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    Version 6.4 Updates

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    A New DVDit?

    It was never really improved to begin with. Roxio threw it out and tried to make as much money with it as they could without ever listening to users. There was only ever one minor update. When Scott left the company, most users quit using the software as he was the only guy in the Roxio company that knew what he was talking about. Tech support sucks from about every company that makes software, but Roxio sucks at it worst. Roxio considers it "dead" unsupported software because people like Scott left and no one else knows anything about it. Today, nothing Roxio makes comes even close to Adobe products. Roxio now only make "CONSUMER" software. If you consider yourself a pro at what you do, you won't want to be associated with Roxio. People in the industry would laugh at you.
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    Using Vista 64-bit. I own 6.3??? version of DVDit ProHD, but after installing the program won't run. The splash screen appears momentarily and then goes away and nothing happens after that. Wrote to tech support (the usual mistake) and they told me that this version is a legacy version no longer supported, yet they offer no newer version. The referred me to a link with a list of "legacy" software and DVDit ProHD is NOT on the list. What the hell is wrong with these people. I have owned this software since the version came out but never had it installed as I use Encore CS4. I was having problems with CS4 and was in a hurry to finish a project so I tried to use DVDit Prohd, whichc as you now know didn't work. So I reinstalled Encore which is now working again and I was able to finish the project. I won't be using DVDitProHD as it was great when it first came out but has never been updated with any viable features for quite some time. Anyway, has anyone else run into a problem running DVDit ProHD on a 64-bit system? I'm not going to ask about tech support because we all know how horrible that has always been. I also looked around on some torrent sites and found many with Roxio products available. I'll never PAY for another piece of coded-crap from Roxio again.
  4. banders100

    Help For A Blu_ray Beginner

    Export to HDV file (seperate streams) Then import into DVDit. Let DVDit do all the encoding. You may have to re-encode the audio as DVDit sometime doesn't like the audio stream from Avid. Another option (which takes much longer) is to do a video mixdown in avid then export video and audio as QTref. The import QTREF into DVDit. DVDit will drag really slow when authoring as it doesn't handle the streams very well and plays them back extremely jerky and out of sync, but the finished DVD will be fine. Option 3: Get Adobe Encore. I hate Adobe (yes, I know it's not nice to hate) but Encore is far supirior to DVDit in many ways. Ever notice there is no "upgrade" anywhere to be found for DVDit Pro HD? It's because it hasn't been upgraded but once and it's like pulling teeth to get it. Also, Encore handle any files and if you're authoring to blu-ray, you can also add the really nice blu-ray popup menu. A feature NOT available on DVDit Pro HD. That said, I uses DVDit Pro HD when I need a quick DVD with no menus or any special authoring. Hell, I paid for it, I have to use it for something.
  5. banders100

    10 Hours To Author Blu-ray Or Sd Dvd

    I'm not new or inexperienced, unless you think that 30 years in the video business is new. After several tests I have given up using DVDit "Pro" as it is NOT a "Pro" DVD authoring program, far from it in fact. It doesn't even have blu-ray pop-up menu support as well as MANY other features found in more professional authoring programs. Today, I continue my work flow as usual and am able to output a blu-ray and Standard DVD in less than 4 hours, where DVDit is just getting started.
  6. banders100

    10 Hours To Author Blu-ray Or Sd Dvd

    I edit in Avid, export QT ref file and author in DVDit Pro HD. Project takes 10 hours to complete. I have done many projects and all take 10 hours. I import the same QT ref into Adobe Encore and it completes disc in less than 3. I have also tried exporting HDV file from Avid with the same results. For some reason DVD it is just slow. Anyone else editing in Avid having similar results? If not, what is your workflow to speed things up. HDV files are no bigger than DV for crying out loud!
  7. banders100

    Latest Version

    6.4 641B03 A is the current version. Good luck trying to get it. Scott was the only helpfull person in the whole company and he quit which is why I have switched back to Encore CS3. Roxio's website states that this software is "professional Studio qulity", but it doesn't even let you create blu-ray pop-up menus. Definately NOT professional!
  8. banders100

    Ss Scott Is Sailing On...

    Good Luck, we'll sure miss you!
  9. banders100

    Very Jerky Dvd Palyback

    Yes, it is a QT Reference file. The final DVD looks like the preview, but is also very jumpy. I've tried every other way of export and it just doesn't seem to work. The video will look fine and play fine in any program I choose to play it with, but when I import into DVDit ProHD, it is very jumpy and "aliased". I had noticed that EVERY DVD I have created with a QTREF is jumpy in DVDit, but it always looks OK and authors just fine. Note: This project is NOT an HD project like most of the others that I do. The original footage was 640X480. I have used this before with no problems. I had though maybe there was an interlace issue or something, but that doesn't explain why it plays fine in anything I choose to play it with, but doesn't work in DVDit.
  10. banders100

    Very Jerky Dvd Palyback

    There is definately something wrong with the way DVDit Pro HD is importing the file. I just authored a DVD using the same file with Nero and it looks great. Something wrong with DVDit import.
  11. banders100

    Very Jerky Dvd Palyback

    I have tried every possible setting on export and playback from Avid system and DVDit ProHD. This started happening AFTER upgrading to most recent DVDit ProHD version. The resulting SD DVD has a very jerky motion and it aliased as hell, but the export from AVid is as smooth as a babies butt in AVid and when the export file is played in Nero Vision or Windows Media Player, so the problem has to be with DVDit. Again, the video playes fine in everything I can play it with, but when imported in DVDit ProHD, the video becomes very jerky and aliased. I have attached photos to show the difference. Avid export image as seen in Nero and Windows Media player Here it is after imported into DVDit ProHD The resulting DVD is UNUSABLE! It looks like it was shot with someone who was going into convulsions!
  12. banders100

    Extremenly Slow Build

    No. I use an uncompressed .wav file. It is not the audio that is taking so long to render, it is the video.
  13. banders100

    Extremenly Slow Build

    Here's my workflow: Edit in Avid MC 3.0 Mixdown video and export mixdown to QT reference file Import into DVDit Pro HD and author as usual Question: Why is it taking 8-10- hours to encode a blu-ray or SD DVD during build? DVD it encodes a blu-ray project almost a full 8-hours before finishing. A SD DVD takes just as long 8-10 hours of encoding before the DVD is ready to burn. I previously used Premiere and was getting 2 hours of encoding. The about workflow is a standard workflow for editing in MC and a QTref file is just that , a reference file that points back to the original media. I'm just wondering if anyone else here is using Avid MC for editing HD and what there render times are. Render times just seem way too long.
  14. banders100

    New Version?

    I sent a PM to Scott, but he hasn't responded. This is kind of frustrating. Why do they feel the need to "hide" and update from users. I did PAY for my software. It seems ludicrous to hide an update when other software makers post an "update" section to insure everyone is using the latest product. I also used the online form to contact Roxio TWICE and have received NO RESPONSE! Grrrr!
  15. banders100

    New Version?

    Where did you get your update?