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  1. Ijar

    Roxio Creator 2012 Pro

    Hi all, How's everybody on here. Not been here for a long long time! Just installed the PRO 2012, on my laptop, proud as punch...(*_*) R
  2. Ijar

    Sounsoap SE 2

    Hi sknis, I did what you suggested and it's authorised again, Thanks again Steve
  3. Ijar

    Sounsoap SE 2

    Hi gi7omy, I had the correct version from the drop down and still would not accept it!! Thanks
  4. Hi All, I have just reinstalled Roxio Creator 2010 PRO and managed to get Creator, Lightzone and Sonicfire to upload but won't let me upload Soundsoap????..won't accept Product Key!!! Any ideas....please Much appreciated... Glad to back Many thanks === Sorry, didn't mean for the post to appear 4 times!!!! I hope one of the Gurus may delete the other 3, thanks Many Thanks
  5. Ijar

    Sneak peek at IE 9

    Thanks Terry, Much appreciated..
  6. Ijar

    Sneak peek at IE 9

    Sneak peek at IE 9 http://download.cnet.com/8301-2007_4-10470...amp;tag=nl.e415 http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20000433...l?tag=mncol;txt http://news.cnet.com/2300-10798_3-10002818...l?tag=mncol;txt
  7. Ijar

    A Blast from the past

    Commodore 64 Awakes From Slumber With Makeover... A blast from the past...why not!!!! http://www.commodoreusa.net/index.html
  8. Could be.. Windows Diagnostic... Western Digital... !!!!
  9. Microsoft is asking millions of Web users if they'd like to continue using its Internet Explorer (IE) browser or switch to an alternative from another company.....read on http://uk.news.yahoo.com/38/20100302/ttc-m...to-f0c422d.html
  10. Ijar

    MY DVD hangs everytime

    worthless piece of c**p software I let out with a tirade that would make anything posted in these forums, look tame. The same gurus, who are helping folks now, helped me. And, all of us have also pi-ssed and moaned about the idiotic things that have to be done to get most versions of the Roxio software to work, IF you have problems getting it installed, and running, on the first attempt. We are all human after all!!!!!
  11. Well done there grm...very pleased for you.. one more positive tick for ROXIO...
  12. Nope...but No harm done...in welcoming
  13. You're more than welcome.....
  14. Ijar

    Roxio Creator 2010

    Hey leecrystal.. I have been using Creator2010 Pro for a bit now and am quite please with it....
  15. Ijar

    probleme avec vidéowave

    Alors Robri ca va bien..il y beaucoup d'aide sur place ici.. De la part de myguggi: "Economiser fichier-projets de dmsm ne devraient pas prendre puis quelques secondes. Il doit y avoir quelque chose de mal avec le projet peut-être. Il pourrait essayer de créer un autre projet simple et de voir si le problème se produit là également. Il a plus que suffisant de RAM. Est-ce que tu as SP1 ? Combien d'espace disque libre ? Essayez Defragged ?" On attend ta reponse...merci, A bientot