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    Emc 8.05 Update

    I agree. Don't update. Just check out the forum for the countless problems which have occurred with update patch. The only reason I can think of for installing is if you want to practice doing a complete new install of your Operating System!
  2. bazpalmer

    Update 8.05 Does Not Work!

    I have had similar problems which started with VideoWave. I installed the patch in the hope that it would cure the problem. It didn't. After installing the patch Roxio became unstable, so I decided to repair. No better. I then decided to uninstall. Uninstall proceeded, but the next thing that happened my DVD and DVDRW drives disappeared from Windows. I Restored my system to the previous restore point before I haduninstalled Roxio. I tried to restore Roxio again, but was unable to restore. I downloaded Windows Clean up Installer Utility from microsoft.com and ran this. I cleaned all Roxio entries out of Registry. I reinstalled again, but after Windows loaded I got Visual C++ runtime error, though in my case this was for RoxWatchTray.exe. Creator Classic worked and that was all. My final solution before restoring my PC from Image was to uninstall ECDC8, then run Roxiozap, then delete hidden directory in C:\Documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\Roxio. I checked Directory to make sure no Roxio keys left. Then I reinstalled. No problems installing this time, but when I started up CD Creator Classic my drives weren't listed. However I noticed that my drive appeared in Drag to Disc. Prior to funny things happening on Roxio I had updated Quick time and it kindly tried to install iTunes. I ran pxengine.exe to fix problems with this. I then rebooted. I then used drag to disc to copy some files, and then when I ran Creator Classic it recognised my drives. I hope this helps somebody, because I find web tickets either never get answered or they never seem to be relevent to question asked. By the way the best solution to Video problem is to give up on Videowave and get a copy of Magix Movie edit pro 10 Plus.
  3. I created a disc image of a clipart file to my hard drive using global image format. Roxio help file stated "saving a disc to image file allows you to create a copy of disc at later date" or words to that effect. Roxio however did state that *.gi discs cannot sometimes be read on PC's which do not have Roxio installed.At a later date I burnt this image file to disc. When I insert this newly created disc into the drive of either of my PC's (both of which have ECDC8 installed on them) I get the following message "Windows cannot read from this disc. The disc might be corrupted or using format that is not compatible with windows". If I check disc in Tools, the info is as follows: CD Rom, closed, Data, Disc at once Session 1 01- Data track, Mode 2 XA Am I going wrong somewhere? What is the point of a *.gi image file if it can't be read in windows. I tried using disc image loader, but it does not recognise *.gi files. I tried Retrieve, but this isn't applicable either. In all other CD creating software which I have used, I just create image to hard drive, and then burn to disc, and thats it! Exact copy of disc. Can anyone help please, as I am rather confused, and the help files, nor the newly downloaded pdf manual, (which was only supplied in retail version to American customers, and not to us poor British!, did not help either)!!
  4. bazpalmer

    Image Loader

    Many thanks. It worked a treat. Why didn't I think of that? Much better than Roxio support solution which involved editing the registry, and still didn't work.
  5. bazpalmer

    Image Loader

    I have previously been using Image Loader to load disc images into a virtual drive which I had previously created in Image Loader. When I came to load an image the other day it said that no emulated drive was available would I like to create one. Then I got the message that it was unable to create one. On checking in device manager the emulated drive was disabled. I tried to re-enable but was not able to. Has anyone else had this problem, and has anyone found a cure?