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    No Drive Detected

    A few days back I had some errors with damaged sectors/Files in my HDD, and lost W7 access to both my DVD-R and DVD-RW drives, after 'chkdsk/f' fixed some issues (also ran SFC/Scannow) I had to remove a couple of lines from the registry (LowerFilters/upperfilters) as instructed by a MS support article and was able to recover both my Drives under W7, they both work fine with iTunes but today I find Roxio Creator 10 can't find my drives now ... Do I need to do a Roxio re-install?
  2. mackado

    No Drive Detected

    CDanTeek, I went back and retraced the same steps on the second method, since before I questioned why the cut and pasted command was taking me back to the FIX folder instead of executing the command, and instead of manually executing the .EXE file from the 'FIX' folder , I manually executed the .BAT file (Px.bat) part of the EXTRACT, and now Roxio detects all my drives, I think the cut and paste command in the instructions should point to the .BAT file instead...maybe after all this years something was changed on the ZIP file.... Anyways it works now ..Thanks for the help... PS I think is time to start looking into this new Creator NXT 2 version,
  3. mackado

    No Drive Detected

    Yes, unless I'm missing something, it seems pretty simple , created 'Fix' folder at root (C:) downloaded patch there, copy your batch file, pasted and launched from W7 'run' which brings up/extracts the root FIX folder and then manually execute .EXE patch from there, patch reports 'completed', reboot and still get Roxio's "no drive detected" error... I guess I'll have to re install Roxio and go thru this lengthy process 'cause I can't figure out what happened..and all this just to do a simple DVD copy... Thanks for your help..
  4. mackado

    No Drive Detected

    Thanks for the reply. I followed both methods and rebooted, but no luck, on a wild hunch I went back and reactivated/loaded at boot-up ROXIO BURN, -which I had disable long ago- and ran the patch again just in case, reboot, and still No Drive Detected.. double checked various other audio/video software here and they all can detect my drives without problems....so it has to be something with Roxio's files..any other suggestions ? Thanks
  5. I'm yet to upgrade to creator 2011, but the OP in this thread linked below was having the same error while creating AVCHD DVDs and he reports that the bug was addressed on Creator 2011, maybe you can PM the poster and see if he's still having success creating AVCHDs using Creator 2011 My link
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    Converting 4:3 Videowave Production To 16:9

    Once you start a VW production using 4x3 (or 16x9) it cannot be changed back to a different aspect ratio without starting production from scratch. Your best choice would be to create 4x3 Mydvd productions using the same 4x3 VW productions , and letting the DVD player (or display) stretch the image to fit your screen, in the setup menu of your DVD player change the "display" mode to "16x9 full", this mode stretches 4x3 images to full 16x9 while leaving 16x9 image/video intact, if your DVD lacks this feature, try changing the display/mode settings in your Wide screen set's menu..... But remember that the quality of your 4x3 video will suffer once you stretch it to fit a 16x9 screen, it is always better to watch a movie/video in it's original aspect ratio, even with black bars around the image.......
  7. mackado

    Dvd-Rw Wrong Discs?

    if you need info on that DVD-rw and/or your Burner's supported speeds, use the freeware util 'DVD identifier' , even though the developer apparently stopped upgrading it, the latest version available still works fine in my Win7 system. This utility will list the "real" manufacturer of the DVD in question, for instance I bought a bunch of Memorex branded DVD-DL discs, but they are made by Rytek, not the best brand, but not the bottom of the barrel either...
  8. I have this completed MyDVD project that I've sent back to Videowave several times for alterations and effect additions.... the number of chapters always stayed the same and all of them were animating before, but after running a test ISO I noticed some chapters stopped animating, and after some other changes the number of frozen chapters increased, I've tried toggling between "make all menus still" and "apply motion to all menus" several times, and even try going to every page and doing the same without luck. any way to reactivate the animation short of trying to re-install the menu again? And if I re-install the menu, will I have to start from scratch and create everything again?
  9. Anyone knows how to create a Slim DVD slip cover using Roxio Label Creator? The only "slim" template/layout I see is for a CD jewel case, not for a slim DVD case.. I guess i could try the DVD Booklet layout, but not sure if this is going to fit, plus the "spine" section would be missing...
  10. gi7omy, I'm afraid a slim CD layout is not going to cut it, a slim dvd case is the same size as a regular DVD case, only thinner to cut down on the amount of shelf space needed for storage.. You can buy glossy slim DVD paper (at least online) to print directly on a ink-jet, similar to CD/DVD labels sheets. I just dove into the Roxio Label Creator 2010 for the first time (and Roxio 2011 is already out!! ) and was surprised not to find a template for slim DVD cases, they are very popular out there, many people are swapping the original case with the slim to save space, (although I personally wouldn't bother) and many times cover inserts need to be reprinted as the original cover will have to be butchered to fit a slim case. I just bought a bunch of Slim cases to store broadcast DVD-R recordings, and I'm planning to print simple covers for ID, maybe I should've bought the slim transparent cases for a bit more instead, where the DVD disk label was good enough ... PS: anyone can tell me if Roxio 2011 includes a layout/template for slim DVD cases?
  11. mackado

    16:9 DVD

    All widescreen (hi-def) broadcasts (cable/Sat) are recorded by set top DVD recorders as "squished" 4x3 (DVD recorders specs written in stone), when you playback this dvd on a modern WS flat screen (or from the recorders HDD if equipted) your set 'expands" the 4x3 recording (containing the original squished wide screen broadcast) back to it's original 'geometry' and the side 'black-bars' disappear... unfortunately when this "squished" broadcast is 'capture' from DVD to a video program like Roxio it is treated as a 4x3 signal, you have two choices now, (AFAIK) you can process and create a Roxio- VideoWave/MyDVD project in 4x3 mode and then when playing back the rendered DVD your set will expand it again to it's original WS size with correct geometry(use WS-FULL mode on your set-top DVD/Blu player) or by using Roxio's Video wave's "overlay" feature you can expand every 16x9 "squished" video clip to it's original broadcast dimensions/geometry , once you do this to all the clips then you can create a Videowave/Mydvd widescreen (16x9) production instead of 4x3, your settop player will playback this DVD as a regular WS source with no black bars, video quality will not suffer after stretching, since this was a widescreen (squished) recording in the first place.. .. The only draw back of this 'overlay" method to 'fix' this issue is the amount of time it takes to do this process... PS: if you do an "overlay" search in this forum you'll get details on how to use a "black" panel on VW in conjunction with the 'overlay' feature to expand video clips to 16x9 format...
  12. mackado

    Creator Special Edition 2011

    I'm talking about this Roxio offer not the retailer, what I can't tell exactly is if Roxio is hororing this rebate for any Roxio 2011 picked up at any retailer of just Frys...(this link is taken from Fry's stores website) My link
  13. After finishing the project I created a test ISO first, playback on the computer's smaller screen seemed fined and then burnt to DL DVD, but watching on a big screen I noticed several video issues.. These are SVHS recorded clips --some off HD signal(better 480i video) some don't-- captured to Jpeg so I knew the video quality would not be as good as my other digital DVD recordings, but the jitter/shaking while displaying the text description is distracting... As soon as the 'text' appears (on top of the shakes) I also noticed a slight reduction in Picture quality while the text fades in/out (6 seconds), with 'jaggies' around edges in some sections of video (edges), PQ returns to normal after that, although some pixelations appear during fast camera moves too..(probably source ?) After closer examination the jitters/jaggies are also present on the ISO, just harder to see in the PC. Any ideas what could be causing this? Could it be the DL DVD Blank? I'm using Rytek branded as Memorex.(project length is 2h,44 minutes) Do I need to set and burn project as "progressive" instead of "interlaced" video(progressive takes lots more space)to avoid this issue and maybe get rid of 'jaggies'? Before burning I manually set to 'high quality' (bitrate-9) to avoid the 'Bug' mentioned here, the clips are 720/480 as the mpeg captured from Svhs. Should I bump the video down to 704/480? PS: while typing this I've been checking the playback using MyDvd Movie>production , and I can't see the title/jitters, which tells me something is happening during the burn..
  14. mackado

    Video Jitters As Text Effect Displays..

    ggrussell, the image above is the way it looks in both this PC monitor and two different widescreen displays (and that of a friend), I did burn the project many times to dvd already and watched the DVD in both my displays (Toshiba and Panasonic), DVD players (Blu-ray and HD-DVD) are connected to both these displays via HDMI cable.. The "jaggies" only happens during the portions re-encoded by VW or MyDVD portions with 'transitions' and "text effect"... the rest of the interlace video (480i) of the same clip plays as good as the original, until the next 'transition' kicks in (and text effect) at which point the image shakes a bit followed by 'jaggies" that manifest themselves in just about every straight border/edge in the video, it goes away after the 6 sec text effect duration.. I'm going to do a short "progressive" test in Mydvd using the same footage, but if forced to burn in progressive mode then my project will have to be cut down to 1/3 of the current length due to DVD capacity limitations, ruining what I'm trying to accomplish...... IMO if the interlaced portions of the footage plays fine in all my displays (and a neighbor's) I don't think it is an interlace "flag" issue with the players/Screens otherwise the jaggies would be showing up all the way through the clips/footage, not just the re-encoded/rendered portions along, IMO something is happening during the VW/MyDVd encoding in my setup, or some kind of bug with the program... And yes, this is a 'minor' issue that most people dismiss, I even played the video (DVD) to a friend in his setup and he didn't noticed, unfortunately I have a sharp eye.. here is another snapshot taken from the latest 'short' experiment..with text effect in a different location.. and I uploaded this clip to be able to watch the actual playback, but the host site converted the Jpeg to Flash and reduced the display size, you can still see the jaggies as text appears but just barely in this video clip... you can see it by blowing up the image in your screen (or downloading full file), keep an eye of the microphone or her arm as the text effect appears and then fades away.. My link
  15. mackado

    Creator Special Edition 2011

    Anyone knows if Roxio is giving the same rebate of $20.00 for the Costco version to previous Roxio user as they are doing in Fry's stores ?
  16. mackado

    Video Jitters As Text Effect Displays..

    Thanks for the link, your card is older but apparently has better specs in some areas as far as i can tell.. I ordered a new Video card that I was going to get anyway, and I'll see if that is the reason for this problem.. I just conducted another experiment.. To test if the Length of the project is the issue, I only used the first 3 video clips in a new VW project, added transitions and text effect and exported/rendered using the Best Quality setting, the 12 minute long video has he same 'jaggies" problem still.. The other day I did a Roxio "repair" install, and after re-rendering one the projects..same issue.... Also tried disabling the "automatic deinterlacing" mode in my ATI video card's control center to see if that changed anything.. after another re-render..same results.....
  17. mackado

    Video Jitters As Text Effect Displays..

    Well, I made some time and have been experimenting with this for the last two days.. Instead of sending the VW project directly to Mydvd, this time I first created /exported to DVD video in the hopes of getting rid of the “jaggies“ before moving to Mydvd. Working with everything disable thru ’MSCONFIG” and with the latest video drivers etc... I rendered four different movies using a different rendering engine, “best quality” (9 KBPs), “better quality” (8 kbps), “Same as “ (6kbps), “Normal“(7kbps), tried “software” a couple of times and each and every time the VW movie exhibited “Jaggies” and “shake” during any portion of the clips that was re-rendered because of any effects (text, color adjustments, transitions).. I then created a new VW by “renaming the file” (keeping the original intact), reducing the ’transition” duration and replacing a few panels (re-touched before) with the same video clip taken from the original “capture" file, all in an effort to cut down in the amount of re-rendering and thus avoiding the ’jaggies’ as much as possible…but This new project “hangs/freezes” during rendering at the first replaced panel, apparently VideoWave doesn't like the changes and no matter what I did, I could never get this project to render… So I went back and just reduced the transitions on the original VW project, (didn’t want to mess with replacing panels again and risking ruining this original project too) and tried rendering again, the Jaggies still persist, even with “transition” durations cut down in half… At this point I have no solution.. I guess I’ll save the project and try it again later on after I upgrade my Video Card, who knows… I’m open to any suggestions..
  18. mackado

    Where Is Videowave?

    When I took delivery of my Dell PC back in January it came with an OEM version of Roxio, this version was missing many features and modules, the main one for me was Video wave, the OEM version also refused to open many files I was using without problems with my old EMC 9. I also read around here months back that even the full version offered by Dell (not the stripped OEM) was not the latest version available at the time either (Roxio 2010) so if you upgrade, make sure you get the latest Roxio 2011.
  19. mackado

    Widescreen Problem

    These days with the advent of Wide Screens (16x9) the issue of Aspect ratio in relation to VHS/DVD recordings is complicated and difficult to understand.. And for me even more difficult to explain…. I‘ve been recording widescreen programming to SVHS since 2002, and even though these tapes play in WS on 16x9 Flat Screen, the recordings contained in the VHS tape are created in the old 4/3 aspect ratio (old standard/specs written in stone!) squeezing the images to fit inside the 4/3 frame, during playback your WS set is detecting a 4/3 signal and then stretching the VHS 4/3 signal back to its proper geometry in Widescreen, (no more squished long images)..but The problem arises when you ‘capture’ this analog ‘squished’ WS recordings (inside a 4/3 frame) to your PC for processing and transfer to DVD, (using composite (Yellow) or S-Video cables), Roxio or any other app will treat these recording for what they are, 4/3 recording, and to be able to playback these recordings on your WS PC monitor in their full WS glory you’ll need to tell the software that you are watching in 4/3 mode, (some apps may do it automatically) and then the image will be stretched back to the proper dimension/geometry for viewing… You can process/record/burn to DVD this captured VHS’ 4/3 images using Roxio software, but to playback the resulting DVD on your living room's WS set you’ll need to switch (trick) the “display mode” of your set top DVD player (setup) to 4/3 to watch the proper WS un-stretched recordings….many of the latest DVD/BLU player are equipped with a 16x9 FULL mode on one of the ‘menus’ that accomplishes the same thing on the fly without having to go into the DVD’s setup section ..making the process automatic and transparent and also avoiding the need to switch back to 16x9 mode to watch regular retail WS DVD/Blu disks. Here in these forums I just recently learned that there is another way to process/fix these 4/3 VHS recordings to 16x9 WS mode and proper geometry without losing any portion of the image, this is possible since the original 16x9 source recording/info is completely contained within the VHS tape (squeezed) in the first place.. (different from stretching a native and “real” 4/3 recording that will yield bad video Picture quality) You can do it using Roxio’s Video wave and the “overlay” tool , search the forums for “overlay” and you’ll find the detailed process… PS: By the way the same issue of squeezed WS recordings happens even with the latest set-top DVD recorder, as they can only output recordings using the old and limited analog Composite or S-Video connectors, the only way I know to avoid this issue is when fully working with Digital sources...like digital camcorders, Tivo, and such, where you can transfer/capture the footage in it’s original digital file/form..(when allowed by copy protection software) :blink:
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    Resolusion Of Slideshow Creator 2010

    I'm no expert, but I experienced similar results creating a slide show a few weeks back... Chances are your PC screen is smaller than your Flat Screen connected to your DVD player, using the same source of video, the larger the screen the more Picture quality will suffer... You can create DVDs with Roxio at the max (DVD specs) rez of 720x480, usually these days Digital cameras can take pics at a much higher rez than this if you're using the "best/higher" setting for your camera, these pics look excellent on new PC with Hi-Rez monitors, but a DVD created at the best quality possible with Roxio or any other app -- even though it will still look very good --- will be lacking in Picture Quality if you're using your PC's monitor (and original high-rez pics) for comparison, and if you are using a Hi-DEF Plasma/LCD screen, the same DVD may look worse than what you see in your PC during playback, as Digital displays in general tend to accentuate the defects of low resolution..(that's why everything is going Hi-DEF) If the Pics were taken at the max high Resolution your camera allows, you can then use Roxio to make an AVCHD DVD instead, this Hi-DEF format will use the max REZ plasmas are able to display (1920x1080i/P), your Hi-rez pics will be down-converted to this rez which is a lot better than standard DVD video, and your DVD could potentially look as good as Blu Ray commercial discs, but you'll need a Blu-Ray player (with AVCHD support) to play back AVCHD-DVDs on your Hi-DEF flat screen...the other solution is going Blu-ray all the way to get the max resolution, but...... You can create an AVCHD slide show/movie using Roxio's Video Wave, check the AVCHD/BLU-RAY section in that forum for more info...
  21. mackado

    So What's Fixed

    Thanks Otown for taking the time to test my list of Creator 2010 glitches with Creator 2011, I'll keep an eye for Creator 2011 deals, the current asking price of 59.99 for Creator 2010 users is a bit steep for me, especially when I don't need right now any of the new features offered.... I feel some of the more serious if not all of these glitches/bugs should be fixed via a "Update" for Creator 2010 users, I just only began using this version like three months ago, and I don't see why I need to keep upgrading just to get complete functionality of the features I paid for that are supposed to be working bug-free in the first place.... Here is another annoying Creator 2010 bug I didn't list before.... Using MyDvd to create a new AVCHD project, and choosing the wide-screen Hi-DEF 'Menu style' "HD Jungle".. Using the same font-style but changing the default size to a different value to accommodate a longer title in one line, everything looks fine, even while testing with DVD preview the Menu's title location and font-size plays fine...but during the project burning process the font size reverts back to the original template's larger default value, and the New title is now divided into two lines, and only the first line shows up in the title area...( this behavior didn't happen with any other Menu I used/tested so far) This bug cause me to burn the same project three times (three hours of encoding each) before I realized what was happening, because when it showed up in my first ISO I thought it was my mistake and re-did the same thing as before for the second burn, finally for the final 'Burn' I just shortened my title and kept the default font-size to avoid the bug.
  22. For those that might be experiencing the same issue and stumble into this thread ... I was finally able to create and burn an AVCHD- DVD successfully by creating a new VW movie of the same Slideshow (AVCHD 1920/1080) but reducing the running time down to 31 minutes from 44 minutes,(reduced both transitions and image duration time) the final ISO file size is 3.75 GB, due to some irregularities with MyDVD's "Jungle" default HD menu, I had to re-burn to ISO several times this same file ("same as original" setting), without any problems each time, Mydvd re-encoded every-time taking 2 1/2 hours during this process.. But I still don't know what causes this error exactly, because I also created a new AVCHD Mydvd project of the rest of the slide show movies (3)created by VW in the same way and even though this project was only 12 Minutes long, the burn to ISO process crashed with the same error as described above numerous times using different settings like "Same as original" and "High quality".. at which point I called the whole thing off and just handed over the Full DVD project and the AVCHD with the main Movie only...(by the way the difference in video quality is striking) So at this point I don't know if the cause of this error is having multiple movies in the same project, the length of the project/movies, the combination of VW settings used in encoding the movie(s), or all of the above.. for now I'm happy I was able to get a good AVCHD, but it sure took much longer than I anticipated... PS: Roxio's support just email me back about the ticket I opened a few days back on this issue, but they pointed me to the standard troubleshooting steps found in the Knowledge base section, and even though I sent a link to this thread for the details, they want me to detailed again the steps I'm taking before getting the error....
  23. I was finally able to create using MyDVD an ISO- AVCHD slide production without getting the "Project build to device author script ...call failed while writing format" error but now Cineplayer will not play the ISO to test before burning...and neither will VLC media player... I've tried so many things for so many days to get here that I'm not totally sure, but I could swear I played another small test AVCHD ISO before using Cineplayer, but for some reason neither one of these ISOs will play now.... I'm using Roxio's image loader that launches cineplayer automatically but displays error "file format not supported please install appropriate decoders to play file" ..... and VLC reads.. "VLC doesn't support audio/video format UNDF" It is my understanding that win7 has the necessary AVCHD drivers, Anyone has any suggestions?
  24. Skinis, thanks for your help and effort in trying to find this problem.. I figured it out! Like I said at the top of this thread, I thought I used Cineplayer in a test on this PC, but after it failed to work this time, I thought maybe it it was my imagination, and that maybe I had seen cineplayer's screen in an online video or something...... But I started thinking what I had changed here in this PC recently...turns out a couple of days ago I swapped the older DVI monitor cable for a brand new HDMI, this monitor came equipped with old VGA only and I was using my other PC's DVI cable in the meantime.. I just snapped the old DVI cable back and Cineplayer works fine now..this HDMI's cable specs claims to be 'fully' HDCP compliant, (AFAIK older DVI is not fully compliant) so I think since AVCHD is associated with Blu-Ray, win7 might be reporting the disc as Blu-RAY and Cineplayer is asking for the Blu-ray software plug-in for 'handshake' purposes as required by HDCP... Or maybe the HDMI cable is not really compliant.. but in this case I would think lots of people would be complaining to the online seller about not been able to play regular retail Blu-ray discs in their PCs with their cables.. in any case I'm going to double check with the seller...... This stuff could drive someone nuts! Edit: I double checked, and my new HDMI cables are fully HDCP compliant, which means if you use HDMI cable to your monitor and win7 then you need the Blu-ray plug-in to use cineplayer, or use a DVI cable if you can instead... From seller's page.. Question: What is HDCP and are these cables HDCP compliant? Answer: HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It is a digital rights management technology used by content providers such as movie studios to protect their media property from being illegally distributed. "Since HDCP is a requirement of the HDMI format, all HDMI cables are HDCP capable by default."
  25. Thanks, this is my first AVCHD and was not sure if it was normal for W7 explorer to display a BD icon instead of DVD... I just burned the AVCHD ISO to DVD and it all went fine..tested on my AVCHD capable Blu-ray Panny, and it plays fine... But there is a mistake on the Menu's title that I missed, so I'm fixing the MyDVD project , this is why I need Cineplayer to playback the AVCHD ISO after mounting to virtual Drive, so I can catch this errors before burning to disc since I'm yet to pickup any DVD-RW.........