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    General installation question

    Thank you, I will begin removing all related software. Just wanted you to know I will not be able to get back here until Wednesday, as I will be away. Didn't want to leave the impression I was a flake! Again, thanaks for responding & I will let you know if I hit any snags, or just let you know if all went well. Have a great evening and week, Serenity
  2. Hi all, I am new to Roxio products and need some assistance. I bought a Dell Dimension 5150 WinXP Media Center 2005 last year, with 4Gigs RAM, 300Gigs HHD, Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz 800Mhz, ATI RADEON X600 Graphics, SigmaTel HD audio, IEEE 1394, Intel Ethernet; put in Panda Internet Suite (currennt vrs. 2007) have a Dell AOI all-in-one printer with current drivers, recently updated my BIOS. This unit came with a simple basic suite of Roxio products called "Roxio Creator Plus----Dell Edition". I recently purchased Roxio Easy Media Creator 9. I read the entire manual in search of installation instructions. I also went to the online support center for the same information. I am needing to know if I need to remove the Dell edition of the Roxio software currently installed on my system prior to installing the EMC 9 suite. This is what this "suite" includes: Creator Home, Record Now! audio, Record Now! CD, Record Now! data, DLA, and Express Labeler. After searching both the manual and the online support site, including searching the Knowlege Base and Ask Roxann, I was unable to discover the information regarding whether I remove existing software and if so which if not all. Do I leave the DLA installed and remove the rest, or can I simply install over the current software as some programs allow? While I am not a complete computer novice, I am far from an expert. Also, I have not as yet done much data copying, and have not done any backups of note. I have done a small amount of burning of music, photos, and data, but only using the Windows features. I have yet to actually use a Roxio or Sonic product. I have also not used any Nero software or other such software program. I have burned and synced music to CDs and portable players. I thought it important to note this lack of experiance with such software. If writing a lot is something this forum discourages, I apologize for the leangth of my post. I do tend to go into details. Some forums dissaprove of long posts. I hope you all don't mind. Thanks in advance to any who respond in aid to my questions. Serenity p.s. I also don't know how to use the tools provided for posting messages, other than typing charactors and inserting emoticons. Sorry, hopefully I will get better at this!
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    General installation question

    Thank you for responding. I tried to remove a DLA in a previous Dell system and it refused to cooperate with the Windows XP Add/Remove applet. When I called the Dell Help Desk, as it was called then, the technician also had troubled getting it removed. He then tried to help me remove it manually, yet it still refused to be removed. Each time we thought it gone, a reboot had it right back in the list of programs. He finally had me do a System Re-imaging after he acciddently crashed the OS while trying to remove keys from the registry. So, you can see why I may be a bit leery of removing this DLA. However, I will give it the good 'ol college try. ;-) One other question: I need to burn a bootable DVD. Should I use an ISO image? I can read the instructions for doing so, I am pretty good at discovering how to do things via the Help files of programs, but just am a bit lacking in knowlege of which format I should use, ISO or a regular data copy. Thanks very much for responding and giving me the information about whether or not to remove the previous Roxio programs prior to installing the Roxio EMC 9 suite. Sereniity