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  1. Well, it's not my user profile. I have now tried installing the upgrade on my desktop computer, using the CD and am getting the same exact error message. So it will not install on either my laptop or my desktop. I may have to look into a refund as well, how did you obtain yours?
  2. I posted this problem back in early December as "Insufficient privileges" I purchased the version 8 upgrade, via the email I received, getting the download and the "backup" CD. When I try to install v8 via the download, I get a message about having insufficient privileges to install for all users, so it will not allow me to install the software. I am an admin on my laptop, so this make no since. Also, why can't I install it just for me? I just got my CD's today and tried installing from the CD and it doesn't even get as far as the downloaded version. I am getting the fllowing: Setup encountered an error during installation. Error Code: 000D Do any Roxio people look at these boards? Can anyone help me? Larry