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  1. No, Steve. I leave that to others on this forum.
  2. I recognized this update provided no new features but chose to apply it.
  3. Yes, I followed all steps in that link (except going to msconfig and stopping all processes). However, I did stop my anti-virus software and I was not running any other programs during the upgrade from EMC 10 to EMC 10.1 I have not had much time yet to use the program since doing this update this afternoon. Everything seems okay. However, I posted here because I know Roxio software can act up sometimes if the install does not go perfectly. PS Yes, I may purchase Roxio Creator 2010 if I decide to go with Windows 7. My PC should be able to handle it easily.
  4. This is not a duplicate post. I originally placed it under the wrong heading and the edited the message to refer to this thread.
  5. I reformatted my 32 bit Vista and reinstalled my retail version of EMC 10. I then downloaded the latest build off the Roxio web site to bring the product up to date from EMC 10 to EMC 10.1. The install went fine until near then end. Then I got an error message about smart sound (sorry didn't right down the error number). Anyhow, the long and the short of this is that I got an error message during the update install regarding smart sound and it didn't install. However, it seemed all the other updates were successfully installed (at least no other error messages) and when I looked at my version number, it then indicated I have EMC 10.1. I restarted my computer and clicked on the 'install' file for update to EMC 10.1 (again) in an attempt to fix the issue with smart sound. I figured it would do the entire update all over again for EMC 10.1. However, this time, the install file just went ahead and indicated that it has installed smart sound successfully (appearing to leave everything else with updates to 10.1 intact) and finished the process. So my question is....what is the possibility of EMC 10.1 now being buggy? This is good software but it seems fussy sometimes and particulary when an install doesn't go perfectly. I think I am fine with it. However, any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.
  6. scott784

    Roxio Creator 2010

    My computer specs are as follows: Dell XPS 410 Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 GHz 4.00 GB Memory (Ram) 64 bit Windows Vista Operating System (Service Pack 2) Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT graphics card Creative SB X-Fi sound card Philips DVD-ROM TSST Corp DVD+-RW 500 GB hard drive (2 hard drives at 250 GB each in a raid array forming 500 GB total) This obviously meets the minimum specifications. I believe the 'suggested' or better specifications state a minimum of an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.8 GHz. I would assume my Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 GHz would at least be as good as an Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.8 GHZ. (I don't believe the suggested specs discuss a Quad Core processor).
  7. scott784

    Roxio Creator 2010

    I suppose we have a different understanding of retail. I have always thought of retail as a store such as Best Buy that sells products from a manufacturer or vendor. In this case, Roxio is the manufacturer or vendor of the product. I was not saying that I would not be able to download future online updates if I purchased Roxio Creator 2010 online versus buying this product from a retail store. However, there was a little room for doubt in my mind after reading information on the Roxio web site. Under the Roxio Support/Software Update section, for what is now the previous version (Roxio Creator 2009), I read the following statement......"You must own a valid copy of the full, retail version of Creator 2009" to get the updates. Given the expense of the new software, I just wanted to be sure. So when I posted this thread, I was asking for feedback from any online purchasers of the previous Roxio version and whether or not they had any difficulty obtaining patches or upgrades from the web site. I will address this matter with Roxio Sales to confirm this is not an issue. PS My post was not in regards to OEM software.
  8. scott784

    Roxio Creator 2010

    Thank you for the reply. I would like to know....have you purchased a recent version of Roxio from the web site versus buying the product at a store? If so, have you went back to the Roxio web site at a later time and downloaded any available patches or updates for your software that you purchased directly from the Roxio web site? Did you download updates successfully off the Roxio site to your Roxio program (purchased online at Roxio). Was this a recent version like Roxio Creator 2009? Thanks again for any additional feedback. I am just trying to get concrete feedback from users who have had personal experiences. It's good software but plenty of money so I have wanted to know about this support issue.
  9. scott784

    Roxio Creator 2010

    I am considering purchasing Roxio Creator 2010 online on Roxio's web site. My question relates to future support of the program when it is purchased online versus at a retail outlet. In other words I want to know if purchasers of the online version would be afforded the same (future opportunity) as retail purchasers of this product to obtain patches or updates as they may become available on the Roxio site. This may sound like a strange question. However, if you look at updates for Roxio Creator 2009 on Roxio's web site, it clearly states the updates are only available for individuals who have a "retail" version of the product and I would assume the verbiage listed for Roxio Creator 2010 would indicate the same language as updates become available (in the future) for Roxio Creator 2010. So if the online purchase is not "retail", does online support in the way of future patches still apply? Support becomes very important in the future......particularly as Windows Updates can sometimes make parts of the program incompatible. Anyone who has had previous experiences with Roxio would understand what I am talking about. Obviously no one here (who has Roxio Creator 2010) can give me a definitive answer because there are no updates available for this new program. 'However', what about users of Roxio Creator 2009 who purchased the program on the Roxio web site? Have those individuals been afforded the opportunity to download updates or patches in the same manner as retail purchasers of the product? History often repeats itself and I would assume whatever the scenario has been with Roxio Creator 2009 will apply with the new version. I would appreciate a response from anyone who understands this issue or has some experience with it versus feedback that results to mere speculation about my question. If I cannot get a definite answer, I will not consider buying the online version. It's a good program and I'd like to have it. However, it's too much money to spend without having full knowledge as it relates to support. Thanks for any feedback. P.S. I know I can purchase a backup disk with an online purchase. However, from previous experience years ago, those backup disks do not come in a package like the retail version. They are just that.....a backup disk of the online download......no more or less. I have no knowledge of that being any different now.
  10. scott784

    Emc Version 10 And Vista 64 Bit Os?

    Gi7omy, You are taking issue with the 64 bit operating system of Vista. As I previously stated, the intention of my posting was not to promote nor discount X64 Vista to others. My point was to share my experience (as others have) about the incompatibility of X64 Vista and EMC 10 (at least with the initial release version of EMC 10....... if not all versions of 10). The fact is EMC 10 is known to have issues when loaded on X64 Vista. You can blame this problem on Microsoft or Roxio. However, the fact remains that the two do not mix well. I will say one thing though in regards to MS and Roxio, I do not believe there should have been a certification on the EMC 10 software as being fully compatible with Vista without a qualifier that the software is actually only fully compatible with the 32 bit version of Vista. However, again, the topic of whether or not people should use the 64 bit operating system (for the reasons you stated), as well as others, is a debate which I was not here to engage in. As far as what OS anyone uses, I believe it is a personal preference, Gi7omy. However, that is a discussion that is best left to another thread.
  11. scott784

    Emc Version 10 And Vista 64 Bit Os?

    gi7omy, Store bought computers are indeed migrating over to the x64 bit operating systems. You don't have to look any further than Best Buy, Circuit City, or online stores like Dell. Now, I know custom built PC's made by enthusiasts or others can have any operating system and there is no doubt that Win XP still has much popularity. In any case, I wasn't here to promote nor discount Vista or the 64 bit operating system. My only point is that there seems to be problems between EMC 10 and X64 Vista. It could be debated as to whether that is the fault of the software or Microsoft, but I am not taking an issue with that either. I am just saying that they do not seem fully compatible with one another. This has been documented by others and was also my experience. Since I have a licensed copy of both the 32 bit and 64 bit, I wanted to try X64Vista. Unfortunately, I cant use EMC10 with it without the problems I previously described. As far as the 10.1 update, the posting states it was only available for retail owners. I purchased EMC10 online at Roxio a year ago so I that update was not offered.
  12. I purchased a downloaded copy of EMC 10 when it was first launched a year ago (Fall 2007). I purchased it directly off the Roxio web site. It worked great on Vista 32 bit with no issues that I discovered while using it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for this program and Vista 64 bit. Recently, I went through the long process of reformatting my hard drive and I am now running Vista 64 bit. I took it for granted that EMC 10 would work. Stupid me, I guess. Anyhow, this is just some feedback for the rest of you who might be running EMC 10 with the thoughts of reformatting and going with X64 Vista. After installing X64 Vista and loading EMC 10, I noticed error messages on a daily basis. This led me into the event viewer where I saw the following information in the error logs: Event 1060, Application Popup and then under the general tab it states "\SystemRoot\Sys\Wow64\Drivers\Aspi32.SYS has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software provider for complete compatibility." (Note-while it doesn't specifically say Roxio-the problem was traced back to Roxio). Event 7026 and then under the general tab it states, "The following boot-start or system start driver(s) failed to load: RXFilter This second error code and "RXFilter" is well known for being related to Roxio. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any known fix. Because the Roxio suite is so large and gets embedded in the registry (among other places), I played it safe and wiped out my hard drive for a second time!. Thankfully, I had a ghost image of X64 Vista with some bare bones programs saved on it to get me started again with the long process of loading programs (minus Roxio EMC 10!). I can report now that since I have removed EMC 10, there are no more error codes 1060 or 7026 in the event viewer. So I have reached the conclusion that EMC 10 is not fully compatible with X64Vista. Perhaps, the retail version might be since Roxio offered some type of patch to retail buyers only as posted on this web site. However, I was never afforded the opportunity to try to update my initial version of EMC 10 so I suppose I will never know if the patch to EMC 10 (for retail buyers only) offered any types of solutions in this regard. What I can say is the following. Now that the industry trend is rapidly migrating over to X64Vista, it is to be hoped the latest version of Roxio is FULLY compatible with X64 Vista!! I just wanted to share my experience with other users of EMC 10 to warn them about what they might be up against should they decide to install X64Vista with EMC10. I don't have the money right now to purchase Roxio 2009 and even if I did, I would want to be looking for more documentation about its compatibility with the X64Vista OS. Anyhow, this was my experience after upgrading to X64 Vista and how EMC 10 created a lot of extra time and effort to get the my new OS stable. I hope in some way my experience may help others with similar circumstances.
  13. This error has been reported on the internet. Unfortunately, it looks like there are "still" bugs with Roxio Easy Media Creator Version 10......that is at least the X64 Vista operating system. I have daily error messages as follows in my event viewer that state: Event Code 7026: The following boot-start or system start driver(s) failed to load: RXFilter Does anyone know if there is a fix for this problem? If not, how can the culprit files be removed and would that disable any important functionality of the program? Any feedback is appreciated.
  14. When Easy Media Creator 10 was first released, I purchased it on-line and received backup media (a CD) from Digital River. My version is 1.0.044 and the build is 100B44B, R03. Recently, I happened to notice (on the Roxio web site) that there is an update available for "retail" versisons of Easy Media Creator 10. It goes on to state that this update is for retail versions only. Digital River represents Roxio for on-line purchases (or at least they did a year ago). Therefore, I guess I am to conclude that my version is "not" a retail version, even though I have a CD of the program from Digital River. In any case, can anyone tell me if I need this update? What is the update for? I remember in Creator 9 there was a "big to do" about the patch update that was ultimately resolved when the update for Easy Media Creator 9.1 was released. However, again, I don't know anything about this update for version Easy Media Creator 10.....or if I would even be successful in downloading and installing the update, since I purchased my program from Digital River on-line. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated. Scott
  15. scott784

    Is a PDF Manual for EMC10 Available?

    I recently purchased EMC 10 from Roxio/Digital River. I agree with Hannes, I like having the option of printed materials. John, please keep us informed when/where a PDF version of the manual will be posted.