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    Dvd From Creator 2012 Will Not Burn

    This is a follow up to a message I sent yesterday. i wanted to make a slideshow and chose Roxio Photo Show. I loaded 288 images that were converted from raw (36.2 MB) to jpeg (approx 7-9 MB). All images looked fine on the screen in Creator 12 Added subtitles to some and music to entire show. All looks and sounds fine in Creator 12. Went to export to a DVD and only the audio exports. No video. I have checked the DVD burner and it is working with a commercially prepared video. I also created a document in MS Word and it successfully burned to the DVD burner. I am not sure what choice I should make from options offered for the DVD format when attempting to burn and perhaps that is the problem. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. I have created a new slideshow on Creator 12. Have done so before and it worked fine. The slideshow works on the Dell, but when I try to save it to a DVD, all I get is audio. Have tried a commercial DVD with video on it and it works fine on the DVD player, so I know the DVD will play back. Have tried to play it on a Mac and I get the audio but not the video. Really need some help with this so I can get the project completed. Thank you.
  3. kowalukr

    Burning Jpeg's To Dvd

    I am using Creator 2012 to make a DVD. The several versions refer to versions in Creator 2012. Initially I edited the photos in Lightroom and then brought them into Creator 2012. Once they were there, I began to create the video and saved it. Then in order to make changes I did a "save as" of the original video and assigned it a new name. I then made changes to this newer version and did another "save as" and so on. Since JPEG's tend to lose quality with repeated saves I wanted to be sure that they were not losing quality when using Creator 2012 and performing a "save as". Sorry for any confusion and I hope this clarifies my question. If I understand your response, I should be ok and not seeing a decline in quality of the image.
  4. kowalukr

    Burning Jpeg's To Dvd

    I have several versions of a file containing JPEG images. In order to create each subsequent version I performed a "save as" on the previous version. The photos were edited using Adobe Lightroom 3.0. When I perform the "save as" am I causing the quality of the JPEG's to decline?