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    Can I install program on tower and laptop?

    Thanks for the reply Jim. Perhaps I could install VNC software on my desktop and have "remote control" of my desktop PC from my laptop. I don't see how this would be a violation since I would not be installing any software on my laptop but merely "looking at" and "controlling" my desktop pc through another. All files and programs would still reside on 1 pc I would just be controlling that PC remotely.
  2. I'm guessing the answer to this is no, but figured I would ask anyway: Can I have EMC9 installed on my stationary tower PC and also install it on my laptop. I would never use the program on both at the same time but sometimes it would be nice to be able to edit photos and such on the wireless laptop without the need to go to the desktop for some simple tasks. I'm guessing this would probably come down to how the liscensing works but just wanted to know if anyone has done anything like this and if both PC's belong to the same home network and the program is not used by more than 1 pc at a time then it should not be breaking any rules should it? Thanks, Pete
  3. SenorPete

    Emc 9 Seems To Be "missing" Things

    OK - I tried a repair install just to see what would happen and....nothing happened. same problems. I went ahead and followed the directions for a clean install. A couple of points about this procedure: 1) I noticed after completeing the entire operation and before reinstalling the software that in the "system configuration utility" under "startup" there were still some Roxio items that existed. they were: DrgtoDsc - c:/Program Files/Roxio/DragtoDisc/DrgtoDsc.exe RoxWatchTray9 - c:/Program Files/Common Files/ Roxio Shared/9.0/shared com/Roxwatchtray9.exe Now these locations didn't actually exist anymore but they would not go away from the startup tab. I figured they were just left over pieces and wouldn't effect anything but I wanted them gone so I did a search and found out how to remove startup items in the registry. I went to this address: http://tweakxp.com/article36889.aspx and the bottom part of the page had these instructions which worked to remove these items: If you have disabled items in the System Configuration Utility and would like to remove them from the registry also they can be found in one of the following locations: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SharedTools\MSConfig\startupfolder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg Now after that I also noticed that there were 2 items in the "system configuration utility" under the "services" tab. they were: RoxmediaDB9 & Roxio Hard Drive Watcher 9 I was unable to figure out how to remove these items so at that point I just went ahead with the clean install. After loading the software and restarting the PC, I ran into the proble of my CD key not being accepted and was ready to flip out! After all this time wasted I now couldn't authenticate my software. But a quick search in this forum supplies the answer and I downloaded the small utility that allowed me to have my CD key accepted. Everything else went smoothly. First thing I did was open up Videowave and Ta-Da there were actually buttons there for play, ff, rw etc... Great. I also tried to extract audio from an mpg file and...No problem. It seems as though I am back in business. On a side note (on the offchance that anyone is still reading this post) I am helping out a friend who accidentaly recorded some mini dvds in her dvd-camcorder in the VR-mode instead of the video mode. I have been trying to extract the video files and then burn them to a regular dvd for her. These .vro files have caused me fits. I did finally find a way to do it with a free software program I downloaded (the name escapes me right now)but I wound up with the audio and video out of sync. Other programs I tried would extract some of the video but not all of it. I am wondering if my Roxio software could have handled these .vro files any better if it had not been (apparently) corrupted. Has anyone dealt with these types of files? At this point I am just importing the video into videowave, muting the audio, then importing the extracted audio from the same file into videowave and syncing them up. This should do the trick. OK - thats it for me. This forum is awesome!
  4. SenorPete

    Emc 9 Seems To Be "missing" Things

    Thanks for the reply. I'm going to try a "repair install" just for the heck of it to see what happens and then on to a clean install. Just wanted to know if anyone else had come across something like this. I will report back with my results. Thanks again, Pete
  5. Before I go into greater detail let me start with simple explanations of what I am seeing. For starters: In videowave I no longer have any controls under the preview screen (no play button, ff rw...nothing) no way to play a loaded clip? all other controls are visible and seem to be working. (I can double click a loaded clip and get the window for setting in and out points) these buttons are not hiding anywhere they are just...gone???? unable to extract audio from a video clip (get some type of "virtual runtime error" which shuts down entire program immediatly whenI try) I have done this operation in the past by going to "add a movie" then right clicking a file and choosing "extract audio" but now the error always follows. ( I will have to do this again and right down all the info of the error, please forgive me for not having done this already) also... in video capture... my source appears in drop down menu but when I select it the screen never changes to the capture screen? I have used this application for years to capture miniDV tapes via firewire. It is late and I just wanted to get the basics out there before I turn in, in case these are known issues. I bought EMC9 new when it came out and have used for years now on the same PC (Dell, Windows XP) I have not done a clean install yet just wondering if this sounds like a "normal" corruption of the program or if something else sounds out of whack. I have never had any problems with these applications in the past and by all appearences the software seems to be behaving correctly in other respects. Just seemed odd to happen "all at once" in other words, one day it was fine and the next it was not. Thanks - I will be sure to provide all the pertinent info anyone deems necessary just wanted to get the ball rolling.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone! A lot of great suggestions. A little background: The DVD is of my wedding in Jamaica. I had 2 friends videotape the ceremony and through the use of videowave I was able to take their digital video and edit together a really nice "movie" with music montages, the ceremony, credits ... everything. We are having a reception at home for all the people that could not make the trip (53 people DID make the trip to Jamaica with us) I'm making the DVD as kind of a party favor for all the guests (there seating numbers will be attached to it) Other than the wedding video I made some slide shows with (of course) reggae music showing all of the guests who attended. I thought a menu called "music" leading to the very user friendly "jukebox" I created would be a nice touch for folks to be able to play it and flip through the music. I'm not sure if I will make the effort to do something similar using the music and pictures through videowave - I'm sure I could make something nice but it really won't have the same funtionality that you get when creating a "jukebox" disc (i.e. - only able to skip ahead one track at a time without really being able to pick and choose music at random or by artist or by song title etc...) perhaps I will make the effort through videowave and see what I come up with but I wish I could use what I already created because it is kind of perfect and for some reason I just assumed there would be a way to include this project into a regular DVD project. Again thanks for all the suggestions - they will come in handy either for this project or for a future one. I have been using emc9 since last August with great results and have lurked these forums gathering immense information and help from many of you. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for the reply! I see what your saying and I have no doubt that it will work. Perhaps I will do that if I can't get what I want. I supposse I could even use some still pictures as the background for my music as well. What I would really like to do is incorporate the music project I have created. If you have not used this feature yet, it is really quite nice. It allows you to put any background you would like and it incorporates menu features by which you can select by artist or by song (or by other options as well) it will either play all songs in order or shuffle them or play in alphabetical order. When you select a song to play a little picture of the album cover shows up and it gives you artist info, album title, track duration. It is really a nice way to play music from a DVD (like a jukebox!). This is really what I would like to do. It just seems that one of these types of projects can not be incorporated into a DVD that contains other things such as movies or slideshows. I am hoping that I am just missing something here and that it is possible to make this music project a part of my overall DVD. Thanks for the suggestion - it may come in handy if I cannot do what I want!
  8. Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure I understand what you are telling me. I am not "adding a dmsa project file" because it won't let me do that anyway. I just want to know if there is anyway to add a music project (either as a dmsa file or as a completed project and perhaps a somehow converted file) to any other type of DVD project (i.e. a normal dvd video project) so I can have a menu button that will access my music project. Thanks again.
  9. Hi All, I am creating a DVD that has couple of videos and a couple of slide shows. No problem so far. I was playing around with the DVD music jukebox and thought it was pretty cool. I liked being able to take a wedding picture as the background and then have the ability to select and play different songs and have a small picture of the album cover along with all the artist information displayed on the screen. I saved this little project in hopes of adding it to my DVD. The videos and slideshows all deal with a wedding in Jamaica. I thought it would be great to have a menu button called "music" and when selected it would bring up the project I created in "music disc creator". Unfortunately it does not seem possible to add a "music disc creator" project (with an extension of .dmsa) to a MyDVD project. Or to add it to videowave or any other application. I would really like to add this unique way of playing music on a DVD to my overall DVD project. I only used about 24 songs so size is not an issue. So, I guess my question is: Does anyone know how to combine these 2? Is the music creation so unique that it has to be burned to disc by itself? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!