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    DMX Setup why is this now starting to popup

    it's always been like that, it's never been unchecked and I never got the installer: I changed the zero byte file to a folder and all that pops up at startup now is another explorer window open to that location at: -> C:\Program Files\Sonic\Media Experience\DMXLauncher.exe\ the file has been blank for a long time and a 0 byte empty file can't run, there's nothing in it, it hasn't appeared in the running processes list of task manager since I flattened the file and removed the copy from prefetch. it's the installer I need to find, but I don't have a chance to see what the name of the installer file is called because I'm to busy repeatedly pounding out the cancel button on each of the for or five installer dialogs that pops up when the retarded thing starts up DMXLauncher.exe isn't the installer from what I can tell it's just there to manage / launch etc. media files for media experience once it's setup but I don't want it setup I don't need some program snooping my files why would it all of a sudden change and decide that it needs to be setup? I unchecked the box & it makes no difference, the installer still starts after I open EMC Oh well back to do another restore from image, maybe I should go back further and see the only other thing I can think of is that I had to replace a CD drive, I installed an el-cheapo $20.95 "special", could that have triggered this into thinking that it's just been installed? _ _ _ _ edit: it's gone now (for how long though?) I removed the entire Roxio folder from .\Program Files ran a repair install removing everything I'm not going to use "This feature ... will not be available" and the Media Experience folder didn't re-appear and so far, it hasn't reared it's ugly head.
  2. Richard Fdisk.exe

    DMX Setup why is this now starting to popup

    the only thing I can find in msconfig is: DMXLauncher.exe but as I said it does nothing because it's a zero byte file the installer isn't in the system startup I never see the installer until after EMC is running for about a minute or two the installer is the file I need to find, and flatten out to zero bytes.
  3. Richard Fdisk.exe

    DMX Setup why is this now starting to popup

    Thanks for the replies: . . . I've never used any reg cleaners I actually don't like them, I do have one but the only thing I ever do with it is scan to see if anything has changed since the last time I ran it but I don't let it do anything, so far I've run it 3 times in the last 3 years my preferred method of cleaning the reg. is dump & reinstall windows -usually from a known good base image with all apps. installed in their fresh just activated etc. state -and freshly configured user accounts as for "all the stuff you've installed" I haven't installed anything, for ages except I changed out all but the C: disk for new huge disks recently I started out with 3x320GB added 2x500GB and now have only one of those original disks installed C: the only thing that's happened lately is win automatic crapdates & the usual firefox add-ons updates this system has been running since 20/02/2007 and I've never had the DMX install setup until today I even tried deleting the entire DMX folder and it still launches the setup so I've just dumped & reloaded my base image from 3 days ago but haven't opened anything Sonic / Roxio apps yet. because, I'm not particularly in the mood, as it's long past quitting time, when I decided to try and burn an ISO, clicked on Creator Classic and boom this DMX installer starts up there's no Dell thing here: DMX is Roxio / Sonic Digital Media Experience / Digital Multi-Media Experience located in the C:\Program Files\Sonic\Media Experience\ folder and there's a startup item DMXLauncher.exe which never really starts on my system because it's a zero byte replacement file the startup item used to be in the task manager all the time but never saw the DMX installer startup and I replaced the DMXLauncher.exe file over 2 years ago when I was slimming the system for audio recording / editing now to find out where this thing installer is being launched from so I can kill it before I decide to try and burn something again.
  4. I have had the product installed and been using it for 3 years now and now this crap is starting up why is setup trying to install this crap again MS Installer cleanup Utility does nothing to stop it, why would it function normally for the last 2 years and now start this up again I don't want DMX it wasn't supposed to be installed when I chose custom install 3 years ago why does it want to install now after functioning correctly for the last 3 years?
  5. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Context Menu Item - Move or Rename Audio Files

    Thanks to all for your help: I have successfully removed the context menu item: no prompts when opening the program about missing .dll files I didn't have to modify the reg. key as the context menu was modified with the system boot (today) I removed the reference to the DC_ShellExt.dll file from the windows prefetch aslo and I exported the reg key so that I know where to go hunting if I should need to later. I've tested burning with the Sonic Side (RecordNow Data DVD) which passed & verified no problems, which is good because I hate coasters I still have at least a few more tests to do mainly involving Data CD/DVD's my main use is Data DVD / CD most of the suite has yet to even be opened once (°o°)
  6. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Disable Advertisement

    Yes, I know that this is over 2 months old and that the OP is probably long gone; but it's still on the first page with no answers so I thought I'd answer it anyway, the only method that I've been able to find is to use a "bi-directional" Firewall that's capable of filtering & blocking incoming & outgoing requests ie ZoneAlarm, etc. in the firewall's control panel you create rules etc. and then "browse" for & block the .exe files related to the program you wish to prevent connecting to the web, creating a new block rule for each .exe until you find the one that's the part of the program that's phoning home.
  7. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Context Menu Item - Move or Rename Audio Files

    Thanks for the post: I'm not at that machine now, but will be tomorrow; I'll check to see if I have a matching or similar key and then give the whole set a work out to see if any of my "stepping" causes any ill effects Cheers
  8. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Context Menu Item - Move or Rename Audio Files

    Hi Brendon; Thanks again; I just did a little stepping of my own: a> rename file to: DC_ShellExt.dl_ b> create blank empty 0 byte text file with the original name: DC_ShellExt.dll - any calls to it return nothing, if anything gets bugged out by this easy method (above) then I'll try the ol' command line: RegSvr32.exe /u DC_ShellExt.dll (which can be more dangerous than the first method, and yield unwanted / uncorrectable results) the other option is: a> ... then c> create folder with the original file name:DC_ShellExt.dll - any calls to it return a new explorer window at that location. - works great for rooting out problem programs Cheers
  9. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Context Menu Item - Move or Rename Audio Files

    Hello Brendon; thanks for the info; now as to how do I modify the context menu I's still just a bit stuck, (°_°) I found several registry keys containing reference to the file you mention is there a specific Key I can modify to remove the item from the context menu or if I zap!* this file directly at the location of the file on disk will it affect the function of any of the rest of the EMC9 suite programs or the system in general? (when all else fails, I have nasty tricks for zapping files & folders) Cheers
  10. Hello; I have EMC9 and have a problem whenever I right-click on a folder or drive there is this context menu item that I don't want - Move or Rename Audio Files how do I get rid of this item as it causes nothing but headaches if clicked accidentally or otherwise right below this item: - Move or Rename Audio Files is - Open command window here (XP Powertoy) which I use several times a day My job is audio and have hundreds of GB of Audio on my disks and I never need to use an application other than Explorer or CMD to do any file renaming I've searched around and found where it's supposed to be in the registry but it's not there and when I directly search the registry for this item it never turns up. (×_°)
  11. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Need Info on purchasing...

    Thanks Jim; Good Info, to push on the IT dude; he's really got no complaint, after having spent around $4 - $5G for the PC $99.00 for C-2009 is hardly a sticking point Cheers
  12. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Need Info on purchasing...

    Pc "Upgrade" has arrived and its quite the upgrade old PC (2004) > Dell Optiplex GX270 P4 3.0Ghz > 3GB DDR 400MHz > C: 120GB SATA 1.5GB/s (7200RPM) > D: 160GB SATA 1.5GB/s (7200RPM) > NEC ND2100AD CD/DVD +RW drive > XP-Pro SP3 > IE6 & WiMP10 (had to fight with IT to keep it that way) > ECDC 5.35x ______________________________________ New PC > Dell T7400 Precision Workstation > Dual Socket Dual Intel Quad Xeon 2.66Ghz > 8GB DDR2 667MHz ECC FBD > 120GB SSD C:\ > 3x 320 WD Caviar (7200RPM) HDD > HL-DT-ST-DVD+-RW GH30N [CD/DVD -+RW / DVD RAM ] > XP -Pro x64 (what a big change, ) ____________________ I'll get to the question(s); The IT dept. here is adamant about not purchasing until testing with a trial or something first before making the purchase (I take the opposite approach because I don't like uninstalling trial-ware especially when it can't just be keyed to make it a full version) So I've looked around for a Creator2009 "Trial" but can't seem to find a legitimate one only those on some other "non-roxio/sonic" site (that's probably some "corrupted", "infected" or other wise version), have the trial offerings been discontinued or was there ever really a true trial version other than PC OEM cripple ware distributions?
  13. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Can't Search "xp Sp3" So I'm Posting This

    Good to know, I'll take the backup image just incase though Cheers
  14. I'm about to update a machine with EMC9 on it to XP SP3 will I have problems with XP SP3 and should I stay with SP2?
  15. Richard Fdisk.exe

    Not Able To Manually Activate The Mpeg2 Codec

    I went looking through my files etc. > on the CD envelope is a 17 character code this is required during installation after I installed here's the window I got for the mpeg2 activation if yours isn't showing the orange 25 digit code (under the Red Lines I used to cover it) then the installation is probably bad and you'll probably keep bumping up against this wall until you do a clean install from the CD I'm no "Expert" on the intricate details or "bugs" of the program but I have been doing Software & OS installs since Win3.1 & DOS 5.0 and usually there's no way around an "Invalid Code" / "Invalid Key" except reinstall, or if there's an opportunity to enter a different key Cheers