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  1. I found this when I searched using different terms. I'm trying it right now to see if it works: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/63767-menu-buttons-dont-highlight/
  2. I'm using Creator 2010, My DVD to put together videos of a wedding. I have used it countless times without problem but this time, when I play back the DVD on the DVD player/TV, the main menu comes up, but you cannot scroll through to select the individual movies. If you hit "play" it randomly picks one of the videos and plays it. When I did a preview of the DVD on MyDVD, the menu selections work just fine. I have tried it on three different DVD players.
  3. karnor1

    Videowave -- Align Button?

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! It worked and only took a few seconds. Now I have a wedding video that's not off kilter.
  4. karnor1

    Videowave -- Align Button?

    Thanks so much! I'll try that and the let you know if it worked. BTW, for anyone who's concerned - I hit the red box yesterday by accident and it changed to -1. Not sure what to do to get it back or not even sure what it means.
  5. The align button is there but is never highlighted where it can be used. There is also nothing in the help menu at all about the button itself. That's one of the reasons I purchased this software was to be able to align tilted videos. Any help?
  6. Thanks. After I posted, I found that there was an update to 9.1 here on the Roxio website. It wasn't showing up that there was anything available when I clicked on the option to search for updates from the program itself. That fixed most of the problems. I'll try gspot to see if it will fix some of the others.
  7. I have some files saved as .avi files that I want to burn to DVD. When I click on "add new movie," all of the .avi files show up, but the icon on part of them is different. When I click on the .avi icons that aren't 'thumbnails,' nothing happens. It won't let me add them to the project. Any suggestions? running EMC 9 on Gateway GT5432 desktop Windows Vista 32 bit AMD Athlon 64X2 processor NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE 2942 MB RAM
  8. I captured it with a firewire in .avi format also. That plays just fine. I just remembered I also converted the .avi file to .mpeg with VideoWave -- I'm not certain now if what I saved was the result of the conversion or the original file. I saved it in both formats because a friend was going to edit the video -- and only the mpeg files would fit on a dvd. gspot - Downloaded it and ran it. Says codecs are installed, which is what I had figured since they show up under the properties both for the files I'm trying to play and under the list of codecs installed in WMP.
  9. I have files I've saved from a video camera using Media Import in EMC9. When I try to play them in Windows Media Player, I get an error message. Properties show that it's trying to use the following codecs: Audio: Sonic CinemasterĀ® MCE Audio Decoder 4.11, Video: Sonic CinemasterĀ® VideoDecoder 4.1. Both codecs are installed on my computer. All of the videos I've downloaded with Roxio products are doing the same thing. A Geek Squad tech worked on my computer for a while this afternoon and said that it may be that the files created by the Sonic/Roxio product are not *true* mpeg files. We can't find anywhere to uninstall the codecs to see if the ones that come with Windows Vista/Media Player will play the files. I don't think that uninstalling Roxio will remove the codecs -- does anyone know the answer?
  10. I have Windows Vista Home Premium and Roxio Creator 9 Home Version: 9.0.088. Since installing it on my Vista computer, I have not been able to open CinePlayer or Media Experience. If I click on either program from the "home" screen, it just opens the home screen again. If I click on it from the start menu, nothing happens at all. I was hoping to be able to use one of these programs to view a home video I had captured from a digital video camera (using Roxio) since Windows Media Player 11 won't run an mpg file either, but nothing's working. Any suggestions? Ooops... just realized that my info on my computer is outdated. I am now running EMC9 in Windows Vista (32), AMD Athlon 64X2 processor 5000+ 2.60 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE, 320 GB HDD, Dual channel 2942 MB DDR2
  11. karnor1

    My DVD - file is "unseekable"

    I thought that might be the case, but the video plays on the computer without any problems. I'll contact them anyway, though. Thanks
  12. karnor1

    My DVD - file is "unseekable"

    I am trying to add movies to My DVD to burn an educational video DVD. I have had no problem with any of the lessons in the series until now. When I try to add one particular movie, it says, "file is unseekable and has not been added." It is in the same format as the others. I downloaded it again just in case the original file was corrupt, and have even changed the extension from .asf to .wmv. Still get the same error.
  13. Right. That's what I found out. After being told to update through Device Manager elsewhere, I decided to go directly to the source "just in case." Glad I did. I know I'm on the edge of the specs, so I don't expect great things but I am definitely feeling better about getting some use from the program until such a time as I can afford to upgrade things. I've improved the process a little bit by installing VideoWave on my other computer that has a faster processor and a little more memory. I can edit and save to my external drive, then use my original computer to burn to DVD. Thanks to all of you for your help. You've always come through when I needed help with my other Roxio products in the past -- no difference now!
  14. I used the option in device manager to update the driver by searching on the internet for updates. It updated the driver the first time I did it - but there was an additional program that had been developed for the video card.