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    Audio issues

    Ok, I just figured out the fix for my NO AUDIO problem when playing back a DVD. Here's a brief scenario of what I WAS doing: 1. Create a movie with sound in Windows Movie Maker 2. Add this movie to a MyDVD session 3. EDIT the movie again WITHIN MyDVD 4. Turn down the volume of the NATIVE AUDIO track and ADD ANOTHER AUDIO TRACK When I burned my DVD with the above method, I'd get NO AUDIO on DVD playback. THE FIX: Instead of TURNING DOWN THE NATIVE AUDIO, there is an option if you RIGHT CLICK on the main video file to show you different audio tracks. Tell it to show you the NATIVE AUDIO track. Then you'll see it on the bar just below the video. Now RIGHT CLICK the NATIVE AUDIO track and MUTE the sound (it's an option!). Now you've got free access to add an external sound source. Once I burned this to my DVD, it worked great! I didn't even have to mess with the audio settings under PROJECT SETTINGS. (Those settings should work fine with any audio option).
  2. simkin8698

    Audio issues

    I have this same exact problem. I add in an AVI straight out of Windows Movie Maker (with no audio) and then add the sound track within Roxio. During preview, the sound works great. But once it's burned and I try to play back the DVD, nothing. I get audio on the MENU, but not on the actual video track. Maybe we can work out what the similarities are on our two computers. Let's see... 1) Did you install the 2nd CD (the "content disc"?) for Roxio? 2) Have you ever previously had NERO installed on your system? 3) What make and model sound card do you use? 4) What version of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player do you use? 5) What version of Windows? 6) Do you use Microsoft Office? If so, what version?
  3. simkin8698

    No audio on DVD

    I am havnig the same exact problem. Here's what I've tried: I copy a movie file into my project (I'm using an AVI with no sound) Add an audio WAV File that is 44.1KHz, 16 bit stereo. PREVIEW works fine. Sound is there, no problems. Once I BURN the movie and play it on any DVD player (either my computer or my home deck) I get NO SOUND on my video clip. The DVD MEnu audio works fine. But my video has no sound. Now I have also tried using a different sound source. I grabbed a WMV file out of my audio library and it did the same thing. I have also installed Roxio on a 2nd OS boot (Windows Vista Business) and it does the exact same thing! This is quite odd to say the least! Anyone have any ideas? I've been using Roxio 7 on this same system for ages, and it worked fine. The only reason I upgraded is because I wanted IE 7 support. I am currently using Roxio EMC 9 Suite and my main OS is XP Pro.