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  1. I have two optic drives. Is it possible to burn two different files at the same time, one different file on each different drive using only one program of Toast?
  2. bzemeski

    -43 Error Saving Disk Image

    I have saved 4 DVD sets of 4 iMovie Projects as disk images using Toast 8. I am trying to do the same with another set of 4 iMovie Projects, but after encoding for 15 hours I get a -43 error "missing files." There are no missing files and no indication of any thing wrong until 15 hrs. has passed. This has happened twice. Is there anyway to recover without trying again? This is ridiculous. Bob Zemeski
  3. bzemeski

    -43 Error Saving Disk Image

    GOOD NEWS! The project completed. Since the "Roxio Converted Items" folder contains only 3.38GB and I had 59Gb on the hard drive, I would say that it was the sleeping hard drive that cause the -43 error. (BTW, where are these errors found?). When the programme was over 90% complete I set the OS parameters no to allow the hard drives to sleep. The programme ran on as it was supposed to and finish. 60 hours to create an image file which was less than 5 GB of video.. WHY? tsantee -- thanks a bunch. BTW, I tried your procedure using the m2v (video) files from the finished project to see it I could make it work and it did just fine. Thanks for this tip also.
  4. bzemeski

    -43 Error Saving Disk Image

    I have 90GB on the hard drive. I have closed and opened Toast after each project, but to no avail. I really think the issue of the HD being asleep when it gets to the end maybe the problem. A disc image is what I am doing first (take 15 hours), so the HD does go to sleep.
  5. bzemeski

    -43 Error Saving Disk Image

    What do you mean that if files are in the "Roxio Converted" folder that a new project "doesn't need encoding, but merely needs multiplexing to author a video DVD." How is that done? My "converted" folder option was set to delete after recording. I think you may have something there with the drive being asleep. The files are on a FireWire drive and sleeps very quickly if there is no activity, nonetheless, you would think that if this were the problem that either the programme would be modified to give the hard drive more time to wake up or to notify me to wake it up -- after all 15 hours is a long time for it to run while encoding is going on. I have changed the preference to not empty the converted file and will set the preference to keep the HD awake when I get near the end of encoding. I really appreciate your help. Bob
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    -43 Error Saving Disk Image

    Version 8 failed also: 1. I am running Mac OS 10.4.11 on a 1ghz MDD G4 (PowerPC) tower. I have 2GB memory and am using for this burn 3 hard drives; Toast located on 60GB with 13.54 GB free All the files are stored on 500GB FW HD with 233.74 free Saving image file to 280 HD with 59GB free 2. I am using Toast 9.0.2 3. QuickTime Player is version 7.5, but I am not using it. I have tested the process with a short iMovie Project file creating a disc image with the same set up and it works fine. The error message I receive is: " Couldn't complete the last command because a file couldn't be found. Result Code = -43 " So, what is code -43? Bob
  7. bzemeski

    -43 Error Saving Disk Image

    I thought maybe I would try version 8 again. I have a few more disk to burn for another project before I can tie-up the burner for another 15 hours.
  8. bzemeski

    Burning from iMovie

    How long does it take to burn a DVD? It is running me 10 hrs. to encode and burn a 120 min./4.7GB DVD . I have an LG manufactured HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4167B DVD-combo drive and am running on 1 gig single processor G4 MDD. Hardware Overview: Machine Name: Power Mac G4 Machine Model: PowerMac3,6 CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (3.3) Number Of CPUs: 1 CPU Speed: 1 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB L3 Cache (per CPU): 1 MB Memory: 1.25 GB Bus Speed: 133 MHz Boot ROM Version: 4.6.0f1 Serial Number: CK309H2PN1S Am I doing the process correctly? The video I am burning is from iMovie. I have downloaded the mini-dv tape to the computer through iMovie. Then, after any editing, I save it and drag the files to Toast, which says it will not import .MOV files as that format is not supported by Toast, and burn it, which is taking over 10 hours to get to that point. This is awl too baffling for me. My co-worker on a PC using a Sonic product can fit 4 hours on a DVD (twice as much video - 4 hrs as to my 2) and he does it in a couple of hours using the very same media! I have 20 hours of video. I can put 2 hours on per DVD which is taking a minimum of 10 hours per DVD to encode and burn. We are talking 200 hours! Can not this be done quicker? Would the reason my friend's PC production be faster is that the format for video in a PC is probably MPEG2, which is the same as the format on the DVD? Now since I am working with ,MOV or .iMovieProject files could be the cause for the long time in encoding? I don't know for sure but I wonder if converting the file to an MPEG2 would speed up this process? Do you have any answers or advice?