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  1. Trying to export a WMV file to the iPod touch by using the Convert option of Toast Titanium 10.0.3. I've converted this file before and didn't have any problems but since I upgraded Flip4Mac to the paid version Toast is coming up short. The previous conversion would have the water mark from the free version of Flip4Mac on it and the purchased version removes this. Flip4Mac provides the codex to read WMV files. Looks like I found the solution. So here it is in case anyone else has a problem. Flip4Mac preferences are changed within System Preferences. Clicking on the Flip4Mac icon and selecting the Player tab shows an "Advanced..." button. Clicking this button shows a list of programs where Flip4Mac will import the file video files completely before the other application gets it. By adding Toast Titanium to this list my problem went away. It does slow down the import as a number of pop up screens from "Flip4Mac" come up during this.
  2. Thor

    IPodderX/Audio HiJack

    I currently use both of these. I purchased Audio Hijack Pro. Which version comes with Boombox? Does Roxio support IPodderX or have they just repackaged it for distribution.