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    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    I recently changed my internal DVD for a LG GSA-H20N to take advantage of the new DVD 16x speed. When I write data or video_ts into a DVD+RW it starts ok, but hangs at lead out, and I have to force quit and restart. sometimes the dvd's have the data written even though lead out did not completed. I tried using Dragon Burn and had no problems, so I believe it has something to do with Toast 7.1 I've seen in other topics that people have the similar problems with differenrt brands of DVD writers. I've tested with different brands of DVD's; Sony, Samsung, Memorex, Pengo, and Vervatim with the same result. I have a Dual Mac G5 1.8 ghz, with 2.5 GB ram and OSX 10.4.8 Any help out there? Thanks
  2. eperegrina

    DVD-VR revisited

    I have 2 (different model) panasonic Recorders. on both I get the files locked. in one of them even the DVD-Ram appears locked. I tried everything, mpg2works, mpeg streamclip, toast, ffmpeg... you name it. Only pixe was able to read the disk and files.
  3. eperegrina

    Blu Ray Burner Software

    LOL! You are right! as a matter of fact, english is my second language... anyway, it is nice to see some pictures of things taht someday will be available to us! Thanks to all.
  4. eperegrina

    Two Video_Ts Folder on one DVD?

    Also, I've read that dvd2oneX can join titles or dvds in a single disk, but I've not tried it.
  5. eperegrina

    Toast 7.0

    I have burned data in Mac&PC and ISO9660 in dvd-+R/RW and can be read easily on any computer... even Mac&PC can be read in regular DVD players (with divx files) and had no problems. UDF can be a little more tricky in some computers... some may need a "driver" to read the format.
  6. eperegrina

    DVD-VR revisited

    I had the same problem some time ago... I decided to forget trying to convert the video files via toast. I got Pixe VRF browser that allows to convert and edit VR files to Mpg2. Works fine. Then I just make a Video Disk from toast
  7. eperegrina

    Blu Ray Burner Software

    May I ask what brand of Blue Ray burner to buy that includes OEM Toast software that supports it? Thanks
  8. eperegrina

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    Thanks I will try that. What it seems strange, is the fact that I burned the same data with NTI's Dragon Burn in the same disks, and had no problem. I believe that there is something (new), a function or similar in toast that it is making it to be incompatible. With Dragon Burn I was able to write sesions in DVD+RW and rewrite additional data without problem. I like toat better 'cause it gives time estimate and can write video DVDs out of the scratch, but specifically for DVD+RWs, DB is making a good job
  9. eperegrina

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    I have new tests in 2 different computers with the same kind of DVD writer and brand new DVD's (verbatim). Both recorded the DVD+R ok, But with DVD+RW both stalled at the point of writting lead out. After about 6 minutes I got a message "select mode error"
  10. eperegrina

    Fonts in Toast 7.1.2, well lack of.

    Here is the list of fonts: Adventure needs Papyrus Beach - Herculanum Cinema - Gill Sans (bold) Corporate - Optima Dreamy Day - Zapfino FuzPet - Comic Sans Picnic - Marker Felt (thin) Retro Tv - American Typewriter (condensed) Road trip - Helvetica Neue (condensed) Snapshot -Futura (medium) In Toast 6; Ocean Storm (default) - Lucida Grande Take into consideration that if someone substituted a TT font for a PS font, Toast may also not recognize the font. Try putting those fonts back in the original font folder Are you using Suitcase fusion or font reserve or any other mamagment font software?
  11. eperegrina

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    I have tried both new and used... for the used ones I did erase them with toast (the long erase) and with disk utility. Now that You mention it, I was using toast 7.1 I will try with a new one with toast 7.1.2
  12. eperegrina

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    I have no problems with dvd-r or -rw, haven't tried with dvd+r, no problems with cd's, I believe it is the latest since it can write to dvd-r at 16x and Dragon burn writes dvd+rw without problems in the same machine. here it is: HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H20N: Firmware Revision: 1.01 Interconnect: ATAPI Burn Support: Yes (Unsupported) Profile Path: None Cache: 2048 KB Reads DVD: Yes CD-Write: -R, -RW DVD-Write: -R, -RAM, -RW, +R, +RW, +R DL Burn Underrun Protection CD: Yes Burn Underrun Protection DVD: Yes Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO Media: Media Type: DVD+RW Blank: Yes Erasable: Yes Overwritable: Yes Appendable: Yes My mac is a Dual 1.8 G5, with 2.5 Gb ram, mac OSX 10.4.8 updated with the full 10.4.8 combo, repaired permissions, Am I missing something? Thanks! tried patchburn but still didn't work
  13. eperegrina

    Video Export Error

    flip4mac pro or studio version will export wmv to a quicktime compatible format (I believe you need QT pro to export also). You can also try mpeg streamclip
  14. eperegrina

    DVD+RW hangs lead out

    Does anyone has an idea? I need some help here... please!
  15. eperegrina

    Fonts in Toast 7.1.2, well lack of.

    Hi. To make this simpler: As far as I've seen, what happens here is that the DVD layouts are phoshop (PSD) files that have the font defined in some of the layers; so when you select a layout, Toast (really the psd layer) calls the font to be used and the text is placed wherever it is needed. So the only way to change the font is to edit the Layouts in photoshop and change the font you want to use there. If you have deactivated, move or deleted some of the fonts that Toast needs for the layouts, you will probably get a menu with no text. I moved Optima font once that was giving me problems and I got the "corporate" style without text in my menu... I had to put it back, and it worked again. I hope this gives you a good hint.
  16. eperegrina

    Toast/dvd Menu Oddities

    I have the same problem (of course!!) Is there anything that can be done about it?
  17. eperegrina

    Scenes / Chapters

    I hope someone can solve this issue. Why is it that sometimes toast writes the scenes information, and sometimes it doesn't? even if I i have the "Include scenes menu for video" checked? I ussually encode/convert my videos in the same way (without writing chapters in an external app), and I've seen that even with 2 identical files in the same DVD session on toast, one has the scene menu, and the other won't.
  18. eperegrina

    Extracting Dvd-r Info?

    "I'm trying to figure out how to extract the contents of DVD-R discs... Soooooooooo ..... just how do I extract the information? " Toast 7 is great... however I DO believe that there is no perfect software... so I ussually require other tools. It is far faster if you use MPEG Streamclip... You only need to drop one of the VOB files... it will ask if you want 1 file or ALL files... select "ALL" and once you have your complete movie, you can export it to any quicktime compatible file
  19. eperegrina

    Editing And Burning Eyetv Mp2 Files In Only One Re-encode?

    "I have MPEG Streamclip, but don't know which demux option to use." In Mpeg Steamclip, select "convert to MPEG with MP2 audio" that will make only one file (mpg2+mp2) In toast 7 select custom encoding and in encoding/reencoding select "never" That will prevent "in most cases" encoding process... it will skip it and go only to the multiplexing part. If you use toast 6.x, it will work also... there is no reencoding settings to move