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    DVD burn problems

    I have a Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5 with 2.5 GB DDR SCRAM running MAC OSX 10.3.9 that came with an internal superdrive, a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D. I never had any problem burning DVDs, but suddenly neither toast or Popcorn will function for me. Please help! I select the VIDEO_TS file, it compresses fine, and then, just seconds from the end, I get the following three errors codes one after the other: Sense Code = MEDIUM ERROR Sense Code = 0x57 UNABLE TO RECOVER TABLE-OF-CONTENTS Sense Code = HARDWARE ERROR Sense Code = 0x44, 0xD6 INTERNAL TARGET FAILURE Lead-in or lead-out failed to be written When I try to mount the burned DVD, the computer claims it is a blank disc, although visually you can see by looking at the underside that it has been marked by laser. When placed in a standalone DVD player, it produces a disc error and will not play. I have been using the same system with the same internal disc drive and media (Memorex) for three years, so I do not think that using different discs will fix the problem (unless the programs and drive just decided to get finicky yesterday after nearly three years of good use...?). I have tried the following troubleshooting options: 1. I checked the VIDEO_TS files in DVD player, and they are fine. Just to be safe, I re-ripped them, checked them in DVD player AGAIN, and then tried the whole aforementioned process above, and it did not alter the results - the same error messages were given. Thus, I know the VIDEO_TS files are playable, just not burnable. 2. Thinking maybe it was because my versions of Toast and Popcorn were old, I updated Toast to 7.1.2 and Popcorn to the newest version of 1. (I cannot use Toast 4 or Popcorn 2 because they require OSX 10.4+). Nothing changed. 3. I've tried burning audio CDs and data DVDs from Finder and iTunes, and the drive works fine. 4. I checked the Pioneer and Apple websites, and there are no firmware updates for my drive. As the drive works fine burning audio CDs and data DVDs from other programs, I doubt that's the problem anyhow... 5. I've tried burning data DVDs from Toast and the same error messages are found. 6. I've tried burning the movie DVDs at different speeds (1x, 4x, 1xDVD, etc.) and the same error messages are found. I'm getting desperate here. As far as I know, there is no other way to compress and burn DVDs on a MAC besides Roxio Toast and Popcorn, but neither will burn a usable disc! The issue seems to definitelt be a Toast problem, as the drive burns CDs and data DVDs from other programs, but there are no other programs that will burn movie DVDs. I have made ten coasters over the past three days, trying all different possible troubleshooting options listed in the discussion groups, but nothing has seemed to help. If you have any suggestions or options I have missed, please please PLEASE let me know!