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    Toast 8 clipping VOB's?

    YOU ARE AMAZING! HOLY CRAP! That not only is how the DVD's were created, that is the solution. Thanks again, I really owe you big for this one!
  2. darwen

    Toast 8 clipping VOB's?

    Thanks, that fixed the problem. I really appreciate the help. I have a new issue though. When it exports, it pulls out chunks of video. The chunks get pulled at about every 60 second mark, give or take 10 seconds. They appear to be pretty short chunks, but over a 10 minute video they add up to about 4 minutes. It pauses on one of the last few frames for the remainder of the video's original length. Sorry, if this has been discussed. I will continue to try and troubleshoot on my own. They do import in DVD SP just fine though!
  3. darwen

    Toast 8 clipping VOB's?

    I am attempting to re master some old DVDs of mine. There are about 25 disks each with about 10 different 30 minute videos. This is a lot of content. It is not reasonable for me to re capture everything just to re do the menu's so I was hoping toast 8 could help. I want to bring the VOB files into DVD Studio Pro. In order to do that I need either a m2v file and an ac3 file OR a quicktime MOV. Those are the only two options that have worked for me. I know Toast can do this. I put the DVD in the drive and drag it into Toast 8. Toast then gives me the VOB files and the export button is giving me usable files. Here is the problem: the files are under a minute. All of the files on the disk should be over 10 minutes but toast only sees the first few seconds... most of them are about 20 seconds. I put in a Hollywood DVD and it sees the full movie. What is happening here? Why can I rip the pro stuff but cant rip my own DVD's? Any ideas?