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    Annoying Photosuite Module

    Thanks for the quick update. Jim
  2. james_tarloff

    Annoying Photosuite Module

    Thanks for the above two replies. You know how if you press the F5 screen in Windows it generally rewrites/refreshes the current window? If I place the mouse cursor in the collage template's open window and press F5 there's an error message that flashes for a very brief time. I pressed the F5 key continuously and the message reads: "This album contains files, but the files are hidden because of the current filter settings. To change the filter settings, check the filter for Media Types button." I can't figure this out so maybe someone else can decipher it.
  3. I have an annoying but consistant problem with the Roxio install routine. I take many photos so I use Photosuite quite a bit and I especially like the collage choices in the Photosuite module. Simple question; how come when I install Roxio 2010 and install Content, then from desktop icon Roxio Creator 210 -> Create Projects -> Photo Project Asst. appears -> Collage and 2 collages appear and one blank collage but the program refuses to show the other five (I think) collage templates that should be shown also? This has been a consistant problem with at least the last three to four iterations of Roxio Easy CD Creator. I know there must be a zillion more important queries but if someone could take the time and answer this (a solution(?)) I'd appreciate it.
  4. james_tarloff

    Is There Someone Not Having Problems With Creator Classic?

    Interestingly, I've been having the exant same problems. I get error in Creator8.exe and it also mentions mfc71u.dll file also. I have a mirror image of my C drive so I futzed around and performed a NEW install of Win XP Pro - no other programs whatsoever (added - some MUST updates) and installed just Easy Creator 8 & patched with 8.05. Boom, I got the same error!! I'm using an Intel MB D865PERL, ATI X1300 Video card, and 2 gig memory. Sent Easy CD [crash] pictures of my screen showing what occurs when I try to run Creator Classic and, you guessed it, got a "canned" response of perforning a disk defrag, inactivate all startup program, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da... Same problem. I now use a freeware program but really miss some of the Easy CD associated programs. Anyone in the world find a fix???? Removed you e-mail address to try to keep you off some of the spam lists. All web site are trolled automatically to get e-mail addresses like this. If you want a person e-mail fom someone, you can use the pm facility available by clicking your name.
  5. I stopped using Easy CD 8 because of a similar problem. I'd start the program, go to the main menu, select Classic Easy CD. The window would open. I would then start to navigate to the folder/files I wanted to back up - then files in the right window would start to disappear and on the left panel where the drive tree is presented the folders would start to disappear! This led to an unusable program because it would then freeze up. When I would restart the program and try to select the files to back up, when I clicked (certain files) it with the mouse Easy CD treated the file like a video or audio file - small black boxes would appear at the bottom on the right panel and then the files on the right and the folders in the left panel would disappear and the program would freeze. No error numbers presented. After numerous emails to tech support they told me to download a program on Sonic's site which was an update pxengine file. No help. uninstalled the program and used a freeware program to burn CDs/DVDs. Roxio issues a new version of Easy CD - now version 9. Like a jerk I ordered it (d/l version) -> installed it on a new install of Win XP Pro and SAME PROBLEM. Of course I returned the program. Anyone have a clue as to what's going on? Please, I really liked the earlier versions (7.5) Home built pc. Intel 865PERL m/b 2 G Memory ATI X1300 Video card Gobs of disk space. Incidentally, Version 7.5 works like a charm but the newer version have the advanced features that I'd like to use.
  6. james_tarloff

    Emc 8 & Mfc71u.dll

    I have finally given up using EMC 8 and have gone on to using a competitor's product. I'm tired of uninstalling & reinstalliny EMC 8 only to have the product start - > Easy Creator Classic and have the program crash: 1) Folder icons disappear and/or 2) Folder icons show but their titles disappear and/or 3) Add/Burn and other buttons disappear and/or 4) In place of the buttons I get small rectangular black boxes and after one or all of the above occur(s), I get the window stating that the program has to close due to a problem with mfc71u.dll. At one time Roxio tech told me to copy mfc71u.dll from my windows/system folder to windows/system32 folder. It worked ! NOT! The same above tech stated the above problem is really Microsoft's fault because they developed, wrote, and/or is part of one of their system files that they produce. I give up! No more EMC. None of their solutions work even on a clean install on Win XP Pro. What really nurns is when you search their knowledge base I could find no mentiom of this problem. I have 2 other programs that use this file also - Studio 10 and my ATI driver.