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    Got Pinnacle Stuio 12 For Christmas

    Thanks for the reply. I have no proof to show except that it usually takes about 20 minutes to copy a full length movie with Nero and It has taken as long as two hours with the same movie with EMC12. Maybe its my settings? I also use Nero to make compilation DVDs of Top Gear shows from the BBC. Nero burned 4 shows in 28 minutes. I tried to used EMC12 and I aborted the project after an hour. Just my experience....again maybe I don't have correct setting Anyway both programs work for me so no need to get rid of either. How do I identify these "packets?" I know Nero "In CD" and EMC drag to disc features conflict.....that's why I don't have them installed. BTW why did you tank Pinnacle? I found it a little harder to use but that's probably because I'm so used to EMC10.
  2. Happy Holidays all! I got Pinnacle Studio 12 for Xmas from a friend. I have played with the program on his PC and like some of the features. It is definitely not as intuitive at EMC10! I don't think it has a "slow motion" feature which I use a lot for my movie editing. He hates EMC10 and wants me to switch. I was wondering if I can install Pinnacle and have it too? I know Roxio is fussy but I do have Nero 8 installed and so far have not had any conflicts between the programs. (I use Nero for DVD copying because it is 10x faster than EMC10) It would be nice to have both programs since Pinnacle has so much more content for DVD movie projects. I know many have said that as long as you don't have two different DVD authoring programs on the same PC.....there should be no conflicts.
  3. m5zealot

    Videowave Hang Up

    Jim tried to help me privately with this same issue I have been having for a year! I didn't see if you are using a laptop. My problem was I had my HP Notebook in "battery save" mode 24/7. I switched to this mode which lowers the performance of the notebook to save battery power because my crappy HP battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than an hour. I like to work at coffee houses or in bed w/out a power cord. I didn't know that this setting stays active even when I plug into AC power! My notebook was always running on low performance even plugged into the wall outlet. I assumed it went into high performance mode when I plugged it in to AC power since he screen got brighter....duh! All my mov, mpeg-4, mpeg-2, and AVI files skipped during editing process. Very frustrating and NO one could figure out why. I resolved my issue accidentally switching my battery mode to "performance!" I haven't seen anyone else with the issue until now so I didn't think my "fix" would be beneficial to anyone.....plus I felt a little embarrassed about the whole affair. Hope this helps. BTW....so happy to fix the problem....but now I find out EMC 10 hangs when I try to output my videowave projects to DVD! Baby steps...baby steps! LOL
  4. Thanks Jim I will try that.
  5. Hello, I like to change the speed of video files (mpeg4 - mov) in my videowave projects. I can slow video down files for dramatic effects but for some reason I can only speed up videos in increments up to 1.4 anything higher the video skips during preview. I wanted to make a face paced car race video and speed up the action up to 2,0 Is videowave not capable of fast motion editing?
  6. m5zealot

    "mpeg" Flashes While Rendering

    Hello, sorry ran across this post by accident. I have a Sanyo High Def -1 camcorder/camera that uses an SD card (4gig) to capture videoa images. So of course the video is captured in Mpeg 4 format. Are you suggesting I change their format before editing them in VideoWave? If so, what type of files do I convert them to and does Roxio have software for the conversion? (EMC 10) I have had good luck working with Mpeg4 files but if I can work faster w/ less errors or hangs that would be great!
  7. m5zealot

    Still Have Troubles

    Hello, I think we got off topic here so let me get us back. I finally got Roxio EMC 10 working again on my New HP notebook after 3 months of troubleshooting. I finally reformatted my HD and Roxio was finally working. Yesterday I finally finished creating our Hawaii vacation video from last November! Yes that is how much I loved Videowave.....I persisted on a fix instead of trying a different product. Previewed it and everything was great! Burned it on DVD, (19 minutes long) and clip # 23 and last clip are out of sync. It is really bizzare! I tried all the fixes above and still no remedy. I have a feeling maybe there is something wrong with the clips themselves. They are mpeg 4 files from my Sanyo HD-1 video recorder. Hhhhhmmmm. sound familiar? The previews play perfectly but ISO, or DVDs are not synced. I have used videowave for 3 years starting with EMC9 on my old Dell and have never had sync issues before. I really want to blame it on Vista since it took a better part of a year to resolved all my issues including EMC10. I saw a hotfix for XP from a previous post, maybe I can try that. If that doesn't work I guess I will have to try Pinnacle 11. I have a couple of co-workers who dumped Roxio and have had nothing but praise for this program with their Vista systems. I would like to give Roxio one more chance since I'm so familiar with it's operation but my family will not wait for months for my next video project.
  8. Thanks for the reply but it is really hard to render video files that skip, freeze and not synced. I'm not worried just frustrated because the program worked perfectly and I suspect one or more of the auto updates from MS or Ndivia killed it. From my research no one has really claimed it's their bug. I'm just guessing it may be MS since Vista is buggy. I posted in here hoping at least one other person who has vista can help.
  9. Hello, I have a brand new HP Pavallion 6258 SE laptop with Vista Home Premium....all the bells and whistles...2 gig ram, 160gig Hd, Nvidia g-force 6150. I won't go too much into detail about the 3 months I have spent trying to fix Quicktime and Vista bugs. As you may know most Vista users have a bug playing Mp4 files on Quicktime. My video cam uses an 8Gig SD card to capture video so Mp4 is the only media I can use to view/edit. I had NO ISSUES WITH EMC 9 ON my old XP laptop. Every MP4 video I try to play is choppy and horrible quality so naturally I get the same results when rendering on video wave. I know VLC player and other players play these files better but that does not help me when using videowave right? I have tried every hotfix and bug fix I could find on the internet. I have also downloaded SP1 which was supposed to fix the issue w/ no luck. I"m so frustrated I just may give up on Roxio altogether. It amazes me that my 4 year old xp pc at work plays all my mp4 files flawlessly. BTW the final DVD or video files I do create seem to play ok.....issue is just with rendering.Please help?
  10. m5zealot

    Video Wave Save Function Is Disabled

    Ok I think I'm going crazy but the problems seems to have corrected itself./????? One quick question.....should I be rendering w/ hardware or software? I saw this option while trying to troubleshoot the previous issue under tools - options menu. My current setting is on "software" I seem to remember it was on "hardware" prior to update.
  11. m5zealot

    Video Wave Save Function Is Disabled

    Rookie, I think I replied on your quote by mistake. I have been using EMC for 5 years and know I shouldn't be "Save As" during rendering process! I was trying to say that the "Save As" option was the only one highlighted adn responding. The SAVE option is not functioning. Neither does Ctrl + S command, I just downloaded EMC 10 update so I can't imagine how clean up is going to help.
  12. m5zealot

    Video Wave Save Function Is Disabled

    Thanks for your reply Walt. No need to really recreate my issue since it occurs with anything I try to do in video wave whether it's a new project or saved. So here goes, I open video wave. I add videos and pics.....before program crashes I usually type Ctrl + S to save what I have done so far. For some reason I can not save project in progress. Typing Ctrl + S does nothing. Clicking to File and drop down to options "Save" is not highlighted......can't click on it to save. However "Save As" is bolded and allows saving the project to a folder but that exits the program. I just want to save ongoing projects in between editing. Thats all! I chatted with a tech this morning who gave me directions to disable all Microsoft functions in msconfig, did absolutely nothing to solve the issue. I spent another 30 minutes to get everything back to normal.....even my antivirus was disabled. I don't know why in the heck he gave me those directions. I wish I can print the screen shot for you. Thanks Randy
  13. Hello. I have been working with videowave editing videos for a few months now. I just realized that I'm not able to "save" my production every few minutes. When I go to file and scroll down, "Save" is blurred out but "Save As" is ok and functioning. Pushing Ctrl + S doesn't do anything either. I did not have this issue with EMC 9. We all know what happens when the program crashes everything is lost if you do not save it. This is annoying and do not want to "save as" during rendering process. Please help.
  14. I couldn't find any topics similar to mine so please bear with me. My first mistake was to buy a new laptop with Vista! For months I couldn't get EMC 10 to load or work properly. After many reinstalls and got lucky and got most of Video Wave working. I mainly make vacation dvds for my family. I bought a nice Sanyo High Def camcorder that uses an SD card to capture video and pics. Of course it uses MP-4 technology, had I known this format is fussy I would have bought a different camera. Anyway this is my issue. For some reason when I view my videos after transferring them to to HD using Quicktime, they skip! I have tried everything to fix quicktime but it seems to have an issue with Vista. If I play the videos with VLC player they play perfectly. Now the problem. it seems video wave uses quicktime to render/edit my MP-4 files so it is difficult to edit video that keeps skipping! Now to throw another wrench in the wheel, the issue is intermittent!!!!! Sometimes the same video file plays perfectly and I'm able to make a movie with no issues. And then sometimes the same files skip! Please do not advice me to convert my Mp-4 files before using ROXIO! It will only make me angrier because I NEVER had to do that with EMC 9 and XP on my old laptop. I have also made several movies using my new laptop w/ EMC10 with no issues! Uuurrrhhh. ROxio and Quicktime worked perfectly w/ XP occasionally with Vista. I have updated my Ndivia software thru HP. I have tried to reformat my HD and even re-installed Roxio to no avail. I have follow all proper uninstall procedures in the support site. I have been told there is a compatibility issue with Quicktime and Vista that has not yet been solved. Is this true? Is there anything anyone can suggest? Thanks HP Pavillion 6250 Special Edition Vista Home premium 160 gig HD 4 gigs RAM Ndivia g force
  15. After 3 months I finally have Roxio 10 working ok with Vista! I wanted to download a video file I created with videowave, and it already in an Mp4 format. The instruction left in here say to simple right click the video file and choose upload to Youtube. Did I miss something? When I right click any video files I have, there is no option for downloading to Youtube. Please don't tell me Roxio 10 did not properly install because I will just have to die now!