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    How Do I Mount .sd2F Images From Older Version Of Toast?

    Dragging an Sd2f file into a toast 11 audio window or a convert/audio window makes the tracks visible, but the inter track gap information from the original CD is lost. Any gidance on how to recover that functionality, which would be needed to regenerate a functionally identical CD from the Sd2f file?
  2. jizen

    CD Info.cidb and .Sd2f Disc Images

    Dear Tsantee et al., I came upon this old thread as I was researching this issue again. I am still affected by this problem and I am still looking for an answer. Thanks! Joe
  3. What is the maximum number of .Sd2f images that can be mounted simultaneously on a Macintosh with sufficient memory? Mounting an image appears to create a process, so please assume that the maximum number of processes has been increase to the limit allowed by the Mac Tiger/Darwin OS: kern.maxproc = 2068 kern.maxprocperuid = 2068 I am finding that if I try to mount many images at the same time, sometimes an image refuses to mount. Once an image refuses to mount, it will continue to refuse to mount, though other images may mount. After a restart of the computer, the refusing image mounts just fine. I'm also finding that once I've done ~ 50 image mounts, with ejects when I'm done, Toast will sometimes balk at some but not all mount requests. I do not understand the pattern. It doesn't seem to matter whether I do the mounts via a contextual menu mouse click, and automator script, or from the mount menu command in Toast 7. I would appreciate guidance from an expert who knows the coded limitations built into Toast, or from someone who has developed a work-around. Thanks, Joe
  4. jizen

    CD Info.cidb and .Sd2f Disc Images

    Either way. I use the Mount It contextual menu but I found no difference from mounting the disk image from the Toast application's menu. -Joe
  5. I've opted to back up my CD collection to .Sd2f disk files with Toast so in the event of a disaster that destroys the physical CD, I can recreate a dupe. I've posted before regarding technical issues for building a music server from the .Sd2f files. The latest version of iTunes introduces a new "view" that lets someone browse albums in the iTunes library by flipping through coverart. I would like to use this feature for mounted .Sd2f images (and physical CDs), but iTunes just lists these as Devices. I have found a mechanism in the iCDc application for linking a coverart file with each CD's entry in CD Info.cidb, but this info is ignored by iTunes. Has anyone else cracked this nut? Thanks, Joe
  6. jizen

    CD-Text Runs Together

    You can check what's on the CD using your computer and http://www.dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/scripts09.php use the CD text to CD info macro
  7. jizen

    CD Info.cidb and .Sd2f Disc Images

    I have been creating .Sd2f from my physical discs. I am finding that OSX doesn't always recognize a mounted .Sd2f files as the same disc as the original. Consequently, it queries cddb.org (Gracenote) for the track list, and doesn't use the corrected and personalized track list that is already stored in CD Info.cidb for the physical CD. Instead, it creates a second CD Info.cidb. I can't predict what to expect on any particularly disc. The OS often recognizes that the physical CD and the mounted .Sd2f are one in the same. Here is the blow-by-blow: 1) With Toast *not* running, I insert the CD and use iTunes to make whatever changes I wish to the track listing from cddb.org. 2) I eject the CD. My understanding is that this causes iTunes to write the changes I have made into CD Info.cidb. 3) I reinsert the CD. It always shows the changes I have made to the track list in iTunes. 4) I launch Toast and save the CD as an .Sd2f disc image. 5) I quit Toast. 6) I mount the newly created disc image and examine its track list in iTunes. Sometimes, the OS reimports the track list for the mounted image from cddb.org, but more often it uses the same list as the physical CD. I can't figure out why the image is sometimes not recognized as the original. Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior? How can I force the OS to always treat the .Sd2f the same as its original?
  8. jizen

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Dear debit72, Thanks for the explicit instructions. I was able to follow them successfully, however I am finding that Toast fails to mount all the .Sd2f files it locates. It appears that a process is created for each mounted file: % ps -aux USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TT STAT STARTED TIME COMMAND <snip> joe 1241 0.0 -0.0 31516 896 ?? Ss 5:29AM 0:00.01 /Applications/Toast 7 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app/Contents/MacOS/ToastImageMounter /Volumes/m2_2/A51-100/CD_ joe 1255 0.0 -0.0 31516 324 ?? Ss 5:30AM 0:00.01 /Applications/Toast 7 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app/Contents/MacOS/ToastImageMounter /Volumes/m2_2/A51-100/CD_ joe 1268 0.0 -0.0 31516 328 ?? Ss 5:31AM 0:00.01 /Applications/Toast 7 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app/Contents/MacOS/ToastImageMounter /Volumes/m2_2/A51-100/CD_ joe 1283 0.0 -0.0 31516 328 ?? Ss 5:32AM 0:00.01 /Applications/Toast 7 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app/Contents/MacOS/ToastImageMounter /Volumes/m2_2/A51-100/LP_ joe 1304 0.0 -0.0 31516 332 ?? Ss 7:14AM 0:00.01 /Applications/Toast 7 Titanium/Toast Titanium.app/Contents/MacOS/ToastImageMounter /Volumes/m3/rationalized/ (the names of my .Sd2f files have been clipped by the right side of the window) All my .S2df files are being located in the first step. I would like to mount my entire collection of images of my CDs, i.e. hundreds of images. Would you or anyone else have a clue as to what is breaking? Is there a system-wide limit to the number of processes that can exist? Can that be changed by a Darwin/Unix command? It is concievable that I'd run out of memory, but that shouldn't be a factor with the number of mount processes I'm seeing at this point. Could there be a limit to the number of mounts built into Toast7 itself? Thanks, -Joe
  9. jizen

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Dear Debit72, Thanks for your helpful post. I think you may have solved my poblem, however I am stumbling because of my own experience with Applescripting. I have copied your code verbatim into a new script using Script Editor, compiled it, and saved it to a file call ToastMount.scpt that I see in my applescript pulldown menu on the top bar. I am worried about the verbatim copy. Was I supposed to substitute something for the input, parameters or myPath fields? If so, if you show me a specific example that is working on your files, i'll be able to emulate the syntax. When I pull down the script menu and execute, nothing happens. I have both .toast and .S2df filesin a folder. I'm not sure I understand how Toast is supposed to find this folder with my stored files. How does Applescript differentiate between Toast Titanium 7 and previous versions which I still have in my Applications folder? Many thanks, Joe
  10. jizen

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Dear debit72, Thanks for the suggestion. I've never used Automator before, but perhaps it can fit the bill. I'm finding the documentation a bit confusing. Would I need to compile my own action for control-clicking on an object and then using the Toast "Mount It" command? How would I feed all .Sd2f files in a particularly folder to this action. Would I use a unix shell script that did an "ls -1 " in my folder of choice? Thanks, -Joe
  11. jizen

    Track information and .S2df files

    Under what circumstances, if any does Toast 7 read the track info from ~/Library/Preferences/Info.cidb instead of going out to CDDB for the information? Once the track info is loaded, and the CD-TEXT option is enabled, if I save an audio disc image in an .S2df file, is the track/CD TEXT info stored as well? If track information does not get stored in a .S2df file, can I preserve this information if I store the disc image as a BIN/CUE file pair? THanks, Joe
  12. jizen

    Mounting .sd2f Files From Unix Command Line

    Thanks for pointing out the contextual item suggestion. My goal was to automate the mounting of a long list of .S2df files. So far the best (only) way I've found is to select them all in the finder and then use the control click method to mount them all in one command. Since there doesn't appear to be a unix shell-invocalbe command, would it be possible to implement in an Apple script? I 've tried experimenting, but haven't had much sucess. Thanks, -Joe
  13. Is there a a way to use Toast Titanium 7 to mount a .Sd2f file from the unix command line? Even better, is there a way to use a wildcard to mount every .Sd2f file in a directory? I am hoping to use my machine as a music server based around Toast .Sd2f images of my CD's. I want to preserve the timing between tracks and the integrety of the albums without any loss. I do not want to important tracks into iTunes. Rather, I want to mount all my .Sd2f images when my music server boots. Is there a limit to the number of .Sd2f files that OSX/Darwin will allow to be mounted? Thanks, Joe
  14. What is the name/location of this file? I assume I can copy this database from one Mac to another. Is there a utility to Merge info from 2 such files, and deal with conflicts? I've found that track names that I've corrected in iTunes seem to be written into the database most of the time, and if I launch Toast after I've entered changes, it usually picks them up. Is it possible to edit track name changes in Toast and have them entered into the database for use my iTunes? Thanks -Joe