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    CD drive Letter reverts

    I'm running XP-SP2 w Roxio EMC 9. I have changed my DVD drive letter to "W:" using the Storage Plug in in ther Microsoft Service console. It sdhows as being changed there, but Dragh to disc still shows it as "F:" I've tried rebooting but the Drive Letter continues to revert to "F:" Anyone know if there is a known problem in EMC9? Anyone know of a fix (roxio or otherwise)?? Thanks, Chuck Brotman
  2. Chuck Brotman

    Context Menus Disturbed

    Steve, I think the connection must be that not only is the context menu entry (from roxio --I'm assuming) the first one on the list but it is also the default, and has apparently replaced my "open" menu item. that means that a double left click would, in fact select that action.. I hope that makes sense... BTW, I tried getting help from the roxio support mechanism, but so far nothing useful has come of that.... Thanks for replying, Chuck
  3. Chuck Brotman

    Context Menus Disturbed

    Jim, I've had EMC9 for a long time but I'm "updating" from Vista to XP so I'm reinstalling it. I think it's Roxio that did it, because when I click on the context menu item it brings up a roxio program for dealing with mp3 files and tag data. Chuck
  4. Chuck Brotman

    Context Menus Disturbed

    After installing EMC9 I've noticed that My right-click context menus for folders have been changed! It used to have "open" as the first and default menu item, but now it has been replaced by "rename or move audio files". As a result, double-clicking on a folder no longer opens that folder! Has anyone else run into this? Does anyone know a solution???? OBTW I am running on XP... Thanks, Chuck
  5. Chuck Brotman

    Media Import - Audio Capture from DVD hangs

    Hi Folks, I'm a new EMC9 user and I also see my computer hang when trying to import audio from a EMC-made audio DVR. When I browse the disk frm within the roxio browser, I see only one track (3.99gb) and no files. there is a video and audio folder but I don't see a .vob file . I'm running on Windows XP with a Sony DVR+-r/w Thanks
  6. Chuck Brotman

    seperating stereo channels?

    Thanks for your reply. What I need is to do independent audio processing on each stereo channel. I thought that if I could somehow get each channel in its own (Monural) layer, I could do that. Then I would need to be able to make two layers into a single (stereo) channel. I know some other audio editors can do this (the Adasity freeware is one example; I was hoping I could do it from within Roxio
  7. Chuck Brotman

    seperating stereo channels?

    Running emc9. using the lp to digital tools. In sound editor, is there a way to send the left channel of stereo to one layer and the right to another?