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  1. I was having a similar problem with TIVO Transfer after Snow Leopard upgrade. I found my answer here in forum. My program would crash after launch every time. What was needed for me was down load the Beta transfer version. Go to my User Library/preferences/ find the Tivo transfer pref file and drag it to the trash (don't worry the program creates a new pref file automatically when you start up again. At this point the program will start up as normal. Go to the Tivo Transfer preference setting and enter your Media Key number. I then had to click on the change where my programs are saved on my hard drive and simply navigate back to the same location where my programs are stored and viola! Problem solved! I think the Roxio Beta version of TIVO Transfer could have explained this procedure a little better. Trashing an apps preference file is a Mac trouble shooting procedure that can fix a lot of software issues. Cheers! (Thanks to Nancy on this forum somewhere!!)
  2. Hello, I would like to just put my 2cents in. I am having the same problems with the TivoTo Go Mac software. I just hope that the problem is resolved soon. I am using the series 2 box with the wireless USB adaptor. I get the same results with my G4 laptop as well as with my Emac machine. The transfer process is slow enough. I paid good money for this software and expect it to work as advertised! Is it working for anybody?