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    DVDit and Vista compatability

    Were you able to sucessfully create and burn a DVD project using DVDit Pro HD on Win Vista?
  2. Bunty

    Subtitle question

    If you set the clip as first play. Than it will always be played first . And than you can add subtitles , either by using the subtitle editor in DVDit Pro or using a text script files. I would recommned to check the product help in order to get the better understanding for subtitles script files.
  3. Bunty

    DVDIT 6.2 Won't Install

    Check with Avid for the system requirements. It may need a different OS or some kind of hardware/software key
  4. Bunty

    Can I export a Subtitle

    You Can up to 32 subtitles in the projects . Subtitles are added either by manually entering the text or by importing a text script file.The best guideline is available in the help of the product itself
  5. Bunty

    DVDit pro HD works with vista64

    At present DVDit Pro is not supported on Windows Vista (32 or 64 bith)
  6. Bunty


    The best solution in the case when you are dealing with one or more slide shows having 99 or more pictures,is to use Video Wave. Add the pictures , background audio and transitions in VW project and than out put it as MPEG-2 format. Once the file is created, you can add this video file in to My DVD to burn a DVD
  7. In case required you can disable the the hardware from device manager too
  8. In Windows XP:It is recommended to install atleast "High Priority updates"(atleast) -Click START -All Programs -Windows Update -Select to check for "high priority update" -Follow the steps on the screen for installing the updates Also check the following article from Roxio KB.You can specify the display and sound devices, their drivers, dates of the drivers/versions also your system configuration using this utility. http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/EE6...7?set-locale=en
  9. Bunty

    Making a DVD

    With Easy Media Creator 9 , you can not create a dvd with pdf files.However you can create a slide show including the photos with backgroung audio and transitions. This project can be burned on to a dvd and you will be able to play it on set top dvd players.
  10. Bunty

    Crunch crashing on launch

    -Run Disc Permission Repair Utility -Trash Crunch -Re Install under a new user account and see if it works
  11. Bunty

    End of file 10003 error

    What type of media files you in the project (type,format,length and source)? Have you tried burning a different project?
  12. Bunty

    activate CinePlayer codec?

    What is the exact message appearting? It should give you option to activate the mpeg codecs online/offline.
  13. Bunty

    Not Valid MPEG error -20402

    Try playing the file with Windows Media Player. While the file is being played,click File -> Properties Note the Audio and Video Codecs associated with the media file.
  14. Bunty

    DVDit and Vista compatability

    Either DVDit 6.x or DVDit HD is not compatiable with Windows Vista yet.
  15. Bunty

    Not Valid MPEG error -20402

    What type of media file you are working with? Is it a dvr-ms file?