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  1. Hi to all is there anybody out there that can give me a thorough run through of sonic record now so I know what version I am running and what updates to install. Help appreciated
  2. Hi yoda, There is a fix for the mediahub problem here it is http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Digital%20M...Studio/000058MD Click on the link above. Scroll down to the heading Resolution, underneath that you will see Dell sonic media customers you should find the fix and information all underneath. Download the link then run it. Make sure you remove your sonic/Roxio products from the add remove programs section in my computer before you download and run the link. This link once it is downloaded and run will give you a fixed version named Roxio creator plus dell edition/sonic record now, this cures the mediahub problem caused by a clash with windows media player 11 This is the fix http://docs.roxio.com/patches/Data204Plus.exe Please post and let me know if it works yoda I am hoping someone supplies some information about what version the above is because I not sure if it is version 7 I want to know what updates to install
  3. Is Sonic Record Now version 2.0.4 the same as Version 7 of Sonic Record Now or a different version? or is the Dell version- Roxio Creator plus Dell edition a separate version? I am confused! All help appreciated!
  4. It seems the information about The Dell version is different. The product information is very confusing and hard to match up with what the actual products that are on the Roxio website I will provide what I think is relevant: Module Name: Roxio Creator Plus Dell Edition Build: 2.4.32b Module Name: PX Engine Build: 3.4.46a, 1 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Data Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B37I, RCP As you can see what product on the website shall I register it with to receive up dates? All help appreciated
  5. I have just fixed my Record now program with the roxio fix for the media hub conflict. Earlier, I Removed the pre installed Dell program and then re installed with the Dell discs sonic program They sent me. This did not solve the problem until I discovered the fix so I uninstalled all my Roxio programs and downloaded the fix all has gone well but for one thing the Check for updates area has disappeared and I am a bit baffled because all the product help information on the website does not cover the Dell edition. I know for sure I deleted the Roxio update manager. I would like to know how to get the update manager back that covers The Roxio Creator plus Dell Edition. I glad to be using the product again with the media hub problem solved, the media hub problem almost made the product unusable. Naturally I would like to check for and receive product updates to keep it working properly All help appreciated PS I have registered the product