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    Audio Distorted in Slide Show

    Thanks for both suggestions... and sorry for not responding sooner, but have had no chance to get back to looking at this until now. I updated the drivers and cleared the proxy files as suggested. Unfortunately, I still have very bad audio on the slideshow. I also tried using a different song, and still the same. Just to be sure, I have played the songs in the Edit Audio Files section and they both played fine. I output the slideshow to a file, and it played fine. So it just seems to be in the preview that it's bad. I wonder if there is a reason for this or if it's a known issue? Any other suggestions would be appreciated, but for now since I can output the file with no problem, then I'll just continue on. Thanks again!
  2. wiltap

    Audio Distorted in Slide Show

    Yes, it plays great on many other players (Rhapsody, WMP) and I have used the file in other places and slideshows created in other products. Also, I was able to play the file using EMC9 Audio tools as well. It is distorted in the slide show assistant and in the video creator.
  3. I just installed EMC9 and am learning how it works. I was able to create a slide show and added audio to it. It all works very similarly to other programs of this type. When I went to preview the show, the song is completely distorted, and way loud, and scratchy, almost unrecognizable. Any suggestions about what might be happening? I have used this same file in a slide show I created using a different product, and it plays fine. Also when I just play the song on the computer, it plays fine.