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  1. Have Sony come to their senses, stopped the firmware idiocy, and actually made a new-gen player that will play our BD-R & BD-RE's? I pulled this tidbit from their 'specs' on the 500: BD-R/RE Read Compatibility Yes (BDMV format) I'd really like to know what people find out - I could be interested in a player (other than my PS3's), and I'd start promoting Blu-Ray again to my clients as well... This firmware mess has been a drag all year...
  2. Hello all. I cut my first successful BluRay discs earlier in the year, and I've taken a number of months off to dedicate time to new cameras, final workflow, etc. I've kept an eye on the forum, but haven't been cutting discs. I got a chance to jump back into things this weekend - it went quickly, and was 'eventually' successful. I'd like to update my machines with the most current and recommended versions of the program... I have DVDitHD on my main Edius SP editor (no BluRay burner, but all of the files/Raids, editing programs, etc), and on a Sony AR290 laptop with a BluRay burner. I tried burning a 'Volume' on the Edius machine that had the final project files - worked fine. Then I put those volume files on a USB drive and tried cutting a TDK BD-RE disc from that volume on my Vaio machine/burner. Unfortunately, the disc would not play on either of my PS3's - which I've now updated to firmware version 1.93 (most current). I believe the disc did not have the 'Certificates' folder - not sure why not, and not sure if that was a/the problem, etc. However, if I rebuild the project on the Sony Vaio from scratch, and burn straight to the disc from the 'current project', the disc plays fine on both PS3's... The program version on the Edius tower is 6.3 630B91A. The program version on the Vaio is 6.3 631B04A. I'm assuming that I installed a recommended beta back in the day on the Vaio, but not on the Edius machine - and now, perhaps that is creating a problem when trying to cut & burn volumes between the machines(?). BTW, I have the PS3 patch applied on both. Just wondering if anyone has any new versions or 'final betas' that I should download and put on these machines for use. I have shot a lot of HD this year, and I'd like to get back into the swing of things, and start recommending it for clients - at least those who have PS3's - or other trusted firmware players. Please let me know what versions you recommend, and how I should go about updating my programs. Many thanks very much!
  3. tarkken

    PS3 firmware 1.9 question?

    What's the update - are current firmware versions on the PS3 playing our BDMV discs (when using the Roxio software)? If not - what is the threshold firmware version?
  4. tarkken

    Sony BDP-S300 - Bad news for DVDitProHD

    How's this for pressure - I'm not buying Sony Blu-Ray players anymore until they stick the firmware in (the 300 was top on my list this year - was going to get three)... I figure if there are 100,000 more of you to add to this, maybe they'll listen... I've bought my $30 BluRay movie discs - I bought the burners and their burning media. I want to play my content on their future boxes - and not worry about my current legacy boxes getting 'firmwared out' of playback. If they are worried about piracy - then put security in on their overpriced discs - or sue anyone making ripping software. I'm one of the guys helping them win the format war. Irony should carry a gun...
  5. I wanted to know if anyone has tried the version 1.6 or 2.0 versions of this firmware, and if BD-R/BD-RE's are playing successfully? As I recall, version 1.55 worked fine. I may be running into one of these units again, and I don't want to make any mistakes. Unfortunately, it sounds like Sony has some fishy things going on with BD-R - want to have a stable player at a minimum, and a platform to suggest for potential clients. Thanks.
  6. tarkken

    BD-R playback at high risk

    I agree - but it all makes it pretty impossible for us to honestly market a Blu-Ray product to customers... What a let down on Sony's end. It's infuriating actually... I would consciously boycott them if I thought it would do any good. Of course what should get them in line (or sued): THEY SELL THE #$^@ BURNERS AND MEDIA!!!!
  7. tarkken

    BD-R playback at high risk

    I only went down Blu-Ray because it was available, and it looked like it had the legs to win - plus there were firmware updates coming/working, etc. The year started off well and promising. I own Roxio, CS3 and 2 Sony Vaio laptops, specifically for cutting Blu-Ray content. This sounds like the beginning of the end of the format wars - Blu Ray has won, and what you get with it is a fat gloating emperor... What a shame and disappointment. Can't someone stick a class-action out there?
  8. tarkken

    Sony BDP-S300 - Bad news for DVDitProHD

    Why would Sony do this... Firmware update the old one, update the PS3, but make their newest/cheapest BD set top not capable of playing BD-R/BD-RE? It's confusing, frustrating and very disappointing... Can we please start to compile a master 'verified' player list that we can reference (all generations)? Perhaps a sticky? I'm going to need to reference it before promising BluRay to clients. What a goofy thing...
  9. Saw some recent news on the newer/smaller player - the BDP-S300. I had tested successfully with the S1 set top (with the newer firmware), but never bought it - just using the PS3 for Blu Ray for now. Actually - I just updated to v 1.81 - I'm assuming it'll still play our Roxio discs...(?) Just wondering if we can expect the new player to truly jive with BDMV and 'our discs' from the gate, or if it's going to be finicky and require future firmware as did the S1. Didn't see when it was being released - assuming fairly soon. Blockbuster is going full Blu Ray now - that could be another factor in this 'war' - good/bad - it may be coming to some sort of conclusion.
  10. tarkken

    Updates & Success with Sorenson Squeeze 4.5?

    Thank you sir - I've always enjoyed, appreciated and learned from your posts. How did you like the quality? I understand it's at least the same, if not better. How is the licensing situation? I'd love to lose this pesky ProCoder dongle...
  11. Hi everyone. I've heard some promising news today about Sorenson Squeeze 4.5 (speed/quality), etc. I've been a longtime user of ProCoder2 with success using it and DVDitProHD. Perhaps I'm looking to complicate my life more - but I wanted to see if 4.5 was truly delivering the speed results, the quality results, and a bulletproof (subjective term) relationship with DVDitProHD. I've seen a couple of posts, but I didn't know if there were updated experiences, etc. Would you buy it - would you use it - any known issues, pitfalls, advice? Sounds like an exciting option to add to a bag of tricks... Thanks.
  12. I was able to test with some short clips, motion menu, menu audio, Roxio button and a movie thumbnail - working fine on PS3 1.6 (new project from the ground up). Thanks much for the advice and assistance.
  13. So to confirm - I'd have to burn the volume again, correct? I'm on a station without a lot of test files right now, so that's my current complication. Looking forward to PS3. Thanks.
  14. Does the PS3 patch affect the burn to the disc itself (if you're burning a previous 'pre-fix' volume), or does it only fix things if you start a project completely over, burn a volume and then a disc from there? Just trying to see where the new .dll fixes things. Won't be a problem in the future, but would be handy to know for some recent projects. Thanks.
  15. tarkken

    Cyberlink PowerDVD BD 7.2 vs PowerDVD Ultra?

    They must mean 19.2 MB... right? A 19.2Gb Wav file would be a massive amount of audio - like 30 hours, eh?