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  1. I tried the recommendation but it did not work. Roxanne said I should reload the program and try differrent media. I tried a Sony DVD and it worked fine. I don't understand why TDK Discs don't work. I have been in the audio business for many years and TDK was always some of the best. But I have to go with what works. Hope this helps others. Terry
  2. I am using a Powerbook 867, MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-815 DVD Superdrive and TDK DVD-R media. I am trying to copy disc I made using i-DVD and imovie. The original movies work fine. The TDK disc copy fine on the idvd but when I try to copy them to Popcorn, i get this message. The Drive Reported An Error: Sense key=Medium Error. Sense Code=0x73, 0x03. Then I get the message "The Disc Failed to be written". There is no visible change on the disc but it will no longer work.