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  1. karri

    Vimeo or YouTube supported?

    I don't use Mac products or Toast but you could try this, If Toast allows, Export the file in H264 to an MP4 file to your local hard drive from your editing app. Then, Sign into your Youtube or Vimeo account separately in a browser. In your Youtube or Vimeo account, find the button that says Upload. Click on it and navigate to the file you exported to your local drive and Upload it from there to your account.
  2. karri

    MP4 camera

    Thanks, cd, I flipped back through some archives and looks like one of my more longish videos from the AX100 is about an hour and a half and just at 34 GB. And with the concurrent recording feature, I was thinking the sermon's 1280 footage could be more easily be sent to dvd, and the 4K could be uploaded to Youtube. Still not sure about using Roxio for the 4K, though, and still need xlr input. Also, from the help guide "The maximum continuous recording time of a movie is approximately 13 hours. "
  3. karri

    MP4 camera

    Thanks Jim, I thought I'd add that since EMUMC mentioned buying a new camera anyway, I thought to just let him know that at least this one Sony and probably others (that do have the xlr inputs) can record without the time/size limitations to relatively inexpensive SDXC cards. Of course you know the technical stuff is way over my head so I'm probably totally missing the point!
  4. karri

    MP4 camera

    Just to add on to Jim's comment about Sony. I have the Sony AX100 which can record using the XAVCS format in an mp4 wrapper to SDXC cards at 3840 x 2160 without having to merge files. The AX100 does not have xlr inputs, but there are adapters like the Beachtek or, also, Sony makes a newer pro version (Sony NX80) that does have xlr inputs. The problem I ran into with the AX100 was that Roxio didn't like its UHD footage. It would play the video, but not the audio. That may have been corrected in the most recent Roxio versions but I haven't tried recently. You might be able to get around that, because you can set the AX100 to concurrently record "4K" (UHD) and 1280 x 720. IIRC, Roxio accepted the audio from the 1280 footage np. (I'm not sure how Roxio would handle video from the NX80) Anyway, just to say if the Panasonic doesn't do what you want, there may be another option
  5. karri

    User Manual For Nxt6 Pro

    rlewin, try this ... Start > All Programs > MultiCam Capture. Or try typing MultiCam Capture in the Windows Search. And here is some info for using MultiCam Capture, http://help.corel.com/multicam-capture/v1/main/en/user-guide/multicam-capture.pdf
  6. karri

    User Manual For Nxt6 Pro

    I can put the tips site back online, and now there are a lot of videos already about Roxio that I can embed some of the better quality videos from around the web and then recreate my older ones and then just fill in wherever there are missing topics. So if you know of videos or textual information that you guys think should be on the site to get users up to speed quickly on all the Roxio products (or any other suggestions), that would be great. This way we can have something in lieu of a manual for the users.
  7. Sorry Silents! I wasn't trying to be impolite. Just that the Pro version had the software tucked away in between the packaging and back of the box. It even had it's own post, thanks to cd http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/88077-roxio-game-capture-software-cd-location-in-the-retail-package/ I thought the prior version may have had similar packaging, but I don't know. Good luck
  8. Do you still have the original box? Maybe Jim_Hardin can confirm or not, but I remember the HD Game Capture Card came with the Disc and Key slipped into the back of the box where it was really easy to miss. Not sure how it came in the prior Game Capture product, though. Jim?
  9. karri

    Blurred Photos During Printing

    I'll add on to Steve's questions ... Are you saving in the PhotoSuite format or tif until you are ready to print? Sometimes if you are making several edits and saving in jpg format each time you may lose some quality. If you are not already, and after you iron out the resolution questions Steve asked, try saving as tif or dmsp until you are ready to print.
  10. karri

    Editing Pictures

    If you are editing images in PhotoSuite, try clicking on the middle tab "Change Objects" and then on "Touchup Brush" and then on "Darken" ... Select a brush and size and amount to Edge Fade, Transparency, etc. Brush over the areas you want to darken. I have an older version, but should work much the same way.
  11. karri

    Capturing Video From A Canon Hv30 Camcorder.

    I hope so, Jim. This could helpful to HV30 owners who don't have a firewire port on their pc. I don't know if too many pcs come with them anymore. I had them add one in on the last pc I bought, in case I ever needed to recapture an old HV30/40 tape. This might be another option.
  12. karri

    Capturing Video From A Canon Hv30 Camcorder.

    Baleen I have an HV 30 and only tried a couple short test clips, but it seemed to work OK. But what Jim said in Post #3 and like Jim and Dave said (in the link Bruce provided), use component cables instead of composite cables. I used the Component cable and audio cable that came with the camera. I also was able to capture with a random HDMI cable. Refer to page 68 in the HV30 manual if you aren't sure how to connect the cables to the camera. Then connect the other ends following the directions in the Roxio Quick Start Guide that came with Game Capture HD Pro, just substitute the HV30 for the game console in the pictures. Can you post the link to the youtube video?
  13. karri

    Sharpen Video Filter

    If you are working in VideoWave, try the Circular Sharpen video effect (Effect Selector > Video Effect tab > Circular Sharpen). There are a couple other Sharpen filters, but they are heavy handed.
  14. karri

    Sound Editor Exports Jumping...

    Jim, I did and can replicate the OP's result. There is a glitch after the individual clips where the audio repeats a tiny bit of the previous clip and shifts the clips. I exported from Sound Editor and then recorded a part straight from Sound Editor without exporting and you can note the differences below in the waveform. The top (TestMP3) is exported from Sound Editor (Export mix) and the bottom is recorded while playing in Sound Editor (no glitches).
  15. Looks like you've got it although I'm not sure why your Custom Text Effects show question marks, they should show a preview of your effect. As far as deleting the effects, Roxio used to generate a User Text Effect xml file that could be deleted. I'm using a much older version than you are, so I am going to call on the boys to help out on this one.