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  1. The application for Create Mobile Ringtone is not working. When I select the application I hear a beep and then nothing. I have cleanly uninstalled Roxio Creator 9 three times according to the forum and then reinstalled it without any success for the Ringtone application. The folder and application does exist but still does not work. All other parts of Roxio appear to work fine. Are there any suggestions? I am using Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and do have Zone Alarm fire wall installed. I do not have the content installed at this time.
  2. mildmannered

    Error While Buring Image.

    This happens most of the time, but not every time. When I burn an image Roxio goes all the way through and states that the image burning is 99% complete and overall completion is 97%. It stays that way for almost 20 minutes! Then the DVD is ejected, the burning image and overall completion state 100% and I get this error message: "The current output device was removed. Error while burning image." How do I resolve this problem and stop the error message and complete the burning process more quickly? The DVD appears to play good after burning.
  3. I had a problem with EMC9 that was hanging and freezing my PC on a regular basis. Then I took your advice regarding the installation. First, I uninstalled everything concerning EMC9. Then I cleaned up the registry and removed any files left behind by using a utiility program that performs those functions. Next, I disabled all startup programs, including my Firewall, and rebooted the PC. I now installed EMC9 once again and it is running great with no hangs or freezes, since the reinstallation. This was a success. You just need to listen to the suggestions and follow them. It works!