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  1. It's a brand new build of the latest hardware and software - and everything else works superbly. It is probably a conflict, maybe with Trend Micro Internet Security, or WinTV. I have had conflicts before with Roxio Creator before, but the problem is now solved. It's just another dent in my confidence with Roxio. I will have to have another look at other burning software packages as an alternative. Tomorrow, the PC will be delivered to the customer. Thanks for your input.
  2. Jim, Roxio Customer Support were of limited help. I have now deleted the registry entries for the startup of "Roxio Burn" and "CP Monitor". On your advice I have also "disabled" the service "Roxio Hard Drive Watcher 12" in the Services control panel. None of these had any effect upon the operation of the program under Windows 7 64-bit. I was unable to get any information whether Roxio would fix the source of these problems. It looks as though Roxio 2012 is just as buggy as many of its predecessors were! Thanks for you help
  3. OK Thanks for your help Jim.
  4. It is a new build PC with an i5 2500K, Asus P8H67M-PRO m/b, 120GB Corsair Force 3 SSD, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 OEM (fully updated through Windows Update), 4GB Crucial DR3-1333. Everything else works just fine (very fine infact!!) Roxio Creator 2012 was installed from a download made just a couple of days ago.
  5. Thanks Jim I have disabled Roxio Burn in the Startup tab of MSConfig, which does stop the original problem, but which then leads to another - a CPMonitor window pops up instead. I think "CPMonitor" is the helper for Roxio CinePlayer. Why does this pop-up when I disable "Roxio Burn" Is there a better way to achieve the same thing by disabling the appropriate Roxio services?
  6. I have just installed Roxio Creator 2012 just after a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit on a new PC. Everytime I start the PC a small pop-up window appears - "DiscMonitorApp", with buttons for "Start", "Stop", "OK", "Cancel", and "About". Pressing "OK" or "Cancel" removes the window. The window appears to be a part of Roxio Burn. While everyting else appears to work normally (although not yet fully tested) the pop-up is very annoying. How do I prevent this window appearing on every boot? Thanks.
  7. Use the full version of Roxio Label Creator, not the Roxio Express Labeler version. Go to File > Page Setup > select Media: Print to Disc and Paper Type: whichever Canon template has been installed. Go to Print and select The Canon printer from the drop down list, and in Properties set up the Canon printer to print on discs (i.e set Page Size, Media Type, and Paper Source for printing to discs). The "C" template is very similar to the "B" template, but the offsets may need to be adjusted by a millimetre or so to achive the optimum alignment. When you are satisfied modify the JWP file to fully customise the template for the ip5000.
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    I locked and pinned your post - nice one

  9. Attached are my versions of the Roxio Label Creator templates for Trays C & G. They have been fine-tuned and tested in the printers. Perhaps you can compare the Offsets with yours. Thanks. Canon Tray C & G.zip
  10. Roxio Label Creator only contains templates for printing discs on Epson printers. Templates for other printers can be added to the program, and templates for Canon Tray C and Tray F are shown in the attachments. Templates for other Canon printer trays can be constructed by following the procedure described in the attachments but using the actual dimensions of the tray to be used. General information on Canon CD/DVD printer trays, including dimensions, can be found here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/48410691/Canon-Printer-CD-DVD-Tray Alternative sources for the attachements are here and here Roxio Label Creator Templates for Canon CD Tray C.pdf Roxio Label Creator Templates for Canon CD Tray G.pdf
  11. To print on CD/DVD's with Label Creator using a Canon printer requires a template to be designed and added to the Roxio Page folder. See attachments for full details. For general information on Canon printer CD/DVD trays and dimensions see: http://www.scribd.com/doc/48410691/Canon-Printer-CD-DVD-Tray Roxio Label Creator Templates for Canon CD Tray G.pdf Roxio Label Creator Templates for Canon CD Tray C.pdf
  12. There have been several posts complaining that Roxio Label Creator will not print directly to discs with any printer other than Epson. While this may not be a problem in the USA it is definitely a major limitation in Europe where many printers can print on discs. Printing to discs on Canon and other printers can be achieved by creating a "Page Template" for the required printer. I have made a template for a Canon iP6700D which works just like the included ones for the Epson printers. The templates are stored in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\11.0\Label Creator 11\Page Files as .jwp files which can be edited with Notepad. Copy an Epson template similar to the one required and edit. Change only the following:- The Name is the name by which the Page Template will appear in Label Creator print diaglogue (eg Canon iP6700D) The Paper Height and Width are simply the dimensions (in cm.) of the CD Tray. (23.8 and 13.1 for the Canon Tray C) The Offset values are the horizontal and vertical dimensions from the back (top) and side of the CD tray, respectively, again in cm. (6.43 and 14.48 for Tray C) The Inner and Outer Radius are the radii of the inner and outer edges of the maximum printable disc surface, in cm. (1.05 and 5.09 for Tray C) Save the page template in the above folder with a suitable file name to identify the printer. (eg Canon iP6700D) Some trial & error may be neccessary to refine the Offset position of the label on the tray. Develop by printing to paper before trying on a disc.
  13. jef

    Emc 7 Problem

    I have the same problem with EMC 7 on a PC with PC-Cillin installed - the Home program does not start but without any error messages. All the individual applications still work. The problem started in the last week or two. The only thing that has changed is the regular PC-Cillin updates. I have tried re-installing EMC7 but with the same problem. I suspect that a virus pattern is conflicting with EMC7. Has anyone found a solution yet? Edit:- From earching other posts it seems that with 7.5 there are problems with the automatic update process and the recently revised update website. It may be that when EMC7 is started from the "Home" application it automatically attempts an update, ad the problem with the update website is causing the program to hang. Edit No 2:- There is a support document for this problem here http://www.nohold.net/noHoldCust40/prod_5/...amp;ruleid=1183 but the link fails and cannot be viewed. The support system is rubbish! Edit No 3:- Solved problem by deleting the following file:- C:\DocumentsandSettings\User Name\ApplicationData\Roxio\MediaManager\Album.psod On restarting the "Home" program and Media Manager the file will be re-created. To see the file you may have to turn on "hidden files".