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    Videowave 7 - Dvd Builder

    You obviously believe this, so why argue? But the download fails unless you have purchased boxed product. I downloaded mine, and so it would not work. There is no indication of this on the update web page, nor any way to find an comparable patch. I admit I was stupid to buy via download, and probably stupid to buy it at all.
  2. I saw that advice somewhere else as well, and tried it. Works like a charm. Thanks! Proof positive that the Roxio burn routines are crap. Silly to blame the media as they do. Perry B
  3. porthome

    Videowave 7 - Dvd Builder

    After a while, this link just leads you to an offer to UPGRADE, not update. Typical of crappy Roxio support.
  4. I built a video production using Videowave, which looks lovely when Previewed. I created a production with DVD Builder which looks lovely when previewed. I burn it, and find that it will not play on my set-top DVD (disk loads and goes into STOP mode). It will not play using the Sonic player - just opens blank screen and stops. It will not play from my DVD-ROM drive using Windows Media Player (loads and plays title background music to blank screen). It will play, sort of, with WMP from my DVD-RW burner, but shows TWO titles on the playlist. What's going on? I have not had this sort of problem with other video software... Or - alternative question - isthere a way to convert a Roxio video production (filetype .dmsm) into a standard video format like .avi so I can use another burner program to make a DVD? Perry B
  5. I tried the update download as suggested, but get the message that it is for 'retail' versions only - mine was downloaded. Now what?
  6. I have two simple questions which 'Roxanne' cannot answer. Any attempt to 'escalate' gets me a 404 page. There are no other options that don't lead back to this useless robot. My questions: 1. Updater keeps telling me I have updates, but then indicates there aren't any. How do I get it to stop? 2. There may in fact be updates, as indicated in the updates webpage. But when I click through, all I ever find is an offer to upGRADE. (I am using version Easy Media Creator 7.5) Roxio has designed the most completely user-proof support firewall I have ever seen! Perry B
  7. I have a number of video clips in widescreen format (20:11) that I would like to burn onto a DVD to view on my TV. On my PC, PowereDVD shows them OK in a widescreen frame; Windows Media Player shows them letterboxed in a starndard 4:3 frame. But when I burn the files to DVD with DVD builder, I get a 4:3 frame which is either a full frame stretched vertically or a correct frame trimmed on both sides. I've looked without success for a setting to do what I want. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance Perry B