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    Can't Burn Dvd+Rdl On My Imac

    Same problem here. It MAY help if you use the best quality Verbatim brand DVDs, and if you burn at the slowest speed. Might also help if you don't do anything that requires significant hard disk access while burning the DVD. The drive in my MacBook Pro was able to burn DL DVDs for the first year or so that I had it, but I suspect that it slipped from spec and couldn't handle it anymore. You might try creating a disk image in Toast, mount the image and do the actual burning in Disk Utility. That would let you know whether you have a hardware issue. HTH
  2. pseudonym

    Xvid Codec Problems (This Is 2011, Wtf!)

    Don't know if the following could be considered bright: If you used [whatever] software to backup the commercial DVDs, then you ought to be able to make back up copies of the unencrypted VIDEO_TS folders using any software capable of burning a UDF DVD-ROM (including Disk Utility). If you did the AVI conversions yourself from the rip, you should be able to re-do them using a standard home-theatre DivX format that Toast will accept. I assume you chose the AVI format so that you could fit more episodes on each disc, but if that's not a concern then why not just use the backup VIDEO_TS folders to create the DVDs for your family? That way you get the full disc with subtitles, etc. Unless....the commercial DVD has no subtitles, and you had to go searching for srt subs and need to add them yourself. In that case you'll need to encode new AVI files (from the backup VIDEO_TS folders) to the standard home-theatre DivX format, and add them and the srt files to a DVD-video (MPEG2) disc for re-encoding. I understand that the inclusion of subs through Toast's MPEG2 re-encoding can be unpredictable, though. There's also the possibility that Lion has reared it's head, and broken some of the Perian/QT linkages.
  3. pseudonym

    Xvid Codec Problems (This Is 2011, Wtf!)

    @ PK72: Oh wait! I have an idea: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Garrows-Law-DVD-Complete-1/dp/B004O84S0C/
  4. pseudonym


    The following may be of use: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/35597-adding-srt-files-to-dvd/page__hl__subtitles Can confirm that it works with Toast 9, Mac OS 10.6.8 and Perian 1.2.2, but Toast 11, Mac OS 10.7?
  5. pseudonym

    Error Burning Cd And Dl Dvd

    Thanks for the suggestion. If my MBP drive deteriorates further, that will be the direction I go.
  6. pseudonym

    Error Burning Cd And Dl Dvd

    Do you have a particular model external drive that you might recommend to us? Thanks.
  7. pseudonym

    Error Burning Cd And Dl Dvd

    I also have had recent difficulties with DL DVDs. In the past, both Toast 9 and 10 have worked fine with Verbatim and even Memorex DL DVDs. But recently... I don't know whether it's an update to OS 10.6.5 or 10.6.6, or perhaps just a gradual decline in the reliability of my MacBook Pro's DVD drive. Maybe writing to a DL-DVD is a more demanding task, or is more likely to show up a drive's weakness? If you are having difficulties writing to CDs as well, try using Disk Utility in lieu of Toast. Still have problems? Probably the drive.
  8. pseudonym

    Toast 9.07 With Os 10.6.4

    MacBookPro, 10.6.4, Toast 9.0.5 Toast accepts and successfully converts FLAC files.
  9. pseudonym

    Cannot Set Button Picture in Toast 10.0.06

    You can also try adding a short video clip to a different (test) project. If you can properly choose the button picture in that case, then there may be a problem with Toast being able to select frames from some video formats.
  10. pseudonym

    edit VOB files from DVD

    Thanks for your quick reply. I need to trim sections from the middle of the files as well as the ends. If Toast can do this, then I'm set. The VOBs are in a VIDEO_TS folder. I'll check out the Toast User Guide for specifics.
  11. pseudonym

    edit VOB files from DVD

    I have some video (transferred from home 8mm movies) on DVD in VOB format. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which video format to use as an intermediary for editing? I would guess a lossless or near-lossless format would be best, although perhaps there are other reasonable options? Thanks!
  12. pseudonym

    OT: recommendations for film transfer

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into that route as well.
  13. pseudonym

    OT: recommendations for film transfer

    Thank you very much for your advice, Warren. I have contacted some services for telecine transfer, but they don't want to touch the film since it is so old and delicate. I don't mind doing it myself (and I can put up with stopping and restarting every 50 ft., as all of the cement splices have disintegrated), and I do have a screen in an appropriately-lighted environment. Re/ videocams: Canon is coming our with a new group of VIXIA HF cams in April, and I will take a look at the HV series as well. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for the specific advice on formats and modes for shooting. Kurt
  14. pseudonym

    OT: recommendations for film transfer

    Sorry for the somewhat off-topic post, but I believe there are people here who might be willing to help: I have approximately 300 reels of 8mm film, some of which are from as early as 1939. Professionals will not touch them, as many of the oldest reels are substantially degraded. I'm willing to do the work myself, and I have a good projector (and plenty of bulbs). My plan is to get them transferred to digital format (eventually use Toast to burn the data to DVDs, etc.). Does anyone have a recommendation as to a video camera that would be suitable for this type of work? I must say that the lower end of the "pro-sumer" models would be where I would max out financially, so (US)$1000+ models are beyond my budget. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. pseudonym

    Burn a DVD from avi with a srt subtitle ?

    You can have both Toast 9 and 10 installed concurrently. So, reinstall Toast 9.0.5 and use it when Toast 10 refuses to cooperate. I usually use Toast 9.0.5, since I'm apparently not working with formats/features that require Toast 10. Of course, YMMV.