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    How To Activate System Rollback?

    Well I appreciate your getting back to me on this and confirming the feature isn't available. I was getting really frustrated trying to figure out how to make it work. All the best - Bruce
  2. Flying Guy

    How To Activate System Rollback?

    Okay, thanks for the reply. Start at "Data Copy." Then "Back & restore." Then select "Help" and in the drop down menu select "Help" again. Then select "Getting Started with Back on Track." the select link to "system rollback."
  3. I have NXT Pro and in it, it describes a feature called "system rolback." But I can't figure out where it is or how to activate it. Anybody know?
  4. Flying Guy

    Won't Take My Money - Anybody Else?

    Hello Ivan, I assume your are with Roxio or Corel? Nice to hear someone is actually interested. I did finally call in and place the order by phone with no problem. Just a pain in the &%$ after wasting my time trying to place the order online. I honestly don't think anyone at Roxio, or Corel, or Digital River really cares about this incident, but it also happened to me last year when I tried to place an order. I have an 800 credit rating, a perfectly good Mastercharge ($30,000.00 credit limit) and an active and good paypal account. All were refused. Complete CRAP. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to do a PM on this board but if you are truly interested in addressing this problem send me an email to the address here and I will respond with my number. RoxioProblem@bs747.com Bruce
  5. Flying Guy

    Won't Take My Money - Anybody Else?

    Tired it again and used the top button. Nope, still refuses me. Much as it irritates me, I guess I will have to call in and place the order over the phone.
  6. I tried to oder the upgrade to NXT but after fillling in my credit card information and completing the transaction I kept getting a message "transaction failed" or something like that. The credit card is valid and has $30,000.00 credit limit. Tried twice. Then tried again using my paypal account but got the same message. Very frustrating. I wrote a complaint and got a message back a day later telling me to go to some website "findmyorder.com" with instructions to fill in an order number given in the email. So I go there and put in the order number but am given message "order not found." And cannot reply to the bogus email from sonicstorescs@digitalriver.com because it is "no reply email." Anybody else having this problem? I am SO FRUSTRATED! Not to sound paronoid but it almost feels like digital river and sonic are trying to torture me when I am trying to order from them. The last time I ordered from Roxio I went through the same crap and finally had to call them to get the software. There is nothing wrong with my credit card and pay pal accounts.
  7. Flying Guy

    Paint Shop Pro

    So then, is PSP version four WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS? If so, I will buy NXT immediately.
  8. Flying Guy

    How To Copy A Dvd To A Flash Drive?

    Yep, just needed to copy using explorer. Thanks. Sometimes I just over complicate a simple task, LOL. And that is a good tip about the NTFS as well. Bruce
  9. I want to copy a couple of DVD training disks to some 8 GIG flash drives I bought today. I thought it would be easy but I can't find anything in Roxio 2009 that seems to do this. I also Googled it with no luck unless you want to spend $50 with some other outfit. Seems like it should be easy and available within Roxio 2009. Can anybody give me some ideas here? Thanks - Bruce in Malaysia
  10. Flying Guy


    I just installed 10 and am having that error also. There is a note on the Roxio site about this but it is for Windows 2000 operating system. Something having to do with "too small a buffer." I am using XP media center. I have put in a service ticket Roxio support about this and hoping for a reply. In the mean time, I can see this problem is not just mine alone.