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  1. Horror story. I had and used Easy Cd and DVD creator 6 for years and was perfectly happy with it as it did everything I needed without a lot of useless bells and whistles. I replaced my motherboard and started reinstalling all the software. When I tried to load creator 6 it wouldn't. The disk would no longer read in any cd or dvd drive. I called Roxio and they said "tough luck", they don't do replacement disks for even for legally purchased registered products. So I bought Creator 9 which included 9000 things I didn't need just so I could creat CDs and DVDs. When I tried to install it on my system it trashed the boot drive. Many weeks of phone calls to Roxio, ASUS and Silicon Image finally isolated the problem to a bug in Creator 9 which would not allow it to work with a SATA boot drive with the Silicon Image SATA drivers. Again Roxio's response was "tough luck". Since it took more than a month to figure out the problem they would not allow a return and refund. Now I have well over $100 invested in Roxio software which is all useless. SOOOOO I still need a reliable program to create CDs and DVDs, including to/from iso images. Will Creator 2009 work with Silicon Image Sata drivers? If I buy it and it doesn't how can I get my money back? I definitely want some kind of "WRITTEN" guarantee before I try again. Jack Kramer University of Florida