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    Automated Chapter Setting

    Thank you
  2. I took a dual-layer DVD authored with DVDit Pro HD to Best Buy and played it on the Sony BDP-S300. It played the disc just fine. Just like the Sony BDP-SD1 the player thinks it is AVCHD formated disc. So the dual-layer disc costed under $3, the bitrate was 16000 for a 1hr and 5 min video. Here is a link on how to make a Blu-ray on red laser disc http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...c=21074&hl=
  3. rstaats

    ProCoder 3 AC3 files not importing

    Hello Shueardm, I have a workaround to use AC3 from PC3 to work in DVDit Pro. I do the complience with PC3 using the PCM setting and in my case 6 channels. I take the wave file and use it as a source and the target is the AC3 Audio Exporter in the presets. AC3 is set for Muthichannel Recording, Audio Data Rate: 384 kbps and everything else is left checked. This is working in DVDit Pro and I am getting some good surround sound which was recorded from my Sony HDR-SR1. I am happy about this. So see if you can make this work for you. It dosen't take long to change wav to AC3. I just got my PC3 yesterday. Bob
  4. rstaats

    For those that have the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player

    Don: Thanks for letting me know it worked for you.
  5. rstaats

    Building Blu Ray - Error Temp 4GB limit

    You will need to PM "SS Scott". He will be able to get you going again.
  6. rstaats

    For those that have the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player

    Hi Don I wrote a BD image (ISO) with DVDit Pro HD and burned the image to a DVD. You are right it doesn't work in the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Player. I even burned the ISO file with the program that came with the Blu-Ray burner and that didn't work. I looked at the folders on the disc and I noticed a folder "AACS" and it has no data in that folder just another folder inside with no data. So I copy all the data from the disc to the hard drive, removed the AACS folder, and burned the BDMV and Cert. folder back onto the DVD-RW disc. Now it played on the Sony player. So it is the AACS folder causing the problem, since the folder starts with a A IMO the player seeing that folder first. Do like I did in the top post, write a volume and use your program that came with the burner and burn the data. I use the setting "UDF 2.0 in my program config. DVD+R/RW should work. Let me know if it works this way for you. It sure would save a lot of $20 bucks. Bob
  7. If you have a short HD video (20 to 30 minutes) that you don't want to burn on a blu-ray dis, you can use DVDit Pro HD to write a High Def volume on the hard drive. Then with your DVD burner you can copy the data (folder "BDMV" and folder "CERTIFICATE") onto the DVD-R/RW. I had a short house inventory video done with the Sony AVCHD Handycam HDR-SR1. It was a 10 minute video, did my usual editing in EDUS 3.61, used Procoder Express, and DVDit Pro HD to authorize the HD volume. The Sony BDP-S1 played the disc with no problems. The Sony player thinks the disc is a formated AVCHD DVD. Please if you make one of these disc do not play it in a regular DVD player. It will hang the player up and lock the tray. The Bitrate was set for CBR 18000, I think that will give you 30 minute. You can play this on the PC DVD burner/player if you have a program like PowerDVD 6.3 HD or 7. Bob
  8. rstaats

    Chapters are not were I placed them on timeline

    Scott, I am using legal HD MPEG-2, Procoder Express. Yes to your first question (HD assets to SD) within.
  9. I completed my first Blue-ray vacation movie with DVDit Pro HD V. 6.3 build 631b11a. I have 11 chapters and on the last 5 chapters they are not where I placed them on the timeline. Playing the movie using the Sony BDP-S1 (1.55) the last 5 chapters moved maybe three or four I frames to the right. I went back into the project and move the chapters more to the left and authored another movie and the same thing happens. When I use the simulater in DPHD it shows the chapters in the right place. Playing the Blue ray disc with PowerDVD also shows the last 5 chapters not in the right place. I made a SD DVD dis from the same project and all the chapters are in the right place using the Sony player. The movie is 1 hour and 25 minutes long. Looking for some help on this. Other then the chapter problem the video looks great on HDTV.