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    Toast 12 Total Compatibility With Yosemite

    Is it actually working in Yosemite. It's the major reason I have not installed Yosemite.
  2. richard_briscoe

    Where Are Toast 8.0.5 Upgrades?

    Add me to the list of people who want the 8.0.5 update. The web site is all fouled up. First you get intercepted by a pop-up trying to sell you Toast 10 and when you click on "No Thanks" it takes you to a page where you click on an item and it takes you by the hand and drops you off where you started. Aside from being rather annoying and not providing the desired download, doesn't anyone test the page...ever?
  3. richard_briscoe

    Dvd Burning

    I am not real sure about Toast making copies of non-copy protected discs, even though it is supposed to do so. It has consistently failed to make duplicates of my non-copy protected music CDs which other apps handle without difficulty. As stated, there are other places where this type of question may receive an answer, just not here.
  4. richard_briscoe

    Toast 8=>9: To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade

    If you are burning DVDs from EyeTV files, there have been major issues with Toast 9. Basically, it does not work with any degree of regularity in Leopard. Whether there will ever be a fix remains an open question. I have to use Toast 8 to get anything done with my EyeTV files. If you find a really great deal and want to get it for some other use, have at it.
  5. richard_briscoe

    Spinning Beach Ball

    There are two preference files in Toast. KB 000013T Uninstall KB 000014T
  6. richard_briscoe

    Toast With Powermac G5 & Leopard

    Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away (when I was in school), a buddy had a big Healey and the engine had given out. Like a lot of people at the time, the cost was a problem and so he put a small block Chevy in it. It was one hot car! :-)
  7. richard_briscoe

    Writing At 1x On My Superdrive?

    John, I am not picking on you, but there is so much that is so wrong with Toast that it is difficult to give a short version of it. The short version is that it is not ready for prime time in Leopard. I find Toast 9 unusable with EyeTV files in Leopard. Unfortunately, the original poster's experience with Roxio tech support is not uncommon. Any number of people, myself included, have had similar or worse experiences with Roxio tech support. Roxio's tech support has, perhaps, the worst reputation of any software vendor in the Mac community. It did not come by that reputation by happenstance. Fundamental change is in order. To begin with, everyone at the company, including the owner, needs to be reminded that the reason they have jobs is because of customers who purchase the company's products. People do not simply invent problems for the purpose of annoying tech support. Customers do not appreciate being told things that are patently untrue. There is substantial doubt that Roxio even has sufficiently current software to properly test Toast so as to be working with configurations similar to that of the customer and recommended by Roxio. What is needed for Toast is not a "bug fix", but a complete rewrite. In my experience to date, Toast, in conjunction with EyeTV files using Leopard is the worst performing software it has been my misfortune to encounter. Roxio tech support has done absolutely nothing of value to resolve the problems and has consistently been...well, I hope you get the idea. I keep a Tiger (OS 10.4.11) drive in which I am booted at the moment for the purpose of burning files as it is the best combination of things to actually successfully burn DVDs. Quite simply, that is not right. All of that said, I do hope that the impending update provides some relief from the current problems. Any improvement at all would be most welcome. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that need changing. You asked the original poster about how he was measuring the burn speed. Please allow me to ask the question "just how is Toast measuring the speed which it displays during a burn?" The displayed average burn speed of a multiplexed EyeTV file, during a "good burn", on my equipment is, typically, 3X or sometimes 4X. 2X (or less) is not that uncommon. This is my setup: DVR-115D burner (with updated firmware) using Verbatim 16X discs (which are actually rated at 18X, as is the burner) on a dual 1.42 GHz MDD with 2 GB RAM and a SATA hard drive. Burns from a disc image (.toast file), typically, are shown as a bit faster. The estimated time of the burn which Toast displays has never, ever, not in one single instance had any rational relationship to the actual elapsed time of the burn in my experience. If the "speeds" which Toast displays are not real, why are they shown at all. Alternatively, why are they not realistic numbers? As one who is not inside the company, it seems pointless, indeed counterproductive, to display numbers which are not realistic. To reiterate, my remarks are not directed at you personally. In my opinion, the company needs to improve both its product and customer support. In my experience, neither is very good at the present time. Sincerely, Richard [Edit] Typo
  8. richard_briscoe

    More Performance Questions

    Now that you mention it, I am not sure about their compatibility with the Blu-ray plug-in. It slipped my mind. You might give them a call and see what they have to say. About the only other things that come to mind are to trash the preferences (there are two files) and try to run things from a clean user profile/account. There are two KB Articles about Toast files you may want to keep track of. Preferences Uninstall
  9. richard_briscoe

    More Performance Questions

    I believe you are experiencing the same Toast failure mode that I am experiencing with my EyeTV/SD files. The clue is that Toast shows "Encoding" and may well use a lot of resources in an unproductive manner. You would probably experience very much the same problem no matter what hardware you ran it on. Do you have access to Toast 7 or 8? I normally run only Toast 8 to make my EyeTV burns. It ties up the machine pretty badly as the windowserver and dock processes when running Toast 8 make excessive, in my opinion, use of CPU cycles, but it works. I will revert to Toast 7 if the particular file does not work in Toast 8. My final alternatives involve booting into OS 10.4.11 and using Toast 7 either in conjunction with EyeTV 3.x or 2.5.2. The long and short of it is that I do not believe buying a new Mac would resolve your problem. I would suggest opening a ticket with Roxio support to formally let them know of the problem. Good Luck
  10. richard_briscoe

    More Performance Questions

    You did not specify your OS or Toast versions. There may be some differences depending upon those answers. If you are using Toast 9.x, does it say "Multiplexing" or "Encoding" while this is going on? I have not been doing HiDef, but with SD recordings on my system with EyeTV files as the source Toast 9.x routinely reverts to "Encoding" from "Multiplexing" and will take hours to complete, if it does at all. Using Toast 8.x with OS 10.5.4 I am able to complete many, if not most, of these recordings. For very troublesome combinations, I find it necessary to boot into OS 10.4.11 and try either Toast 8.x or Toast 7.x. I have a dual processor G4 and so there is no direct comparison with your Mac, but, when it works properly, Toast appears to be multi-processor aware. You can take a look in Activity monitor to see if it is making use of all of your resources or not. Good luck
  11. richard_briscoe

    Unreliable Multiplexing Eyetv Files In Toast 9 ?

    Beas, I would recommend trying Toast 8.0.4 which, I believe, is the final update to Toast 8. I have not had very good luck with EyeTV 3.0.2/Toast 9.0.2. Sometimes it works OK multiplexing and then burning the DVD and sometimes it does not. I have found myself reverting to Toast 8.0.4 to the exclusion of Toast 9.0.2 because I have fewer problems with it. Some comments about DVD media. I have had the best luck with Verbatim media, both single layer and dual layer. I had terrible luck with Memorex. TDKs worked reasonably well with some lots, but not with others. Store brands tend to be a real crap shoot which I can not recommend. Check around and you should be able to find Verbatim single layer DVD media for around $30 a hundred (or less on sale). I found some Verbatim dual layer DVD media at the SAM's Club in a 50 pack for a bit more than a dollar a disc which I thought was good. Lastly, the firmware updates to the optical drives are, more often than not, for purposes of improving media compatibility. I keep a USB enclosure handy that I can pop my new optical drives into, hook them up to a PC and update the firmware before installing or do it (using the same USB case) with Windows in Virtual PC. If you have any way of updating the firmware it might help. I would recommend trying to find whether there is an available update before tearing things apart though. One other thing is to simply get a USB/Firewire enclosure and put a new drive in it. The Pioneer DVR-115 is pretty inexpensive now and is, no doubt, faster than the drive your G5 shipped with. Also, there is always the possibility that there is some sort of issue with the DVD player. You might try playing some of the discs you have burned on another DVD player to see if there is a problem. I purchased an "upscaling" DVD player to connect to an HD TV some time back. It choked on my favorite commercial DVD and just did not work well. I took it back and got a different brand one which has done well with my favorite commercial DVDs as well as my burned ones. Good Luck, Richard
  12. richard_briscoe

    Burning Dual Layer Dvd

    I am not sure how to update the firmware on your machine, but the firmware updates that the manufacturers issue periodically are normally intended to improve media compatibility. With my 5 1/2 inch optical drives I just drop them in a USB case and either hook them up to a PC to update the firmware or run the update via Windows in Virtual PC (I am still in a G4 world). I can only add my vote for the Verbatim DL media. I have also found DL Verbatim at Sam's Club which normally carries the single layer as well. (The price of it is finally coming down!) When I was still using Memorex media I had so many failures that I soon got the idea to use something else. I have had some "failed" verifications even with Verbatim single layer media with Toast 9 when burning eyetv files as a DVD. I have successfully played a number of these with (Apple) DVD player and I am not certain whether these "failures" are real or not. Fortunately, I have not really encountered this with the Verbatim DL media. As I understand it, the verification only takes place when burning a file from a disc image. I only do this when there is a file that is slightly larger than 4.38 GB and I want to fit it on a single layer DVD disc. The way that I am able to use the compression feature in Toast is to burn a disc image (.toast file) and then open it in Toast and use the compression feature. The verification does not take place when multiplexing/burning the file directly to the disc. Thus, it is possible that the occasional error, real or imagined, exists there, but is not tested for. In any event, I ordinarily burn another that will "pass".
  13. richard_briscoe

    Toast 9 Performance

    What OS are you using? Also, what Mac (CPU and such)? There seem to be some differences in the result (a matter of degree, I suppose) between OS 10.4.x and 10.5.x, but also between Toast 9 and Toast 8. Toast 8 seems to have less of the problems, but typically uses more system resources. I believe what you are experiencing is what is what we are talking about. When "encoding" rather than "multiplexing", Toast will take a number of hours to complete something that should take only a few minutes, if it completes the task at all. I would encourage you to also file a ticket with Roxio and to let El Gato know about it as well. They need to know that the problem is not an isolated one.
  14. richard_briscoe

    Toast 9 Performance

    Yea, I think you are right. I may as well do that for al the good 9 has done. 8 still has some problems, but not to the extent of 9.
  15. richard_briscoe

    Toast 9 Performance

    If I understand your posts correctly, Toast either will change from "Multiplexing" the .eyetv file to "encoding" or may actually begin with "encoding" rather than "Multiplexing" when you select an EyeTV file and click "Toast". I also have experienced this far too often, but have been unable to determine a particular cause as some EyeTV files have this problem and some do not. The "encoding" is an extraordinarily slow process in my experience. I am using Leopard rather than Tiger as you are for the most part, although I have encountered this in Tiger as well. If my experience seems to be similar to yours, would you please report this to support@elgato.com. They have had difficulty isolating the problem as to whether it is an issue with the eyetv file or is purely a Toast issue. I also have had Toast crash more times than I can keep track of during multiplexing as well as writing. Toast 9 has not been a terribly pleasant experience so far. Thanks