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    Update Woes

    Kudos to HimanshuatRox to get the update to this person. That is GOOD support. Let's see if it's appreciated - this person posted a bunch of negative things on just about any board that they could post to. Maybe a correction or retraction is in order.
  2. macuser25

    How To Copy A Cd With One Disc Burner?

    From the Toast guide and online help built into the software. See bolded section. Seems clear to me. Copying a CD or DVD You can make a copy of non-protected data, audio and video CDs and DVDs. To copy a CD or DVD: 1 Click the Copy tab at the top of the Toast window. 2 Click the Formats tab in the left drawer and choose CD/DVD Copy. 3 Choose any optional settings: • CD-TEXT: If your original is an audio CD, you can automatically retrieve album information and add CD-TEXT to the copy. To view this information, you will need an audio CD player that supports CD-TEXT. • Fit-to-DVD video compression: If your original is a DVD-Video that is too large to fit onto a standard 4.7 GB recordable DVD, selecting this option will compress it to fit on the copy. See Changing Copy Options. 4 Insert the original CD or DVD into your recorder. • Read From: If you have multiple CD or DVD drives on your computer, you can copy from one drive to the other. Click the pop-up to choose which drive to Read From and insert the original disc into that drive. 5 Click the red Record button and choose a recorder from the list and optional recording settings, such as "Number of Copies." Click Record to continue. 6 When prompted, insert a blank recordable CD or DVD. Toast displays a progress bar and status information as it copies your disc. If you only have one drive on your computer, Toast will copy all the contents of the original to a temporary file on your hard disk and then write it to the blank disc. The temporary file is deleted automatically when the copy is complete. You may need up to 15 GB of temporary free hard disk space depending on the type of disc you are copying.
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    Intel Core Duo Support For Popcorn

    Macintouch list has Popcorn working fine in Rosetta from reader reports. http://www.macintouch.com/imacintel/rosettacompat.html
  4. macuser25

    Newbie: Wondering If Popcorn Will Work On This System?

    Works fine on both system. Needs to be latest version 1.0.3 for full Tiger support. What you get in the box in a store is likely not latest - boxes are almost always older. What you download and buy is probably latest. Update is free for either.
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    My Rebate Arrived! Only Took 3(4?) Months.

    I with lakewood... you do only hear the negative on this. Can't we all say something nice every now and then!
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    Toast 7 - $59 At Compusa

    $59 online and in-store. http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...3041&pfp=SEARCH
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    Pirated Copies... The Nerve...

    After reading this thread below I find it shocking that people have the nerve to complain about the software (and threaten not to use it again) even when it turns out they haven't paid for a legit copy. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...=&st=entry640 Then they try to justify their piracy. I guess this makes it pretty clear why Roxio needs to charge what they do for new versions. Everybody says they use Toast... I wonder how many people actually pay for it.
  8. macuser25

    Pirated Copies... The Nerve...

    although i guess his sweat shop wages were enough for him to afford to buy a mac, a burner, blank media, internet access and all those other things. seems pretty suspect to me... anyway... if someone wants to buy toast and can't find a local mac dealer, they can purchase and download direct from roxio's site.