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    MyDVD wont do ne thing...

    lol, well, you do need help.. however its not the same problem im having. when i go to create new dvd-video project, i click on add files, and it begins adding and creating movie... then i get an error that says, unable to create a thumbnail, please make sure you have the appropriate decoder installed. -47010
  2. jp351

    MyDVD wont do ne thing...

    LazyD, i jus uninstalled and reinstalled both Divx AND Xvid encoders and decoders both from the xvid/divx site, whichever the "official" may be. in any case, even though i have jus done that process, i have yet to proceed past the issue we seem to be having. i have the most up to date software of both, yet the issue still persists. i have yet to figure out the problem, and im unsure where to start. however, i do have nero installed on my system, and even though i prefer sonic's MyDVD, nero didnt have the ongoing problem we're having with MyDVD, and on top of that, nero was having the same issue. that problem within nero no longer exists, so im not entirely sure on this one, so dont quote me, but i am beginning to believe that there may be a third party software/driver/update or what have you that u may need to install for the divx/xvid encoders/decoders to be fully compatible with MyDVD. Kevin J, is that a possibility, or do you believe that there may just be some minute detail we are missing?
  3. jp351

    MyDVD wont do ne thing...

    i used one of the files once before. i have an alienware area 51-m. i believe i may have been sold one of the few defective machines for a few reasons, one including system instability. part of that is due to an conflict between the ati gfx card and the mother board. although im not entirely sure why that is. any way, i have used one of the files once before, however due to the systems instability i never had a chance to finish the burn because of a total system shut down. i lost a disc as well, but i have a stack of roughly 20 left, so im not too worried about that. i can try to uninstall all of the encoders/decoders i have on the system at the moment and reinstall them if theres a chance it would help. i have no problem with that. honestly, i want a replacement computer, but im not sure if they will. however i do believe they should considering the fact ive had problems with it litterally since the third or fourth day ive had it out of the box. but aside from that, theres no difference in any settings or any thing. its the same version of MyDVD, i have the most up-to-date drivers/software for my ati card, though im not sure if that makes a difference or not. i also have the latest encoders and what have you from xvid, but like i said, i can try to uninstall and reinstall them all if theres a chance of fixing this bug or glitch or issue or whatever the problem is. by the way, it may be irrelevant, but the files im attempting to burn to dvd are all .avi files, yes, but all are in the 350+ mb range of file size. ive never really had a problem with the transcoding or burning for that matter, the only problem i did have was the system itself with its instability... which shouldnt be a problem in the first place considering i spent almost three grand on the system. ...im beginning to think it was a poor investment, but then again, when its stable enough to operate properly, i use the system for work-related software and processes. but since the reinstall of windows, i havent had a chance to find the orrigin of the problem to even attempt at installing/running any work related programs.
  4. jp351

    MyDVD wont do ne thing...

    im not sure wut version it is, im using a different computer right now, so i cant look it up. however, im ENTIRELY sure its 6.0 or later. i had it installed on my computer at one point n it worked fine, zero problems. i had to reinstall windows for some completely retarted reason. when i started up my laptop one day, i got a black screen with white lettering that read something about a missing file in system/ something n wouldnt procede to boot windows because of it. in any case, since the re-install, i cant do anything with MyDVD. by the way, i am using both Xvid and Divx codecs. i have almost nothing on my computer. needless to say, its nearly an empty hard drive, aside from like 2 games, my messengers, and a couple little things, like Firefox as opposed to Internet explorer. i have the codecs from divx directly. something i had installed since the re-install of windows opted me to install the divx codecs, which i in turn was directed to the divx site.
  5. ok, sorry guys, but i completely gave up looking for the right section to post this in, so i jus decided to do it here. in any case, i have an issue. i just got sonic mydvd, but whenever i try to add a movie file, all of which i have are in .avi format, but when i try to add one, i get an error stating that it cant create/add a thumbnail and theres something about a missing decoder. i cant progress any further than the create/modify a DVD-video project. if someone could just tell me where to get the updates and how to find them/the decoder i seem to be missing, i would much appreciate it. thanks, hope to talk to you soon. -Eddie.