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  1. Sorry, Jim, I wasn't receiving forum notifications and hadn't noticed your response til today. My system meets all the stated requirements for the computer and for the TiVo units and Roxio works for all non-TiVo files, but not for any TiVo files. The TiVo files have worked fine with all previous versions of Creator, but stopped working with the NXT 2 to NXT 3 upgrade. Guess newer isn't better! Thanks, Stan
  2. I recently upgraded from NXT 2 to NXT 3, but no longer can convert TiVo files. I get an error that the files are DRM protected (see attached "DRM complaint.jpg"), but the only DRM protection on these files is that they came from TiVo and Roxio Creator is supposed to be able to decode these. These files were not copyright protected. As a result, Creator doesn't show any of the files (see attached "Roxio view of folder.jpg"), while the directory actually contains what is shown in "Actual contents of folder.jpg". Has this capability of Creator been dropped? is there some additional step I am missing? The only reason I have been buying Creator is for this feature so if it is gone, I am gone! Stan
  3. rosest

    "no Drive Detected"

    I suspect this is a hidden partition that came with your system to be used if you have to reinitialize your system (i.e., C: drive) and go back to the factory configuration. As a technicality, it is not on your C: drive (that's a logical entity) but is on the same hard drive as the C: drive.
  4. rosest

    Runtime Error And Other Problems

    I don't know if it is just a typo in your post, but Program C:|Program Files\Roxio\media Import 10\MediaCapture10.exe is not a legal file spec. Couple things wrong: the "Program" before C: and the | after the C: instead of \. Stan
  5. I tried it with TiVo files and regular files and don't see any appreciable difference. Are you running the latest TiVo Desktop (2.6.2) ?
  6. Just thought I would add that I am running Norton Internet Security 2009 and RC2009 and. so far, they seem to be OK with each other. I had been running EMC 10 and upgraded last week to RC2009. Stan
  7. rosest

    Tivo Files And Roxio Videowave 10

    You also mention that you are running Vista 64. Was the previous system also running a 64-bit version of Windows? I'm running Vista Ultimate 32 with my TiVo setup and EMC 9 and everything is working fine. Stan
  8. rosest

    Help. Easy Media Creator 10

    Something else I noticed is that you only have 512KB. That is about the minimum for Windows XP but I would expect a memory intensive program, such as Roxio, would barely run with that.
  9. BTW, we, in this forum, are just users like you. We aren't the "you guys"!
  10. I wouldn't attempt to defend Roxio, but if you try again this might help. You don't need to install the original installation kit of EMC10 to avoid the NTLDR problem. (Which, by the way, as you noticed is actually just a delete of all files in the root of C:\) The "patch" posted at http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/emc10/software_updates.html is actually an updated full installation kit that has been fixed to not delete those files. You just install that, instead of the original kit, but use the key that came with the purchased version. Good luck, Stan
  11. rosest

    Ez 10 Versus Roxio Registry Repairs

    Is the specific key the same for every installation or is it specific to the installation? I'm not sure if EMC specifies the CLSID value or asks Windows to generate one for it. Stan
  12. BTW, it isn't just Symantec's Windoctor that knocks out EMC10; it also happens with McAfee, JV16 and most other registry cleaners. Stan
  13. rosest

    Emc10 And Vista

    Are you running any registry cleaner (SystemWorks, McAfee, JV16 or any other)? If so, this is what is killing EMC10. See the following discussion. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=33118
  14. rosest

    NTLDR mystery

    Although the Missing NTLDR error is quite upsetting and appears to be quite fatal, it is actually one of the easier problems to fix. Before it happens to you again, see (and save) the following MS Knowledgebase article. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555304/en-us If you have a floppy disk, you can format it as a bootable disk and copy to it two files: NTLDR NTDETECT.COM Then, if you have the problem, boot from the floppy and copy the two files back to the C:\ drive. When it happens, you will probably find that all files in the root of C: have been lost. What I also did, in addtion to making the floppy, was to create a directory into which I copied all the files in the root of C: so I could get them all back. This doesn't prevent the problem from happening, but makes it easy to recover. Stan
  15. rosest

    EMC 10 - None of the programs start.

    What's amazing is that this is just another of many, many posts on this topic and the answer is always that it is Norton Systemworks (or McAfee or other registry cleaner) that is at fault. While the documented work around does seem to take care of the problem, of the 20 or so other significant programs I have installed, no other is crippled by running a mature registry cleaner. Yet, the blame never seems to be at Roxio's feet but always on the other program. However, now I am sure I will be spammed as a Norton lover!