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    Invalid CD Key - Unable to install

    Ka'plah! Yes, this worked. I now have Roxio EMC 9 installed and working on my machine Thank you SO MUCH!!!
  2. Belezebub

    Invalid CD Key - Unable to install

    Yes, I've tried that. None of what should work will allow me to extract the file I don't suppose that Roxio could just sign the file and end all of this confusion?!
  3. Belezebub

    Invalid CD Key - Unable to install

    Please take a look at this link - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883260 I have tried what it tells me to get around the blocked file, but none of it works
  4. Belezebub

    Invalid CD Key - Unable to install

    It appears to be one of the MS Windows Security updates, it's a known issue. I am logged in as an administrator, but that doesn't matter I have checked the MS Knowledge base, but so far I don't see a way around it. Is there any other way I can get that file?
  5. Belezebub

    Invalid CD Key - Unable to install

    When I try to extract the exe file, it is blocked by windows. No matter what I try, it won't allow me to extract it. See the message given below: "Windows has blocked the file ... from being extracted. Would you like to continue trying to extract files, skip all further blocked file notifications, or cancel the extract operation" Also the problem is not uninstalling Roxio EMC9, it's already gone, nor do I have any problems editing/changing or adding to the registry. The problem is that the installer is telling me that my CD key is invalid! Hence the need to extract the file
  6. Belezebub

    Invalid CD Key - Unable to install

    Thanks for your response I apologize for not being specific I am trying to install Roxio EMC9 I'm currently running Windows XP Professional
  7. I need help I had to uninstall Roxio 9 because of a problem with the application Now when I try to install it, I get an invalid CD key error I have typed it in correctly numerous times, but receive the same error I have tried downloading the emc9rmv.zip file but windows won't allow me access the exe file. How can I get this install to wrok?!