I add that having been to 2 Super Bowls in person, it is much better to be at home watching the game.
  9. petsounds1011

    Favourite Band

    Well for me its always been THE BEATLES. Nothing comes close. But having said that, the next grouping of bands-singers are my B list of greatness. The Rolling Stones Bruce Springsteen U2 The Beach Boys ( Brian Wilson really is a genius) Music really is good for the soul
  10. petsounds1011

    Quick Story

    I have had version 8 since it came out. It was working like a charm. Suddenly it started acting wacky. I won't get into it, but certain programs would not work. It got me thinking about all the software I have added since my purchase. Just different programs, some freeware, some trialware. No hardware changes that I can think of. Well make a long story short, decided it was time to do a total recovery of my HP Pavilion. My computer is back to running fast and smooth and my EMC 8 is running awesome! I never thought it was Roxio causing my problems, I figured it was all the other crap that screwed it up. I guess I was right.