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    DVD burn

    Thanks for the input, After checking it out it appears that My DVD 8 did NOT create the ISO file correctly. Nothing display other projects display correctly. It has perform corrctly on other projects, BUT not on this one? I am puzzled!!
  2. asoborow

    DVD burn

    I created a movie of an AK trip in Videowave, with an intro movie. I then went to MyDVD and created an image file "aktrip.ISO". Hours later it was done. When I burn to DVD the DVD has files with 0 bytes. I clicked on the ISO file and it brings up Burn Image to Disc application. I am using EMC8. DVD burner Liteon. The ISO file is 4.08GB in size. I have created DVD's before on this burner. PLEASE help what am I doing wrong?? I am a a loss. I tried different brands of blank DVD's. Thanks in advance.
  3. asoborow

    Ems * Label Print

    After much fustration & !@#$%^&*() .I went to www.avery.com and got FREE Label printer software , Templates, options to use my own background and MUCH more for FREE, Yes FREE and it is so rich I do not know why I paid for the software that I bought from here. Designer Pro 5 Limited Edition & Designer Pro Media Edition from [/u]WWW.AVERY.COM are about 55mb or less to download. I only spent about 20 minutes on the software and it prints PERFECTLY and I can import backgrounds at ease. TOOOO bad Roxio/Sonic had to mess this application up. There are better mousetraps out there!!!!!
  4. asoborow

    Ems * Label Print

    In prior versions of Roxio software, I could print the top and bottom labels on a Avery label Form 5931 & 8692. In EMC 8 I cannot get this work. Where can I find the *.JWP file to control this. My older versions of Label Creator are no longer available. Why did Roxio remove this template. I do not want to buy the template package after buying EMC 8. The directory where these profile reside in appears to be //..//Roxio/Easy Media Creator 8/Label Creator/Page Files/ Please Help!!!! Thanks in advance.